Introducing… Granny Style

 I have always wanted to work on a granny square quilt but some never got up the umph needed to make all those little strip set. So when I saw this vintage quilt with a block that such great unique feel and movement and yet felt to me in the style of all of those great granny square quilts, I jumped on the chance.

Chestnut Street seemed like the perfect retro feeling collection for it!


… the quilt is almost entirely out of Chestnut street with a few other fabrics thrown in when I ran out of good combinations that I liked!





… the pattern cover



NAME:  Granny Style. Sample pieced by Sherri McConnell

FABRIC: Made from our upcoming Chestnut Street Fabric [fabric available September 2016] and 2 older fabrics thrown in for a bit of added variety. Fat 1/8 yds. or standard 1/8 yds. are perfect for this pattern as our sets of larger scraps from your stash or fat quarters 

SIZE: 64 1/2" x 76"




Leaving on a Jet Plane...

By the time you read this, I will most likely be deep in the throws of booth setup! I am on my way to Houston Quilt Market and I just wanted to pop in really quick and give you a quick sneak peek....




Introducing ALOHA GIRL.....




We will be posting on INSTAGRAM throughout the show so if you want to see all the happenings, follow us! We are figtreeandco on INSTAGRAM. We will also try to post some facebook or blog updates while we are there but sometimes that doesn't always happen until we get back!






Also if you haven't already heard about our fabulous new Fig Tree Sampler BOM, you might want to click HERE. We are almost completely out of spots!


Talk to you soon!


Summer Fun & More

Hello Friends!

We have been doing a couple fun things lately that I wanted to share with you...


A few weeks ago, some of my Instagram friends kind of talked me into starting a Jumping Jack Quilt Along with this pattern...


[the original Jumping Jacks patterns was one I created for myself last summer and one of the only patterns that I had the time to work on "just for me". We quickly made it a pattern after it was finished.]

I had never done or participated in a Quilt Along but thought it would be fun to see everyone's blocks as we worked on them at the same time.I have absolutely no business working on a quilt for fun [am supposed to be dedicating every spare minute to new Market collections, patterns and booth prep] but just like the first time I made this quilt, I couldn't really resist. I think it might be because I get to use every single one of my favorite colors and florals in one place, but there is just something about this quilt that makes it irresistible to me.







In the process of having a lot of fun creating new blocks for a new Jumping Jacks...

I also started a MINI version of the same quilt and worked on it simulataneously. Oh my goodness, I don't know which one I love more! For both versions this time, I created each block with its own combination of 3 fabrics instead of the same stripe fabric for all the blocks like in the above version.


Each new block, both large and MINI, that I made, I loved more than the one before.










I am still working on the new large version, but finished up the MINI as fast as I could so we could make it up into a fun summer pattern!

Speaking of MINIS...


We hinted a bit at this one earlier on in the summer but finally finished up this verison of our large SAIL AWAY pattern as well. Perfect for the summer, for the cottage or for a little boy's room. This little mini is our little ode to the nautical theme!










While having fun with these new summer patterns, we also added a few new bundles taht you can use either to get you started on the new MINIS or just as fabulous stash builders!



Dot bundle



And because it has indeed been the "dog days of summer around here" we thought perhaps you might want to get some simple sewing in for the little girls in your life. Both POLKA DOTS & SUMMER and SUMMERTIME are 20% off this weekend as well as any other pattern with the word SUMMER in it!

Click HERE.











That's it for right now. Talk to you soon!

Introducing... MINI PATTERNS!

We are so excited to share a little sneak peek of a new line of patterns...


I have always loved little quilts. In fact, I remember that one of my very first quilt books- the kind that I poured over in bed night after night trying to figure out which one I was going to make next kind of book- was Little Quilts: All Through the House by Alice Berg. Now that was a long time ago but my love of little quilts has never gone away.

In fact, the very first quilt I ever bought at a flea market was a little bubblegum pink wishbone doll quilt. That was the beginning of my love of doll quilts and other quilt mini quilts [ I wil have to go and dig that one out and show you as soon as I get back from Market].

So when the mini "trend" started I knew that sooner or later I would have to join in... Not sure if this is sooner or later, but here we are!

I am so excited to work on our own wall of minis [in our case it is the wall coming up the stairs to my studio] and mix in some of our own versions with my vintage ones. So this is where we have decided to start our mini collection- with a few of our personal favorites and best sellers- Cherry Pie, Canned Pears and Blossom!

Mini Stitch is one that we snuck in there in reverse because we just couldn't wait any longer! The large/standard version of that pattern will be out this summer. The mini came before the standard one in this case.

We will be sharing more about these soon, but wanted to take a minute today and share our exciting news!

They are now available as pdf downloads and the printed patterns will be here early next week.  Click HERE for more info.

Back to Market prep. Talk to you soon... if I don't drown under a sea of fabric and pattern directions first.


... Mini Blossom [standard pattern in our WITH FABRIC & THREAD book].









 ... Mini Canned Pears [standard size pattern available too].



... Mini Cherry Pie [standard Cherry Pie pattern available too].



