So hopefully by now most of you have received and are already enjoying our LITTLE BOX OF FIGS: The Fall Edition. Thank you to all of you how have let us know how much you are loving the "ingredients" of this second box! We are so very glad!


I know that many of you missed out on this annual subscription and are wondering if you have any chance of jumping in on the fun.


So here is the scoop…. we do not have any more official spots for this year [although every once in a while we do have an opening due to illness or emergency and we then contact the next person on the wait list from March]. Since there is a fabric based project in each of our boxes, we are limited by the amount of fabric that we have pre-ordered for each box. We already doubled the original amount of subscriptions we were planning on doing when on the first day of ordering [back in March] it became clear how popular this program was going to be. Unfortunately we just can't add any more spots due to space, time, employee limitations! But we are so very grateful for your support and enthusiasm!!

Toward the end of summer, we will be offering sign ups for the 2017 subscription. Although we originally said that this year's participants would get first priority for next year's sign ups, due to the popularity of the box we have decided to open up the sign ups to everyone. We will let everyone know via our blog, IG and our newsletter, what day the 2017 subscription will go "live" so that everyone has an equal chance.


For those of you who are dieing to get your hands on this quarter's FALL BOX, we have made up a few kits of the MINI HUGS quilt featured in the box and here in this blog post. HERE is the link for that. If we sell out crazy fast, we will see if we can make up more with the fabric leftovers that we have left after all the boxes were completed.





Fabrics [blocks, backgrounds, borders] for our not yet released, MINI HUGS project.

Pattern for the MINI HUGS.

Fabrics for an autumn version of our A PEAR IN A TREE pincushion.

Pattern for the A PEAR IN A TREE.

Extra felt and floss for the PEAR.

FOX SEWING KIT in one of three colors.

SEWING MACHINE CHARM to use as a zipper pull or other accessory.



Mini Hugs [Small Throw size]









A PEAR IN A TREE [small pincushion or ornament]




We hope you enjoy!


Welcome Chestnut Street

I know we have been "sneak peeking" our brand new patterns for a while now and showing you snippets of fabric here and there. Hope you have enjoyed all the new goodies [hint… we are actually not quite done showing you some new yummies!



Today our bags are getting packed and we are off to Salt Lake for the biannual Quilt Market Extravaganza known as Quilt Market.

So it felt like a good day to officially introduce you to our newest fabric collection, Chestnut Street.

Fabric is due out in stores in September, 2016.  

The fabric collection ships worldwide in September, so be sure to ask… and yes, pester… your local quilt shop to see if they are planning on carrying it! 

We love the retro feel of this group and fee like it is a great "sister" group to our wildly popular Farmhouse collection from last year. If you hoarded some of that group, you can most certainly mix the two to your hearts content. They will play very, very well together. This group has a wonderful, golden yellow mixed into it along with all of the favorites from Farmhouse as well.

We are a bit in love at the moment!










… a little tuffet pincushion made for me by my sweet friend Cynthia!








… for an upcoming MODA promotion. A little bit dorky but still a fun photo shoot :-)!


See you at Market or next week.


xoxox  Joanna


Introducing… Granny Style

 I have always wanted to work on a granny square quilt but some never got up the umph needed to make all those little strip set. So when I saw this vintage quilt with a block that such great unique feel and movement and yet felt to me in the style of all of those great granny square quilts, I jumped on the chance.

Chestnut Street seemed like the perfect retro feeling collection for it!


… the quilt is almost entirely out of Chestnut street with a few other fabrics thrown in when I ran out of good combinations that I liked!





… the pattern cover



NAME:  Granny Style. Sample pieced by Sherri McConnell

FABRIC: Made from our upcoming Chestnut Street Fabric [fabric available September 2016] and 2 older fabrics thrown in for a bit of added variety. Fat 1/8 yds. or standard 1/8 yds. are perfect for this pattern as our sets of larger scraps from your stash or fat quarters 

SIZE: 64 1/2" x 76"




Introducing…. MIDNIGHT

Its that time everyone… every market season we introduce all of our new patterns to you here, one at a time throughout the week or weeks leading up to Market.  This is our first official reveal.  

A quilt I have wanted to make forever and something that I am so happy is now in my personal collection. As most of you already know, I am a little bit obsessed with the MODA Black Crossweave fabric and have been adding it to things for a while now. I might or might not be hoarding full bolts for personal use. Just maybe!

For those of you who are doing our RETRO WOOL BOM, this is the same fabric. Its just a little bit perfect for this quilt. I think. Next up on my list of must do… the cream version. But that will most definitely have to wait until after Market.












