"Kiss Me"

I am quite certain that I have said this before and I will surely say it again, but almost every time we release a new set of patterns, I have a favorite. I feel like I shouldn't have one, but I do.

Almost from the instant we start sewing the blocks together or the pieces get cut out for the bag, I just know. This will be my favorite this time around. A lot of the times its about the color choices in a particular project but sometimes its about the design or the way that I am feeling when I design it.

This was one of those quilts. From the moment I started playing with those reds and greys, and hints of yellow, green and pink in the florals, somehow I knew it would be one of my all-time favorites. And it is. So far.

 .... here it is with one of my favorite flowers in the world. French Tulips. These my hub happened to get for me for our 16th wedding anniversary last week. So glad I managed to catch a shot of them with the quilt.

... a little closeup to show Diana's beautiful quilting.

Issmeblog copy
... a front flat shot of the quilt.

Kissmeappliquecloseuptight copy
... the simple applique flowers along the bottom just me smile. Simple but lovely.


And so you guessed it, I just couldn't resist and we have kitted it for you. I think that maybe might be one of your all time favorites too!


To pre-order and reserve your spot today  click here.


Talk to you soon.

Buttercup, Buttercup!

Last time I talked with you it had started shipping but now its officially here, and there and a bit more over there! Buttercup has officially hit store shelves nationwide!!

[If you are international, maybe just a few more days....]

Hope you are able to get your hands on a little bit of this Springtime goodness in the midst of this crazy cold weather and start working on something to bring a little sunshine into your life. Our sources say that the fabric is close to selling out on the wholesale side so get yours while you can.















I know we'll be sewing up a storm over here this weekend. Hope you will be too! Now.... what to make first?

Hope your weekend is full of fabric goodness!

Talk to you soon.


Chicken Dinner... & then some

Just chicken dinner so I wouldn't be saying Winner, Winner, Chicken, Dinner" again.... although I do get a kick out of that saying! What is it with me?

Sorry for the delay on the winner of the i-TOP tool. It was supposed to go up yesterday. Yesterday came and went with many adventures but this was not one of them...


On February 8 at 10:02 am, SarahB said:

"What a handy little tool! I hadn't heard of it before but I think if I had one I've be making covered buttons all the time!"

If you are Sarah, give us a jingle at with your mailing info and we will get your fun i-TOP out to you!

Its a good thing you won one too because we are completely sold out on our site!

Tomorrow we will post the last winner of the PILLOW TALK hop. Hope you are still having fun following along. There sure are a lot of us designers!



Back by popular demand, we have created another set of these wonderful little flannel bundles for you. We were only able to make a couple dozen, but we sure do love them right now! They are a bundle of (6) 1/2 yd. cuts of our now out of print yummy woven flannels. So soft and lovely to work with. [If you need more than one, we will refund the shipping on subsequent bundles].


I saved a couple for myself. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with them.... suggestions?

Talk to you soon.

Pattern Showcase #5

I'm sure you have heard me talk about my love of Christmas quilts over the years and this is the latest in the series of those classic red, green and cream lovelies that I will happily add to my stack of holiday quilts when we decorate our home next week.

Now I know that it doesn't have to be for Christmas only, this combination is a timeless classic all year around but somehow it is just a bit more perfect this time of the year for me.


... we sure had fun cutting kits in this wonderful little color combo for our recent sale. If you aren't on our newsletter list, be sure to get on it before our next holiday sale email at the end of this week! Go here to be added to our newsletter.


So here is Petite Fours ["little fours" in French because the baskets are little and they come arranged in fours... I know, not the most creative name in the world but what can I tell you? I'm a sucker for French, little baskets and a sucker for a good pastry reference!]



... little red baskets in several different prints set with both red and green nine patches in the sashing. Fabrics are from a variety of our recent lines including, Fresh Cottons, Mill House Inn, Whimsy and Patisserie.


.... little closeup to show the quilting.


... same quilt done out of our Buttercup collection [fabric due out in February 2011]. This one is a much more scrappy look since we made it from one of those mini-bundles of 1/8 yds. 


Both samples were made by the super talented, amazing quilter, Sherri. Thanks Sherri

PetiteFoursCover lg

Pattern Cover shown here above.

Pattern: Petite Fours

Size: 68" x 68"

Fabrics Used: variety of reds and greens from past several lines [see above] for the background styled version. A mini bundle of Buttercup for the inset version. Cream solid for either is always available on our site under "A Few of Our Favorite Things"

Click here for the pattern.


Talk to you soon.