 ... Mini Stitch pattern [perfect for everyone's sewing room].





For more info about each pattern, click HERE.  More soon!

Happy sewing!

Honeysweet Pattern Showcase: Painted Ladies

When we first started working on these little blocks, we were "smitten" - does anyone even say that anymore??- with how fun they were to make and how quickly they came together.

We started with a table runner, that quickly became a bed runner and was eventually also made up as a quilt. A few of these blocks together would make a great wall hanging, table topper or a wonderful lap quilt for a little girl!

We decided to name the pattern PAINTED LADIES because here in our hometown of San Leandro we are home to thousands of migrating Monarch butterflies every year. They cover trees and bushes and fly in swarms in several of the parks and golf courses in our area. They return every year and apparently sometimes fly hundreds of miles to get here. Each year we pile the kids in the car to go and watch them. They are mesmerizing.

I know that technically Monarchs and Painted Ladies are not the same butterfly but the name was too lovely to pass up... and they do almost look exactly the same!


... this is the Honeysweet version with one of my favorite prints in the border.



... the full, flat HONEYSWEET version.



... a little butterfly detail.



... this is the table runner, turned bed runner created from a mix of AVALON and TAPESTRY fabrics. Love the combination!



... bed runner again draped over a chair.



NAME: Painted Ladies

SIZE: Comes in 2 sizes, 58" x 66" lap size and a 24" x 83" bed runner [which you can of course make a bit shorter for a table runner]. 

FABRIC: The two collections shown are HONEYSWEET for the first photos and a mix of AVALON and TAPESTRY for the runner. A Layer Cake was used for the lap size and 1/4 yds or fat quarters for the runner size. Charm packs can also be used for a more scrappy look.

ETC: Patterns will be available by the end of day today!

So far we have also debuted CHERRY PIE, CLOVERS & JAM and HEXIES. Just scroll the previous posts to see those brand new patterns.


Honeysweet Pattern Showcase #3

When we found out our new collection was having those brand new yummy little hexagon packs with it, we knew it had to be something cute and small and did I mention cute?

Introducing HEXIES, our new mini "thread" pattern made from the new MODA HONEYCOMB packs. Actually one pack can make up to 5 HEXIE bags! 


... on our samples, each piece both inside and outside is a different hexie and thus a different fabric. So much fun to play with.



... embellished with a simple snap and an outer button, each purse has its own little personality.





... they are a bit addicting to make. Kinda like eating potato chips.




NAME: Hexies

SIZE: The purses measure app. 3" x 5" across the top, when stuffed. The gusset on the side is about 1 1/2" deep.

FABRIC: These are all made with the new MODA hexagon pack called HONEYCOMBS from our debuting collection, HONEYSWEET. The template is included in the pattern so you can of course cut your own hexies!

ETC: The pattern is coming back from the printer any day now and they patterns will be available by the end of this week!

So far we have also shown you CHERRY PIE and CLOVERS & JAM. See here and here.

Let the Patterns Begin!

Hopefully you have already gotten a glimpse of our new CHERRY PIE pattern, here. I am in love with that one at the moment, although the others that I am about to start showing you are not far behind. 

In fact, this might be one of my all time favorite jelly roll patterns we have done. It is so simple and graphic and yet so much fun to make and it showcases the fabric perfectly!

Introducing CLOVERS & JAM [since Clovers and Jelly just didn't sound quite right LOL!]


... styled version of the HONEYSWEET version. Perfect for a quick fall project this upcoming September!



... detail of the block and the quilting.



... flat shot of the full quilt.


And since we always like to make up the new patterns in both the upcoming collection that we are debuting [HONEYSWEET in this case] and the current one, here is the AVALON version of the same quilt...


... tried some channel quilting this time around for a more modern, fresh look on this AVALON version. Love the result!



Clover avalon draped72




NAME: Clovers & Jam

SIZE: 71" x 71"

FABRIC: As mentioned above, the first shots are all of the HONEYSWEET version perfect for the fall, we think! The second version is made from our current AVALON collection out in stores now. 

ETC: The entire quilt can be made with one jelly roll, background and a border! You gotta love that!! The pattern will be available and up on our site by the end of the week [ or maybe sooner if all goes well] in both printed and pdf format! Yeah!!

Note: We will have a VERY few kits available of the AVALON version of this quilt in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested! 

A Little Blossom, A Little Jam



A little Blossom and a little Jam. I guess I might have been a little bit hungry when I originally named this pattern! But more likely I was thinking of my last trip to London, or more precisely, the Cottswold villages right outside of London. It seems that anytime we sat down for a snack there, we were offered something “with jam”. Mostly “scones with jam” I think, but also other things with jam.


Oh, I would really love to be back there now. Or at least have some really good jam :-).




This little project is one of my current favorites. Its kind of funny with the way things work around here, I don’t often get to enjoy the projects during their actual season. We created this little table topper in early Spring, just in time to debut for Quilt Market in May. We finished it and photographed it for the cover and then sent it on its way to visit its share of stores. Then the patterns were actually finished up and printed and they began shipping to the quilt shops and the topper continued to travel.