SIZE:  62" square or 62" x 75"

FABRIC USED: For the flat images, it is all Chestnut Street and either Chestnut Street cream or Bella Solid, Washed Black as the background. For the styled quilt you see above, we used the MODA Black Crossweave, 1 Honeybun of our upcoming Chestnut Street and then a bunch of scraps strips from previous lines for a truly scrappy grouping of YUM!   Fabric will be available September, 2016.

DATE AVAILABLE: PDF pattern will be available soon, printed patterns will be available right after Quilt Market. 

SPECIAL SURPRISE: MODA is releasing Honeybuns™ with this collection especially for this quilt.. so be sure to get yours as they are perfect for making this project so much easier!

xoxo  Joanna



More on the MINIS...

Okay... so I am going to try to answer all the MINI questions at once. Hopefully yours is in there!


We have 4 new minis. This week they were all available as PDF download patterns. Including a great deal on a bundle! Starting on Monday, they will also all be available as printed paper patterns. Including a bundle too :-). The PDF's will only be available from us. The printed patterns will be available from any store who purchases our patterns. As a gal who loves all things paper, the patterns don't really seem real until they come in their shiny little packages. I can't wait fo the paper patterns to get here.

We will also start shipping to stores on Monday. So if you have contacted us for the patterns, that is when they will start to ship.

We will most likely offer a fabric kit of some kind on the bundle of patterns [but probably not individually on each one seperate since they are kind of small]. Those are the kinds of things I will figure out as soon as we come back from Market in a couple of weeks.

The MINIs are all the same price as our FIG TREE THREADS, $6.50 each.

• These are not hard to make. There are no templates or half square triangles or anything else funky in any of them. All straight forward piecing. Blossom is probably the most simple of the 4 and Canned Pears has the most pieces, but they are really all quite simple.

We do also have other STANDARD PATTERNS coming out and will start showing those tomorrow... so stay tuned!

Yes, I will be posting ideas for a mini wall and how I plan to hang them [thinking of a ribbon clothesline on my wall at the moment]. But here is some vintage mini wall inspiration that I have been in love with for a while...


Yes, we will be making more of them for the next release. We are a little bit addicted. If you have any Fig Tree favorites that you would like to see made into minis, please feel free to let me know. I think we are going to start with the Sail Away pattern.

Btw, thank you for the MINI love. Can't take any credit whatsoever on the idea itself. My friend Camille is the brainchild behind this MINi quilt craze! She is pretty awesome in general too.


As for each pattern, here is the info. Click HERE for more info on each mini.


The original quilt was app. 63" x 75", blocks app. 6" x 11". The MINI is 19 1/2" x 27" and the blocks are app. 3" x 5".




The original quilt came in 2 sizes and 3 colorways in my book With Fabric & Thread from a few years ago.  The original quilts were either 66" x 66 or 75" x 75" and were set 3 x 3 blocks.






The original quilt was app. 63" x 80", blocks app. 9". The MINI is 19" x 20"" and the blocks are app. 6".




Don't feel bad if you are confused on this one... there is no standard pattern yet. We are releasing that one this summer. The MINI came first here because we just couldn't resist sharing it once the math was all done and the quilt was finished. I apologize to anyone who spent time looking for the large version of this one!


Happy Sewing!


Introducing... MINI PATTERNS!

We are so excited to share a little sneak peek of a new line of patterns...


I have always loved little quilts. In fact, I remember that one of my very first quilt books- the kind that I poured over in bed night after night trying to figure out which one I was going to make next kind of book- was Little Quilts: All Through the House by Alice Berg. Now that was a long time ago but my love of little quilts has never gone away.

In fact, the very first quilt I ever bought at a flea market was a little bubblegum pink wishbone doll quilt. That was the beginning of my love of doll quilts and other quilt mini quilts [ I wil have to go and dig that one out and show you as soon as I get back from Market].

So when the mini "trend" started I knew that sooner or later I would have to join in... Not sure if this is sooner or later, but here we are!

I am so excited to work on our own wall of minis [in our case it is the wall coming up the stairs to my studio] and mix in some of our own versions with my vintage ones. So this is where we have decided to start our mini collection- with a few of our personal favorites and best sellers- Cherry Pie, Canned Pears and Blossom!

Mini Stitch is one that we snuck in there in reverse because we just couldn't wait any longer! The large/standard version of that pattern will be out this summer. The mini came before the standard one in this case.

We will be sharing more about these soon, but wanted to take a minute today and share our exciting news!

They are now available as pdf downloads and the printed patterns will be here early next week.  Click HERE for more info.

