Our trip to PIQF

Each year we vend at the Pacific International Quilt Festival and each year we are humbled and surprised by how many of you travel to visit us from near and far. This is the only retail show that we do and we love the opportunity to say hi to our customers and hear from you so.... THANK YOU for stopping by and chatting and letting us know what your favorite products and patterns are. We appreciate you and all your amazing support of our business!

This year our whole family participated, our oldest on the cash register for several days, our middle trying his hand at the register as well for a few hours and our youngest.... well, she will tell anyone who will listen that she is famous as she is our cover model for many of the patterns!

As usual, it takes us much longer to dig out than we expect and we are still unpacking boxes, sending out orders and and re-approriating quilts... all while trying to get new products ready for Market. Makes me a bit tired just thinking about it all.

So here are a few shots of our booth....



... a few of our bestselling TAPESTRY patterns, SPARKLE and PINEAPPLE & FIGS [ a few kits have come back from the show so if you missed out on them the first time around, nab one now], topped off with my seasonal favorite, CINDERELLA PUMPKINS [ we have a few kits of that one too].


... DANCING DOLLIES & PRAIRIE ROSE in the foreground and the yummy PINEAPPLE & FIGS in the background.


... a lot of little goodies and our brand new MILKY WAY pattern done in reds and taupes [pattern will be available next week I promise].



... a truly yummy combination: JELLY PARFAIT on the table, the Halloween version of our LOLLIPOPS pattern on the right, a quilt from our new WITH FABRIC & THREAD BOOK on the top left [the cute little red purse is from the book too, the pumpkin with the initial is a mini project from a Fresh Vintage issue.



... a little bit of everything...



... MILKY WAY, POSTAGE STAMP Series, MARIGOLDS in the corner.



... MILKY WAY [pattern coming] and the BLOSSOM quilt from the book. 






 ... our brand new pattern LOLLIPOPS in the HARVEST version [ a few kits available]. This quilt is my current autumn love. Graphic and bold but wonderfully autumny feeling [pretty sure that is not a word but you know what I mean]! SPARKLE in the background.


... same yumminess as above.


There was SO MUCH MORE TO SEE than our little corner of the show and we have a couple good links that I will share this weekend, but at least this is what we looked at for 4 days so thought we would share the view!


More info on new patterns coming very soon. To see the above kits we have available from the show, GO HERE. 

Halloween Pops...

We are currently at the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara CA, enjoying the quilt world with so many of you! If you are local or have travelled to the show as so many of you have, we hope you will come and see us at our Fig Tree booth. We are in the usual spot in the 500's with a lot of new goodies and patterns to share! We will post booth and show pictures in the next couple of days I promise.


For now, we wanted to share with you one of our newest patterns and the Halloween version of this quilt that we have made especially for the show and in honor of this month....


Introducing, the Lollipops pattern in our Halloween Pops version. We know this is a bit different from our usual color palette and style but we are in love with this quilt and can't wait for it to come home and enjoy some time on our couch. 

We have saved a few kits for you all just in case you are not able to come and visit us in the booth. For more info click HERE...









... we apologize for the convention center lighting, this is the best we could do for today. 


The pattern, Lollipops, has several other versions of the modified Dresden Plate block as seen here and we will show you more this weekend. Once we show you all the versions of the pattern you'll have to tell us which is your favorite [only this version has a kit for now].

Believe it or not but all of these blocks are made with 2 1/2" strips and no templates to sew! If you are familiar with our Papillon pattern or the Dresden Plate pattern in our Fresh Vintage #16, this uses the same method but even simplified. We even figured out a way to get a perfectly flat "plate" each and every time with a little hint. You gotta love that.

The kids are already fighting over who gets it in their room first. I guess its going to be another game of ro-sham-bo at our house. I have absolutely no idea how to actually spell that but I think you know what I mean!


Happy October and Pacific International!!