A little Sneak & a Peek



You know when you see fabric that just makes your heart skip a beat?  

That is what this is doing for me right now. I know, I know... part of me feels like I can't say that about my own work and I should wait for someone else to say it. But I can't!

I also have to admit that this is not always true of every collection or design I do. Sometimes I really like them and think they are good. Sometimes I love them. Sometimes I wish I could have added something more or expressed my vision a bit differently. Sometimes its a combo of all of the above.

But sometimes, I dream about them before they get here.  This is one of those times.

I have so many more pics to show you but I think it might be best to wait just a bit. It's called TAPESTRY. Hope it adds some loveliness to your day.


Stay tuned for another big reveal this week. We are just full of surprises around here.


Star Blooms

As the date for the fabric release of California Girl gets closer and closer, we get more excited about the possibilities of this fabric! So full of fresh colors that just "speaks" beach and spring and summer and picnics and little girl's dresses!

Just wanted to share my favorite quilt right now. Star Blooms. Love it. 










And we have kits at a special introductory price!

And patterns too!


Have a great weekend.


It always feel so odd for me to announce the arrival of one collection- in this case Butterscotch & Rose- while literally at the exact same moment, introduce the newest group that we are about to show. But sometimes that's just the way it turns out....

So, today we would like to introduce to you our newest collection, due out in stores in Spring, 2012!



California Girl

 ... a Summer Inspired Retro group reminiscent of days at the Boardwalk.


... fat quarter bundle of goodness.



... jelly roll of yumminess.


And the first quilt pattern that returned from the quilter.... Star Blooms. Available in two size blocks. Shown here is the 20" block. To see the rest, come visit us in Houston or check back here for more sneak peeks! 




Pattern and more info will be available in November!


Talk to you soon,




New Yummies!

I am in Kansas. Crazy, I know! Teaching and lecturing about color and design to some fabulous quilters and fabric lovers. I love our customers.They are generous and committed and make this business so much fun!

Oh and by the way, don't even think about the Dorothy and Toto jokes. My hub is emailing them to me on a regular basis throughout the day! At least he is entertaining himself while I am gone!

ButI digress. I promised to let you know as soon as we had some new bundle lovelies up..... well, we might have one or two or three all lined up and ready for new homes..




...Oh my gosh, just makes me want to go to the beach right now!



For more info click here.


And we have made more of the original solid bundles which we have now titled "FRESH" back in stock.

Click here.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


And for all those of you MODA fans who are in the midst of Christmas in July projects.... well we thought we would make it just a bit easier for you.


Apple & grass greens....




And tomato & strawberry reds....




For more info, click here.

And since you guys have eaten up the new cream bundles like they were cheetos... we are currently making more of those for next week.

Okay, gotta get some sleep. Teach all day tomorrow. Will tell you how it goes soon.





Monday, monday....

Happy Monday everyone! Although I realize that for all those of you who subscribe, you might not be reading this till Tuesday but just know that I had Monday on the brain when I posted this. 

Its one of those Monday mornings where I have so much swirling around in my tired little brain that I'm having a hard time focusing on anything. I guess that is what Mondays are supposed to be like anyway. Since I wasn't accomplishing anything work related this morning I actually sat outside on my porch, got the munchkins off to school....


... in case you were wondering what on earth, its CRAZY HAIR day at school today!


And just sat there afterwards. Just sat. Waited for the hub to bring home the most wonderful chocolate croissants west of Paris, looked at what was blooming in my front yard




and watched a daredevil squirrel jump from the wire to the branch of a birch tree- I swear I don't know how those things survive all of those jumps!

Can I just share with you how sad it is that I can't remember the last time I did this? I love my porch and deciding right now to spend more time on it. You keep me to it!

One of the things that is making me a little crazy this morning is that my dad is in surgery- as we speak. Hopefully all will be well and since he is a private person, I won't share more than that. But you can certainly keep him in your thoughts or your prayers if you are a praying person. We had a little fam prayer time before everyone went to school this morning. It helped my soul feel lighter. 

Speaking of lighter, on a lighter note.....

Did you see my tutorial on Sew Mama Sew? For those of you scared of that big "A" word..... give it a try! I can almost promise you good results!