Market Day #2


Market Day #2 is done and we are watching the World Series in the Lobby Bar. Let me explain.

After a full day of selling, talking, business appointments, schmoozing [such an official term I know] and generally "moving and grooving" [what does that mean exactly anyway?] we have finally taken off our shoes... literally..., put up our hair and are sitting down. Believe me, the term "sitting down" has a whole new meaning when you have been standing up in dress clothes and high heels for 10 hours. I know, I know, life is so hard here at Market. I am not complaining. Much.

Business was great today. We only have a very few catalogs left so if you are a store and haven't come by yet, you might want to in the morning because I can tell that we will run out.

I don't have a lot of energy left in me so all I thought I would do is show you a few shots of the booth. Sorry for the lighting. I was having picture quality difficulties with the convention center lighting today.





talk to you tomorrow.


Fresh Vintage #16 has hit the stores!

Our latest edition of Fresh Vintage went out last week! Halleluiah! Why halleluiah you might ask? Well, because its a quarterly pattern series that we do and this one was supposed to be the "MAY/JUNE" edition and it went out in the middle of July instead.... 

I can come up with some good excuses, I really can. One of them starts with Paris and ends with the Russian River, another one of them starts with Ben and ends with Ella, another one starts with my latest fabric collection designs and ends with a few new patterns in the works...

Dresden Fancy

Anyway, this issue is chalk full of goodies, starting with a Dresden Plate quilt, "DRESDEN FANCY". For those of you who are not seasoned or traditional quilters, a Dresden Plate block is one of those old traditional blocks that every quilter wants to make or at least own a vintage version of. They are beautiful and graphic and delicate all at once and over the years my desire to make one has grown until it finally dawned on me one day that I could make one without using any sewing templates! That's all I needed to get started...


In a method similiar to our Papillion pattern, the block comes together like a beauty!


or maybe this version... told you we are in love with this block!! 


The single applique block was added in for fun and interest but of course you can leave it out entirely if you prefer!

Le Figs

In this same issue of Fresh Vintage, we made these fun little pincushions for you... we thought it was time to add a new fig into the pincushion family. A long skinny greenish fig made with some of our snuggly soft Snuggle™ fabrics by MODA included in our Whimsy fabric collection. If you are interested in a simple kit of these little Le Fig figlets, email us at [the kit will have the Snuggle fabric, leaf & stem fabric and a couple of buttons along with the Fresh Vintage #16 issue for $15 plus standard shipping]. 




The issue also has one of my favorite summer salads/meals and something we make around these parts often in the summer months. Its basically our version of the Greek Tabouli salad but with all of our favorite summer veggies and a ton of great flavor including feta, pinenuts, peppers, tomatoes and more!


Click here if you want to purchase your copy.

Click here if you are interested in an auto subscription to this quarterly pattern series.

Talk to you soon. More Paris tomorrow!


Introduction #8

Bessie. Clover. Butch.

It seems the name options were endless as were the options of what kind of animal this really was. Designed as a baby cow. Thought by many to be a pig. Voted to be a baby bear by more than several. Termed "breakfast meats" by my hub... I know, not so funny to me but hysterical to most of the guys he says it to!!

 ...this is Bessie. Made out of the butter yellow Snuggle™ fabric by MODA. All of colors of Snuggles™ used here were new fresh colors released with our Whimsy collection of fabric. 

These are the newest 3 additions to our family. Bessie has been completely co- opted by my daughter. The other two, well... the boys would never admit it out loud or in public, but secretly they keep asking me when they are coming back from shows so they can have one each.

 I know, I know, both of them are too old but they have a soft spot for little stuffed animals in bed. Especially ones that I've made. It still makes me smile. I wonder if it will be the same when they are older. My husband still has an old teddy bear that he refuses to part with. He sits, a bit dusty, in the corner of our bedroom. I guess he probably wouldn't want you to know that. Too late for that I guess.


 ... this was the cover shot we used. A little stack of cuteness.


... this is Clover. I love this shot of him hanging out the window. Sometimes you have to have a little fun at a photo shoot.

... almost wistful, wouldn't you say?  

The fabrics are MODA's version of a soft, cuddly microfleece fabric that is so soft and wonderful to work with that I have started adding it as the back of many of my quilts, especially all of those that I know will end up in my children's hands!

You did hear me right, they are wonderful as backs! My faithful long arm quilter Diana who has vowed before to never again use the "other" unmentioned microfleece products on the market, LOVES, LOVES this one! She says it has much less stretch than those others, making it wonderful to work with.

