vintage farmhouse

Introducing FARMHOUSE II

Hello my Quilting Friends!

We are slowly digging ourselves out from Quilt Market and I have so many different things to share with you but I thought it was high time that I introduced everyone to our brand new upcoming collection, FARMHOUSE II.

Due to the popularity of our first Farmhouse collection [to be completely honest, it might have been one of my all time favorite fabric collections that I have ever designed] several years ago, I thought it was time to do a "take two" with new prints and the same classic color palette that we all fell in love with the first time around. I still get emails today of people who share with me that Farmhouse was one of their all time favorites or the reason they got back into quitting. I love to hear those kinds of stories. 


There is something about this palette that just makes my heart sing. Don't you think?

Now as most of you know, I am a total farm girl at heart. To be totally honest, I am not actually a farm girl... but I dream of being one one day! I dream of a small white farmhouse with a red or yellow door in a small town with a huge meadow behind it. I think a barn filled quilts for retreats might be there too. I see chickens and a couple goats maybe... and maybe even a horse.


... photos taken on a country road north of us in Sonoma. Maybe one day we will live there!

But for now, we live in a small urban town in the San Francisco Bay Area and the closest I am going to come to being a farm girl... is chickens. Yup, I'm all about our chickens right now. We got them in February and by July, if all goes well, we will have eggs!!! We have loved getting to know them. There are five- Hazel, Chipmunk, Oreo, Nugget and Butterscotch. More on the names later... each one has a story :-).  

Chickens with green







Okay... back to the fabric :-). Introducing FARMHOUSE II.


Farmhouse II bundleM


Swatch clipboard plainM


Notions on bedM


Stack with chickens M


More goodies tomorrow... I promise!


Happy Sewing,



The Vintage Sampler BOM…finished!

Edit:  The backing is the grey/cream sampler fabric #37061 in the grey color [its an older fabric that I am not sure tha is available anywhere which is why I didn't specify what it was] . The quilter is Diana Johnson of course... I can't believe I forgot to give you her name! If you are interested in having her quilt something for you, just email me and I will send your info to her!


I could say a lot of things and explain a lot of blocks and quilting, etc.... but I know you just want to see the pics of the quilting so here they are as requested.

The quilt is not even completely bound yet, but close enough!

We bound in red and backed in a cream sampler print from Julie & Eric Comstock, Baby Jane collection. The tiny cream dot would be lovely too. Email us if you are interested in that and I can see what I can do!


















 And a quick pic of the little helper who came home from school in the middle of the photo shoot and helped keep the quilt in place...



Coming up on Monday.... some Valentine goodies and some fantastic bundles [which might or might not be up in the shop already...].  

Vintage Farmhouse BOM

Good morning everyone!

At first I hesitated to post more about our Vintage Farmhouse BOM because we had so many of you that wanted to join and we just didnt have enough spots for all of you. We ran out of a few key pieces of fabric early on and weren't able to accomodate everybody. We always try to plan for the biggest number possible, but you often surprise us with your tremendous interest and then we are stuck. Sorry about that.

All that to say, I wasn't going to talk too much about it given the shortage. But since there ARE so many of you who are working on it and after receiving yet more emails and commments that you really want to feel connected and to see the progress... here goes a little photo journey of some of the blocks.

Some of them you have already done, some you will be doing soon. After the next shipment you will be able to put together the bottom section [the one hanging on the back porch railing] and soon after that we will be able to do the same with the  left side!! This quilt is coming together soon ladies!

I am loving it!





















For those of you who are interested in our brand new BOM: Fig Tree's Modern Building Blocks from MODA, you have until this weekend to sign up . This time we are hoping to give everyone a chance so don't miss out. Click HERE for more info on that.




Happy Sewing Everyone!


The Vintage Farmhouse BOM




I fell in love with this vintage sampler the moment I came across the picture. How I wish I could have seen it in person! There was just something about it that charmed me instantaneously. It was classic and quirky all at the same time and we thought the vintage color scheme was just perfect. It is a friendship sampler from the late 19th Century and we don't know much more about it than that. But I thought it was perfect for a little reproduction.... and so our project began.




In our version I have simplified several of the blocks, taken out the saw block which was a little too quirky for me and turned the house around so that it faced vertical instead of horizontal. We have used a few of our favorite blocks several times throughout the quilt and will give you pieced options for several of the applique blocks from the original sampler.  All the blocks have simplified piecing instructions and no templates will be used other than for the applique [[which will have alternatives]. We will not be doing the yellow/tan sun pattern but will be adding a pieced block similar in feel [I have no idea what that is yet]! The one applique block that I will surely keep is the pomegranates block because I think its beautiful [but will provide a pieced alternative for those of you who don’t want any applique].



We are not done with the quilt ourselves and are working up blocks just a few months ahead of what we are sending you so in a way this is a Mystery BOM of sorts.... a partial mystery I guess. Our color palette mimics this one as closely as possible with the main colors being a soft red, a faded red, a soft cheddar yellow, tan, grey, black and cream. We are having so much fun working on these blocks so far and can't wait to share more of them with you!



For 8 months, each month we will send you a small packet of fabric to make sure you have enough to do the blocks for that month [and some more if you get excited] as well as 4-5 block patterns each time. There will be about 40 blocks in the quilt when finished but a few of them will be repeats, especially on a few of the smaller “filler” blocks.

As spoon as we have another grouping of blocks to show you we will [probably next week].

We are so excited to get started and hope you join us! Since this is the first time we are doing a BOM like this, spaces are limited. We sure hope you join us.

Here is some more specific info on the program:

• It will go for 8 months, February - September 2014

• The monthly fee for the fabrics and patterns will be $20.50 plus priority mail shipping.

• There will be a one time $5.00 membership/registration fee upon signing up.

• The program and membership fee is non-cancelable.

• The Block of the Month finishes at 64" x 77" and includes mroe than 11 1/2 yards of fabric and the patterns for more than 35 blocks, finishing instructions for layout, borders and binding.

• Backing sets will be available later on during the program.

• The BOM ships around the 15th of each month.