Also, pattern debuts are long overdue!! I have already shared about the Daisy Girl backpack but what about the others. Here goes the first one:

My Log Cabin

As I was working on patterns for this season I realized that although I am mostly a traditional quilter at heart, I had never made the most traditional of all quilts- the Log Cabin. Well, to be completely truthful, my very first quilt was a Log Cabin but since that quilt will never see the light of day LOL, this one will have to count as the first!


... tucked on my favorite quilt ladder.



... closeup to see Diana's wonderful quilting. Love that woman!



... obviously didn't finish the binding before taking the shots!





... I think this just might be my favorite shot of the quilt.



... I love that although this is one of the oldest quilt patterns out there, it has such a graphic almost modern feel to it. I find that that is often true of the classic quilts.

I would love to see this in fresh modern colors too... anyone up for the challenge?

.... Thank you to Cheryl for testing out this block, to the amazing Sherri for piecing this lovely in lickety split time and to Diana for quilting it! You ladies rock!



Name: My Log Cabin

Fabric Collection: Made with a charm pack and a honeybun of BUTTERSCOTCH & ROSE [fabric due out in October 2011]. Of course, just as easily doable from your stash. In fact, it would make a fabulous stash quilt. All those 1 1/2" strips that many of us have as a part of our scrap bucket would be perfect for this.

Size: 71" x 71" with 3 different setting options

Click here for pattern.

Market Fabric Snapshots

Fig Tree went traditional this time around. Classic and traditional with some of our most popular colors from best selling lines. Do you recognize any of them?

Introducing Butterscotch & Rose....

For a dash of classic elegance for Fall 2011. I hope it conjurs [sp?] up visions of fall and winter projects and even a bit of home redecorating. I created it for autumn, but some of my customers have shown me that it is certainly perfect for the holidays as well! Pull out the rich reds and classic greens paired with the cream and Christmas is just around the corner. I wonder what you might create?

Tune in tomorrow for a chance to get some in person.... soon!  A giant box of MODA goodness just arrived and I am itching to do something with some of it!


Here are my favorite shots of the colorways.

Red stack

... Ruby.



... Butterscotch & Buttercream.



... Sky.



... Fresh Tarragon, Frosting Rose, Chocolate Tart.



Here is the inspiration story:

"Inspired by the sights and smells of a recent autumn getaway in the little wine country town of Sonoma, California, Butterscotch & Rose is my interpretation of my favorite season! The collection flowed directly from the mix of harvest leaves, gourmet bistros, walks in the woods, gorgeous tones of roses still blooming [after all this is California] and the scents of the beginnings of the wine harvest. I hope that I was able to capture all that this region brought to me as its September gift."



Tired of Market yet?

The Country Fair banners throughout all of our MODA booths tied us all together and they were easily one of my favorite little additions to this years's decorations. Something about them is so festive. And they are so simple to make, 10" long, 8" wide, cut on an angle with fusible webbing inside 2 pieces of fabric. That's it. I glue gunned mine to a twill tape but if you had the time you could of course also sew them in place. Perfect for parties of any kind, just pick a thematic fabric for that event and you've got instant atmosphere!






... my favorite sign in the booth. Only some people got the joke. Do you remember BABE the pig? If you don't, then this wont' make any sense to you whatsoever. But that's okay, Eric and I chuckled about it all weekend long!


... here's a pic of me in my favorite new "little black dress" not knowing what to do with my hands.





... still don't know what to do with my hands. You would think that after the umpteenth person asked me to take a picture of me in my booth, I would have figured out what to do with me hands, but no. Here I am trying to figure out where on earth to put those things to make them look natural. Again. At another market. I think I am going to start holding something at all times! Any other ideas? :-)



From Market, from Market

You know, as opposed to "To Market, to Market..." :-) You gotta cut me some slack as I am just a bit slap happy today! So glad to be home after our trip to Salt Lake City and then New York, more on that later.

But for now, I thought I would start to share some of the pics of my booth. Starting with a bundle of the new collection, Butterscotch & Rose. It is a warmer, fall line inspired by a trip to Sonoma Valley in the wine country. Its a bit more of a traditional line with a good mix of florals, little prints and my favorite geranium print that I can't wait to use on something for our home. Don't know what yet! I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out.

