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MODA Booth Love

Although it seems that I barely made it out of my booth this time around in order to walk the show and take my obligatory photos of friends and colleagues, I did get a little series of pics of the MODA booths right after closing one day.

It's actually my favorite time to take pictures. When it is all quiet and everyone has gone back to their hotel for the day, there is a quiet beauty to the booths without any people in them. Helps to look at all the little details that I miss during the day.

I thought it was a great representation of the amazing job that MODA does every single Market, every single year, year in, year out. I don't think that anyone would disagree that for years now the quality and the professionalism that MODA puts out there as a leading company in our industry not only drives the industry itself but motivates all the rest of us to greater work.

Thank you MODA for another wonderful Market!


Welcome to the MODA Country Fair....



... did you see the ferris wheel? It was fully functional by the way. And there is our booth to the far left.



... possibly my favorite version of the STEMS quilt hanging there in the middle. Love that pattern.





... loving those lights. Am currently in search of some for our back porch for the summer. Don't you think they would be fabulous. So simple.





You gotta love working with these lovely folks! I mean, really, who else could look good alongside a purple carpet LOL!?




Swatch Guesses & a Thank you or 2

Thank you to everyone for playing! For those of you who have not been following along on this crazy giveaway whirlwind of the Pillow Talk, I know you are tired of listening to me talk about it!

This is the end I promise!!

I have now read through every single comment and, as is always true with these things, I am so touched and humbled by all of you! You rock!

I love that so many of you remember your first Fig Tree project! Not sure I do LOL.

I love that so many of you have taken swatches of our fabrics to the paint store with you to match for one home project or another. I wish I could visit each of your homes!

I love that several of you are Polish, have best friends that are, or have been to Poland or a nearby Slavic country. Dzien Dobry and Dziekuje to all of you.

I love that many of you have such special stories about how you have used your Fig Tree fabric for a wedding present or a grandchild's quilt or to commemorate a lost loved one. I want you to know that I am honored by that in ways I can't even share.

I love that you are all flung far and wide and that I get to talk to people as far away as Norway, Russia, Japan, South Africa and Argentina. Every single continent! Anyone from Antarctica???



I love that so many of you tried to guess all the swatches on the pillow! Having to do that right now myself.... that was hard and I found myself worrying that I was going to get one wrong on my own pillow!! All those of you who guessed more than 5 correct collections have already been contacted and each one of you is being sent a sweet little mini 2" x 2" charm pack as we speak. Courtesy of the very generous MODA once again!  [And for those of you who have asked, yes, we will send them to you loyal international readers!]

I know many of you have been wondering how close you came, so here are the answers below...


Top Button Row: Fig & Plum, Fresh Cottons, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Urban Indigo, Patisserie, Buttercup, Patisserie, Gypsy Rose, Whimsy, Mill House Inn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Fig & Plum

Middle Row of Creams: Whimsy, Fig & Plum, Patisserie, Patisserie, Folklorique, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Fresh Cottons, Folklorique, Allspice Tapestry, Folklorique, Buttercream & Figs, Urban Indigo, Cornucopia.

Bottom Button Row: Mill House Inn, Cinnamon Stars, Allspice Tapestry, Allspice Tapestry, Fig & Plum, Allspice Tapestry, Fig & Plum, Cinnamon Stars, Fresh Cottons, Fig & Plum, Mill House Inn, Mill House Inn.

Last Pillow Talk news, have you seen Lissa's blog? You really might wanna go check it out..... I think I might try to answer too!

Talk to you soon.



Just dinner

I hope you get my title humor this afternoon, it is Friday after all!

It feels like I have been giving things away all week. Come to think of it, I think I have LOL!


Today's winner will receive a mini bundle of our BUTTERCUP collection. These are the best little bundles of goodies. Half the size of a traditional bundle or "tower" of fabric, these comprise of (40) fat 1/8ths... which is a fat quarter cut in half [9 x 22]... enough to make a lot of good stuff I promise! We really need to come up with a good name for these things, Lissa?

On February 9th at 12:09 pm, Stina said:

Am a follower via rss feed via Net News Wire.. so I aint missing something...:o))

Congratulations Stina!  Email us at with your mailing info and we will get that bundle out to you!



Now for those of you who attempted to guess the fabrics in the pillow and buttons.... wow, you guys are good! Its taking me a bit longer to sort through all of those so give me through the long weekend and I will post the list of winners of the mini charm packs here on tuesday. Thanks for your patience....



I have fallen in love with Aneela's little scooter girls lately and can't wait to get my hands on some of that fabric. Here's why.... 


Ellascooter Ellabackscooter

.... I'm spending my afternoons chasing after this little munchkin. And can I just add that I'm not nearly as fast as I used to be.


BTW, hope you're still following along PILLOW TALK. Today's link is Deb. One of the sweetest women you will ever meet. And check out all that sweetness she is giving away!

Talk to you soon.



Happy Valentine's Day


I forgot a few important things in this morning's bleary eyed post..... ummm,






And don't forget to visit the new fun MODA BLOG HOP days. Today is Sandy Gervais. She is one of my all time favorites. Her husband Bruce, and my hub and I, somehow always manage to make each other laugh at market and in the after hours... especially when we are too tired to think straight!


Sandy has been drawing mini paintings each day of the HOP... with her toes apparently! You might want to go see.  

Have a great day full of, what else, LOVE!

Talk to you soon.

Pillow Talk... A MODA blog hop




When: Starting next Tuesday, February 1st

What:  Moda Pillow Talk! A fun blog hop with the MODA designers

You might be asking yourself, what on earth a Pillow Talk blog hop is all about. Well... its about pillows [that we all made to describe our creative journey] and its about talk [Lissa, our marketing guru has asked us some rather strange and interesting questions. Come & see how many of us answer them and what else we might say]. Come for the info, the fun and the giveaways.... but for whatever reason, come on over!

Where: On the following blogs in order of appearance; one designer each day for 20 days! Don't forget to visit them all.

February 1st … Aneela Hoey

February 2nd … Blackbird Designs

February 3rd … Brannock and Patek

February 4th … Bunny Hill

February 5th … Cotton Way

February 6th … Fig Tree

February 7th … Kansas Troubles

February 8th … Kate Spain

February 9th … Kathy Schmitz Studios

February 10th … Thimbleblossoms

February 11th … Me and My Sister Designs

February 12th … Minick & Simpson

February 13th … Oliver + S

February 14th … Pieces From My Heart

February 15th … Laurie & Jessi Jung

February 16th … Sweetwater

February 18th … Deb Strain

February 19th … American Jane

February 20th … Primitive Gatherings

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon. If we see you next week, it is quite possible that you might be seeing one of these..... just saying.