Another Chicken Dinner....

... You know what I mean! We have another winner or two tonite....



On 9/18 at 4:59, Loraine said:

"I love everything Fig Tree, and thank you for the chickens, they are so cute, I have been in hosp, for 10 days so missed part of the Country Fair blog hop, glad to see your projest here, thanks Lorraine Isaac"


And on 9/15 at 7:25  Laurel said:

"Wow there are over 1400 comments and crazy me I am still going to leave a comment! I am really into brown right now, but I do love green and blue as well. Your fabrics are delightful and I would love to be one of the lucky 4;)"

Send us an email ladies and we will get a box of Butterscotch & Rose scraps out to you both.



...brand new strikeoffs!

Did you even notice this little goodie hidden in the midst of all the COUNTRY FAIR goodness. It's a little bit of my new line coming up. More on that later!

And did you notice that we have a new blog header? Just in time for fall. It was my way of pretending that autumn is actually here and with us. Have I mentioned lately that fall is my absolute favorite time of the year? It is. Yes indeed.

Unfortunately it is unseasonably warm in these parts lately. Dear weather: I AM READY TO WEAR MY SWEATERS AND SCARVES PLEASE!

Okay, I'm done now. BTW, for those of you "FAIR GOERS", keep on checking out those lovely posts!

Talk to you tomorrow.