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As Promised...


Fall is in the air around here! Finally the weather seems to be turning a little bit toward my absolute favorite season of the year! Almost time for all my favorite sweaters to come out!!


Last week we released a new Halloween Kit in what has become our annual Halloween project made from a mix of blacks, oranges, greys and creams. We love creating these projects so much and look forward to them every year. The quilts are not from a certain line or Fig Tree collection but instead are a mix of different MODA fabrics, always starting with a few of our favorite Fig Tree oranges and going from there to see what we can come up with! Its one of my favorite parts of the process... the creating of a color palette!

In this year's bundle, the fabrics were just screaming to be made into one of our newest patterns, Navajo Stars. Now I love the original Navajo Stars ALOT... one of my all time favorite quilts.



 Navajo Stars is created entirely from SOMERSET fabrics!


Originally this pattern was inspired by this quilt below. I absolutely fell in love with those stars but had NO INTENTION of making them out of hexagons. When I squinted, I saw strips and we had a Honeybun coming with our collection so it was one of those light bulb moments!




And the moment we started working on it, it just looked and felt like the designs in a traditional Navajo blanket. Hence the name.








But I am also pretty sure that I like it just as much as this years Halloween bundle quilt... SPIDERWEB! Same pattern, different colors!




But ofcourse we had way too many good leftovers and so we created a second quilt with what we stil had in the bundle....


And as promised to those of you who purchased the kit [we are making up more this week for those of you still interested], here is the info on the HALLOWEEN CHECKERBOARDS quilt, the second quilt from the bundle...

CLICK HERE for the Checkerboard Instructions in a PDF. The fnished size can be up to 58" x 66"... a perfect lap throw that can be whipped up so fast you could have it done this season!

CLICK HERE for more info on the Spiderweb kits.

Talk to you soon. I am going back to pattern editing and sample making. Up this week, a little friend to join some of our other creatures :-)!



The Vintage Farmhouse BOM




I fell in love with this vintage sampler the moment I came across the picture. How I wish I could have seen it in person! There was just something about it that charmed me instantaneously. It was classic and quirky all at the same time and we thought the vintage color scheme was just perfect. It is a friendship sampler from the late 19th Century and we don't know much more about it than that. But I thought it was perfect for a little reproduction.... and so our project began.




In our version I have simplified several of the blocks, taken out the saw block which was a little too quirky for me and turned the house around so that it faced vertical instead of horizontal. We have used a few of our favorite blocks several times throughout the quilt and will give you pieced options for several of the applique blocks from the original sampler.  All the blocks have simplified piecing instructions and no templates will be used other than for the applique [[which will have alternatives]. We will not be doing the yellow/tan sun pattern but will be adding a pieced block similar in feel [I have no idea what that is yet]! The one applique block that I will surely keep is the pomegranates block because I think its beautiful [but will provide a pieced alternative for those of you who don’t want any applique].



We are not done with the quilt ourselves and are working up blocks just a few months ahead of what we are sending you so in a way this is a Mystery BOM of sorts.... a partial mystery I guess. Our color palette mimics this one as closely as possible with the main colors being a soft red, a faded red, a soft cheddar yellow, tan, grey, black and cream. We are having so much fun working on these blocks so far and can't wait to share more of them with you!



For 8 months, each month we will send you a small packet of fabric to make sure you have enough to do the blocks for that month [and some more if you get excited] as well as 4-5 block patterns each time. There will be about 40 blocks in the quilt when finished but a few of them will be repeats, especially on a few of the smaller “filler” blocks.

As spoon as we have another grouping of blocks to show you we will [probably next week].

We are so excited to get started and hope you join us! Since this is the first time we are doing a BOM like this, spaces are limited. We sure hope you join us.

Here is some more specific info on the program:

• It will go for 8 months, February - September 2014

• The monthly fee for the fabrics and patterns will be $20.50 plus priority mail shipping.

• There will be a one time $5.00 membership/registration fee upon signing up.

• The program and membership fee is non-cancelable.

• The Block of the Month finishes at 64" x 77" and includes mroe than 11 1/2 yards of fabric and the patterns for more than 35 blocks, finishing instructions for layout, borders and binding.

• Backing sets will be available later on during the program.

• The BOM ships around the 15th of each month.



Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

That winner, winner, chicken dinner thing... never get tired of saying it. You, however, might be tired of hearing it from me because I am pretty sure that is the title of any post I have ever done with a giveaway winner in it. LOL!! Well, at least I am consistent.

Anyhow.... thanks for your patience. At our house, it is still Tuesday at the moment. So technically I am still okay to post even though I know that for many of you, it will be Wednesday before you get a chance to check back, so sorry for the delay. A couple of deadlines hit the studio today and the post had to take a back seat.


Thanks for playing everyone and remember that we still have more winners in the days to come so check back tomorrow and the next day and the next!!

On 9/16 at 7:50 pm Jacque said, "Enjoyed reading the bucket list and the little known facts! Thanks for sharing the pattern with us! My fav color is the blue in your line...I love how you mix it up with the colors in the blue print! Thanks for the chance to win!"

Jacque, give us a "ring" and we'll get your goodie bag out to you!


... Chips & Whetstones


For the many of you who have emailed or commented on the vintage quilt I showed, I am with you on the space feeling theme of the pattern! It is apparently not a rocket related pattern at all nor a nuclear bomb shelter symbol either! Instead it is a variation on a pattern called CHIPS & WHETSTONES but I haven't been able to discover the origin of the name.

The quilt that I found was most likely made in the late 1800's due to the fabrics but I can't swear to it since I haven't had it officially looked at by anyone with enough credentials to tell me for sure!  

* * * * * * * * * *

Here is another vintage lovely from the same flea market day. It was obviously an amazing day for quilts!


... look at all those wonderful colors!


... it sure is a lot of half square triangles but still a beauty I think I might recreate sometime soon!




 We have a new cream bundle [Cream Bundle #6] available. These have been super popular around here so check it out while they're still here.


Talk to you tomorrow. Although it might be late at night again. That's just the way we roll around here in September.