The fabric that it was created with, TAPESTRY, however, did not start to arrive in stores until the last couple of weeks  [for all of those yummy precuts] and the yardage is still to come [later in October].  And suddenly my little topper is back at home.



And so in a little twist of timing, I get to enjoy my little Blossoms & Jam before she goes off on another adventure to another quilt shop or perhaps to a show or two in the fall. Meanwhile, here she is and more importantly…. She brings kits with her!!

Check it out HERE for more info. Or HERE for just the pattern.


Name: Blossoms & Jam.

Size: 16” round

Fabric: Cover sample made from TAPESTRY. Back cover samples also made from CALIFORNIA GIRL. Uses (1) charm pack or (2) of the yummy new MODA CANDY PACKS







They're Heeeeeere!

I know our new pattern release has been unusually delayed given everything going on with my dad and I would like to thank all of you who have been waiting so patiently! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

The 5 new quilt patterns are here and have started shipping to stores and distributors as of yesterday! Yeah!!

They are also now available on our website as of late last night! Yeah again!! Look under NEWEST DESIGNS for all 8 of the new patterns!



LIBERTY BOY: Perfect for today but you can work on it for Labor Day or next year just as well!



CINDERELLA PUMPKINS: Easily my favorite time of year and its never too early to start on a fall project.



MARIGOLDS: A wonderful way to use up a couple charm packs of your favorite collection. Love, love the feel of circles with nothing but squares and triangles!



SPARKLE: Easily the most simple design in this group, Sparkle is already on its way to being a best seller! Super simple method with no y-seams or anything else difficult. Can't go wrong with this one in either the cream, the plum or the single table topper version!



PINEAPPLE & FIGS: My absolute favorite in this grouping. Have always loved pineapple blocks and just couldn't resist making this one out of our new TAPESTRY fabric. This method will just amaze you with how basic and simple it is. I promise. Each block is literally a set of 5 sizes of square and 5 sizes of rectangle. If you have ever wanted to make a pineapple block, I guarantee that this is it!





The 3 FIG TREE THREAD patterns are about a week behind and are on their way back from the printer as we speak. We will let you know as soon as these arrive in the office! 



ESCARGOT: The newest in our menagerie of animal projects. These cute little snails are fun to make and are just too cute to resist... we think. And the name, well the name just cracks me up to no end. Maybe I'm the only one...



BLOSSOMS & JAM: A great way to play with your favorite charm pack or those brand new MODA CANDY squares if you are lucky enough to get some. These are perfect as table toppers, desk decorators [I have 2 of them on my desk at the moment] or as placemats. Super simple to assemble and then try your hand at a little curved binding. You can do it!



SUNDAY COVER-UPS: A quick and perfect way to dress up any dining room chair before company gets here. At our house these get used any time we want to add something special to a dinner occasion. We have sashes of different colors and for different holidays and change them out often. This is a great beginning sewing project.




If you are purchasing patterns from our site, we will start shipping them out starting tomorrow. You can also feel free to purchase the FIG TREE THREADS patterns now if you like and we can either hold your order until complete or ship in 2 batches [let us know in the special instructions section of the order what you would prefer to do. If we don't hear from you, we will hold until complete].







I am off to make some Black Eyed Pea Salad/Dip... otherwise known as Texas Caviar. We love it around here and can consume it by the bowl full. Literally. If you've never tried it, you might wanna [many recipes for it can be found online. I recommend adding in a bunch of fresh veggies along with the canned ones].

We included our favorite recipe for it in our FRESH VINTAGE #12. Just in case you'd like to try it out. That and a bunch of really cool quilt patterns LOL!

Happy Celebrating!

Postage Stamps

Sometimes I want to work on something big and simple and a bit more modern. On those days I crave clean lines and brighter colors. I want to see a lot of white space and love to play with pattern. I love looking at shapes and positive and negative space to see what kinds of patterns will emerge. I feel expansive on those days :-)!

Other days I retreat to little treats of handwork and sweet vintage images. I have a collection of vintage ephemera that includes fruit crate labels, postcards, stamps, ads, travel posters, school booklets and the list goes on and on. Some days all I need to do is immerse myself in those vintage images for inspiration.

On those days I am very detailed oriented and love to focus in on the minutia of those vintage pieces of paper and the colors and images that they chose to work with so long ago.

I go between the two on a regular basis, never sure which one I will be more drawn to that day. Today seems to be one of my traditionalist days and right before Easter, I just wanted to share with you our little collection of Vintage Postage Stamp quilts. Each one inspired by a combination of vintage postage stamps and postcard images. 


Today this is what is making me happy...

Not sure that I have a favorite on these. But if you made me choose... I think I would pick the little birds under the umbrella and the winter skate. Love those a lot.













Happy Easter to everyone!


Click here for more info on these.

Any orders for these will start shipping next wed. due to a few spring break activities around these parts!

And a little insider information... we have 2 more coming soon for Market. Maybe a little something patriotic and a little something "autumny"!