Back to Market prep. Talk to you soon... if I don't drown under a sea of fabric and pattern directions first.


... Mini Blossom [standard pattern in our WITH FABRIC & THREAD book].









 ... Mini Canned Pears [standard size pattern available too].



... Mini Cherry Pie [standard Cherry Pie pattern available too].



 ... Mini Stitch pattern [perfect for everyone's sewing room].





For more info about each pattern, click HERE.  More soon!

Happy sewing!

Honeysweet Pattern Showcase: One Piece Bag

Okay... I have to rave about this bag a little bit... 

I don't know if you know but some of our most popular patterns over the years have been bags. We have an EASIEST BAGS EVER series with handbags, totebags and accessory bags in them and they are basic and are accessible to make and easy to construct so that people who are afraid of bags won't be intimidated.

This here back really should have been a part of that series due to its simplicity but its name was just turning out too long LOL!

It really is one rectangle with a handle loop sewn to it while it is still flat. It is then folded up and the 2 side gussets are pinned in and sewn. That's it! True story. 

We really think you might want to try it!


... its the perfect size, not too big and not too small.


... the handle can be made long or short depending on how you like to carry your bag.



... the hardware we used included a magnetic snap and bag "feet" so that it doesn't get dirty when you set it down. That's it!



... here's my own personal one with one of all time favorite prints from TAPESTRY.



NAME: The One Piece Bag

SIZE: The bag measures app. 12" x 17"  across the front not counting the depth or the handles.

FABRIC: The main fabric used is the large floral from our upcoming HONEYSWEET collection. The one I am holding is the aqua leaf print from TAPESTRY along with the orange from that same collection. We will also show some pictures of a version we have made out of MODA Dotties and a few others next week.

ETC.: Pattern will be available in both printed and pdf form by the end of today!!

Hope you are enjoying the "reveals". So far we have shown you CHERRY PIE, CLOVERS & JAM, HEXIES, PAINTED LADIES AND ONE PIECE BAG.


Honeysweet Pattern Showcase #3

When we found out our new collection was having those brand new yummy little hexagon packs with it, we knew it had to be something cute and small and did I mention cute?

Introducing HEXIES, our new mini "thread" pattern made from the new MODA HONEYCOMB packs. Actually one pack can make up to 5 HEXIE bags! 


... on our samples, each piece both inside and outside is a different hexie and thus a different fabric. So much fun to play with.



... embellished with a simple snap and an outer button, each purse has its own little personality.





... they are a bit addicting to make. Kinda like eating potato chips.




NAME: Hexies

SIZE: The purses measure app. 3" x 5" across the top, when stuffed. The gusset on the side is about 1 1/2" deep.

FABRIC: These are all made with the new MODA hexagon pack called HONEYCOMBS from our debuting collection, HONEYSWEET. The template is included in the pattern so you can of course cut your own hexies!

ETC: The pattern is coming back from the printer any day now and they patterns will be available by the end of this week!

So far we have also shown you CHERRY PIE and CLOVERS & JAM. See here and here.

More Market... can you stand it?

I know, I know. It is a bit silly showing Market photos this late in the game. But maybe you have actually managed to start missing some Market posts at this point... maybe?




... the Summer Soiree quilt. Mixing some of my favorite Fig Tree fabrics with Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett and other more contemporary designers was so much fun. Always happy to show people that our Fig Tree colors and contemporary colors go so well together!



... more book projects in the foreground.





... the slipper pattern from the book. Comes in every conceivable children's and women's sizes! 





... both Marigolds and Sparkle.




... pattern is done in a cream colorway, a plum colorway and even as a single table topper to show you all the different variations that can be done. It is possibly one of the easiest patterns I have done in a while. Each star seems to come together in what seems like an hour.





... one of our lovely MODA reps showing our collection to a customer.



... don't you just love it when its all laid out like this?




... lunchbags from the book, both quilted and made from laminated fabric. So versatile!





Hope you enjoyed the pics... even if seriously delayed!

Stay tuned for tomorrow for a special little sale.







Just thought I'd pop in amidst our sewing and designing frenzy to show you a project in my upcoming book, With Fabric & Thread. This is one of my favs. 


We don't have them in our hot little hand just yet but a little birdie just told me that we should be getting them any day now!

So we are working to get books ready to ship to you next week, WOOHOO!

We will start taking pre-orders on the site this weekend [or perhaps later today if all goes well] so check back if you would like a signed copy as soon as we have them! 






More on all this book fun later. For now, hope these little goodies give you something yummy to think about this weekend! And if you have time, feel free to send all possible sewing and cutting vibes our way as we will be literally buried in fabric!

Talk to you soon.