Our booth theme was Country Fair, along with the MODA booths [stay tuned for some great shots of the MODA booths tomorrow] and we decorated it with signs and fruit and crates and baskets to look like a stand at your local country fair. I don't know about you, but the outcome for me is that I am dieing to go to an actual country fair this summer. Planning it already. Any suggestions for Northern California? We're willing to travel a bit to get there, not too much though.....




... I'll have to share some of the funniest "Best Livestock" comments from market. Although the hub might not quite appreciate those being broadcast on the blog :-)...



.... these is our newest series of postage stamp inspired wall hangings. For those of you applique lovers out there, these are a perfect combo of applique and a little embroidery. More on those later this week.

I have a million more photos so stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter if you aren't already cuz we are going to have a fun giveaway there later this week!

xoxoxo Joanna


This too!

Did I mention that you could use it to "put a bird on it" too. Wherever you might like a bird that is! In this case on the end of a winter table runner. Love it!


Although I am not usually a fusible webbing kind of gal, this little machine is so much fun to use that I am hooked!

And for those of you going to Market, there will be a couple of opportunities to win some of these goodies you see below. In fact, there might be more than a couple of said opportunities. Stay tuned for times and places!





I want to live inside my camera bag. Seriously.

Yes, you read that right. I want to live inside my camera bag right now. I'm in love. If you can be in love with a camera bag that is. It came in the mail today and I knew right away what it was! My kids thought I had lost my marbles just a little when I yelled "get out of my way unless you know where the scissors are!"

Of course, the weeks leading up to Market, they pretty much assume that I have already lost my mind, so I guess, if I think about it a bit more, they might not even have noticed my odd behavior!


I have to tell you that one of my very favorite things about working in the industry that I do is the people I have met along the way and those that I would now call friends. Kay is one of them. It just happens to be a nice perk that she is the most amazing and talented seamstress that there ever was. And she is so little and cute you just want to eat her up! Or in this case, her camera bag. O.M.G.



Made out of my favorite 3 fabrics right now. And I mean my absolute favorite, this bag is a new home for my DSLR that faithfully travels with me everywhere to chronicle my life and my work. I don't really know what I would do without it. Its never really had a proper home, just one hand me down bag after another. But now, its home is where I want to live. Inside every little outside and inside pocket.


... did you notice that the inside has a little shelf for the camera to sit on so the lens goes in the little space that is left. Are you freaking kidding me??

Thank you Kay, from the bottom of my heart. 

Okay, I'm done now. I know one of my friends will email me soon to tell me that I have lost it for good now. But then again, what do they expect. It is the week before Market after all.




Stems_3 copy

Just in case you were hoping for other information other than my desire to live in my new camera bag, I wanted to show you my first sneak peek of an upcoming quilt pattern. STEMS is currently my favorite and you will be seeing many more pics of it coming up and at Market. But for now I thought I would show you the version the lovely Sherri made from the goodies I showed a couple of posts ago.





Remember that little rainbow of fabrics spread out on the ground? Well that was for this. Its making me really happy right now. One of those patterns that has been in my head since I became infatuated with Orla Kiely [which has been for a really long time!] I've always wanted to create a pieced version of her signature stem look. Well, this is it. More on the pattern front soon.

And..... drumroll.... I have been cleared to share that I have signed a new contract with Wiley Books! I am so happy to share a new book home with some of my favorite friends and designers, Sandi, Patty & Paula. Here's to the journey ladies!

I am so excited for this project and will share more as I can. Working on the first portion of this book is the real reason that I have been MIA lately. My Market patterns have been written, edited, photo shot, press checked and sent off to the printer what seems like an eternity ago [probably just a couple of days ago but it sure feels like a long time at this point].

They are starting to arrive back at the studio, palette by palette, as we speak. Usually we stagger them a bit more, but to have them all arrive at once is a bit overwhelming for our fabulous office ladies and the man behind the fig! At least he sure is getting a work out!

But it is the book project I have been cranking away on for the last couple of weeks. Because of course, my first deadline is just right about the same time as Market.


Did we mention something about insanity. Okay, just checking. Thanks for listening to all my exciting news. More to come soon.

Talk to you soon my friends.