Our AURIFIL collection

"A little box of jewels..."

"Sherberts good enough to eat.

"Better than dessert!"


"Creamsicle colors and then some!"


These are all things that our customers said when they saw ou brand new AURIFIL thread collection for the first time at Market in Pittsburch this past May. I am not kidding! I wrote them down so that I could use them later.

If you had to, how would you describe them?

We are so pleased to announce that we have partnered with AURIFIL to bring you all of your favorite Fig Tree colors in one place... in thread!

And not just in thread, but in our favorite thread ever!

Read a bit more about that HERE on the MODA Blog.


Now doesn't that just make you want to sew?

Threads that start with our favorite #2000 neutral cream piecing thread and work their way through the entire Fig Tree color spectrum, this collection is a perfect gift to yourself. It really is! I felt that way the first time I opened the box and unwrapped each spool. Oh the happiness!

I know it feels like a lot to lay out for thread all at one time but believe it or not the threads are actually quite a bit less expensive when purchased like this in a collection... its like getting several of the threads for free. Plus you have this wonderful place to store all that goodness in one place.

Just in case you needed a bit of convincing :-).





... the box on my favorite green ladder. A perfect place for threads don't you think? Amidst a wisteria vine LOL!




THREAD INFO: The collection contains 12 of our favorite Fig Tree thread colors to coordinate with our favorite fabrics and collections. Each box has (12) 50 weight spools, each spool contains 1422 yards of thread! You know that will last you a really, really, really long time!

COLORS: Colors include: 2000, 6001, 2214, 2930, 5015, 1231, 2880, 2740, 2220, 2255, 2326, 2155.This does include our favorite neutral cream piecing color!

Perfect for piecing or quilting!

The collection is now available at your local quilt store or HERE on in our shop.


Our brand new "AURIKIT"!

SomersetswatchesblogFresh Figs

We are so happy to announce that we have partnered with AURIFIL threads to bring you some amazing Fig Tree goodies!

Today I wanted to share with you a little bit about the "AURIKIT" we have [ tomorrow I will tell you a bit more about the large FIG TREE THREAD COLLECTION too] designed with the amazing folks over at Aurifil and MODA!

Thank you so much Alex, Kim and Lissa!

I think this all started two markets ago and it just took a bit of time to get all the logistics worked out. The little "Aurikit" box contains (7) threads of AURIFIL thread, a 2 1/2" mini charm of Somerset fabric and a free pattern that you see pictured on the cover of the box. The threads all match the main colors in the Somerset collection of course [both the kit and the Somerset fabrics are due out in stores in September, '14].

It really is a box full of lovely goodness all in one place!



The goodies inside the box...











Well as soon as we finished working on the box, the threads and the pattern, I dreamt up a little contest for you all!  I thought it would be a fun opportunity to do a special promotion and seemed like a perfect time to do a design contest so that all of you could join in the fun!


To reserve your FIG TREE AURIKIT thread box today, click HERE.



WHAT: A contest using the new Somerset Thread Box by Fig Tree & Co. for AURIFIL. Using the fabric and thread goodies in the box, design your own original mini charm pattern and submit it to us to win fabulous prizes!

Winners will receive a fat eighth bundle of our upcoming SOMERSET line, a packet of our brand new patterns, Fig Tree nail polish and Fig Tree Fabric Spray! If possible, we may even publish your pattern!

WHEN: Submit a photo of your quilt with a story of your inspiration and how you used the mini charm and the Somerset threads by November 30, 2014.
WHO: You! Anyone who purchases a Somerset Thread box by Fig Tree & Co. for Aurifil is eligible to play and to win!

HOW: Simply purchase the new Somerset Thread Box by Fig Tree & Co. for Aurifil. Inside you will find not only our yummy threads, but a mini charm of MODA Somerset fabric [as well as a free mini charm pattern for your use or for inspiration in this contest]. Use the threads and the mini charm along with whatever other background and borders you would like to create a wall hanging quilt of your own.

MORE INFO: Original designs only. Please provide full contact information including your name, email and mailing address along with any photo submissions. Hard copy or email submissions accepted. Send hard copy submissions to: Fig Tree & Co. PO, Box 901 San Leandro CA 94577



Contact us at [email protected] for more details of if you have any questions.