... Now this here's what I call a cow pile! Ha, ha! On top is our latest addition, the polka dot cow. Made from Breakfast at Tiffany's polka dot! She doesn't have a name yet. Any ideas?


Name: Snuggle Softies

Made by: Cheryl Hadley & Joanna Figueroa

Size: app. 13" from snout to toe

Fabric Collection: Snuggle™ fabrics from our Whimsy collection

Fabric Used: 3/8 yds is all you need for the main body color. Like mentioned above, Snuggles or other microfleece are the best to use but standard cottons can be used as well. Pattern has many tips on working with both types of fabrics.

To look at precise yardage requirements look here under VIEW LARGER IMAGE.

Talk to you soon but not for a couple of days. Going on a little adventure. If all goes well, I might blog from my favorite little island in the world!


Introduction #7

Back to Introductions today... are you tired of these yet? Sometime I wish you could talk right back to me so i knew what you were thinking... but I guess that's what twitter is for. By the way, are you on twitter? Its kinda fun, on the days when you have time to play with it. Just saying.

Anyway,  this is my favorite jelly roll pattern in a long time. Something about it. Its simple. Its classic and so far, I love it in any color combination I have seen it in. 

Actually it doesn't even use the whole jelly roll, can you believe that? Just 30 strips if I am remembering my math correctly....


... this is the cover shot of Jelly Parfait. Made from Fresh Cottons with a cream background and a very light sashing strip. Almost completely blends with the background but just adds a tiny bit of sparkle or something.


... a flat shot of the Fresh Cottons version showing the whole layout. We chose green as the bottom triangles but you could completely change the look of the quilt by going lighter or darker here.


... the same Fresh Cottons quilt, closer up. Love those little diamonds.


... a closeup showing a good shot of the quilting.


... same quilt made with Breakfast at Tiffany's. Might look a bit different since we changed it up a bit and alternated cream and green background strips. Same quilt. Totally different look.


... in this Breakfast at Tiffany's version we chose one of the dark chocolate florals for the bottom triangles. Between that and the alternating green backgrounds, the quilt has a much more solid, and strong graphic feel.


... here's what it looks like flat. Love the green tone on tone and the green dot together.


... Last close-up shot of the Breakfast at Tiffany's version.


Name: Jelly Parfait

Pieced By: Sherri McConnell

In this link she actually talks about her love of this pattern and  how she is working on it for the THIRD TIME. Can you believe it?

Size: 63 1/2" X 86" [if you added a wider border this would make a perfectly sized twin bed quilt]

Fabric Collection: Fresh Cottons and Breakfast at Tiffany's respectively. 

Fabric Used: This quilt uses less than one jelly roll for all of the diamonds except the bottom ones which need another 5/8 yd.

To look at precise yardage requirements look here under VIEW LARGER IMAGE.

Talk to you soon.

Introduction #6

Strawberry Cafe

Remember a couple of posts back when I said I was having a serious fruit thing going on? 

Well here is more evidence for that theory. These are my favorites right now. Now, I will admit that these little curtains are a bit more "cute sweet" as I call it, than my house is normally. I am more of a plain vintage girl and not so much cutesy as far as the house goes. But.... I broke down with these little cuties, especially since its summer right now and they are perfect for the season! 

So far we have auditioned them in the laundry room, the kitchen and even the bathroom. Yes, you heard me right, the bathroom.  Even a bathroom can use a little re-fresher once in a while, right? It looks like perhaps we might be sewing more than one set, perhaps with different fruit!


... 2 curtain panels fit just right in our vintage windows. You could of course make one long panel instead or 2 longer or shorter panels depending on the width of your own windows.



... you could of course eliminate the strawberries altogether. But really, why would you want to?


... this was the cover shot we used for the pattern I think. Curtains joined by a simple table topper.


... the topper is just as simple as the cafe curtains. Simple charm blocks with a few berries and a delicate sawtooth border inbetween.


... love them curtains the most in the breeze. Just feels like summer.


Name: Strawberry Cafe

Pieced by: Cheryl Hadley & Joanna Figueroa

Size: Each panel is 29" x 38" but can easily be adjusted. Table Topper is 41" square.

Fabric Collection:  Made entirely from Fresh Cottons

Fabric Used: One Charm Pack makes 2 panels or one table topper. Other than that you need a main fabric and an accent fabric or 2! The cafe curtains use simple cafe clips available at most home stores. I have bought mine at IKEA and Target.

To look at precise yardage requirements look here under VIEW LARGER IMAGE

Talk to you soon.