Well.... I bet you think I am writing from Houston right about now but I'm not this year. I kinda wish I was right about now as I am thinking of all my friends and colleagues in their grubbies setting up thier booths, living on trail mix & Monster drinks, working like dogs, not getting a lunch break, running around trying to organize last minute details, worrying about product launches....

oh wait, I am not missing any of that LOL!


What I am missing, is catching up with some of my closest designer friends, seeing what wonderful new collections and designs my colleagues have dreamt up, hanging out with our wonderful MODA team and getting to say hi to some of our favorite customers! I do really miss being in the midst of it all!


Instead this year we are at home, watching Market unfold through the blogs, tweets and facebooks of others. I have been wanting to share a bit more personally about our year for a while now and am almost ready to do it. It might explain why we are at home. I hope to share it all with you soon.


For now, I wanted to show you a little sneak peek of our newest fabric collection... AVALON... that will be showing tomorrow at Market. We are absolutely in love with the lighter, crisper colors and the slightly [but not too much] nautical, Americana feel of this line. We think its... well, we think its a little bit perfect right now!


Stay tuned for the next couple of days as we show more of the line and also share with you some of our brand new patterns that are accompanying the quilts to Houston.














Talk to you soon.


More Market... can you stand it?

I know, I know. It is a bit silly showing Market photos this late in the game. But maybe you have actually managed to start missing some Market posts at this point... maybe?




... the Summer Soiree quilt. Mixing some of my favorite Fig Tree fabrics with Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett and other more contemporary designers was so much fun. Always happy to show people that our Fig Tree colors and contemporary colors go so well together!



... more book projects in the foreground.





... the slipper pattern from the book. Comes in every conceivable children's and women's sizes! 





... both Marigolds and Sparkle.




... pattern is done in a cream colorway, a plum colorway and even as a single table topper to show you all the different variations that can be done. It is possibly one of the easiest patterns I have done in a while. Each star seems to come together in what seems like an hour.





... one of our lovely MODA reps showing our collection to a customer.



... don't you just love it when its all laid out like this?




... lunchbags from the book, both quilted and made from laminated fabric. So versatile!





Hope you enjoyed the pics... even if seriously delayed!

Stay tuned for tomorrow for a special little sale.





To Market, to Market to Make a Silly Video

I know we all say this when we hear our own voices... but I guess I will be unoriginal and say it all again....

Do I really sound like that? And is it THAT uncomfortable for everyone who sees themselves on video or is it just me?

I mean, you would think that I would have gotten used to it all, with lovely Gene chasing after us with that blasted video camera year after year, Market after Market... but I don't! Every time I see a new video, I have to shut it off or at least I have to leave the room so that others can watch it.

Just an odd experience that I can't seem to get used to...oh well.

But, anyway, in the absence of having edited any of my Market photos [hope to start having those for you by tomorrow], here is the lovely video that the lovely Gene took for the lovely folks at MODA and they, in all of their loveliness, felt the need to share it with the world :-) :-).....




Happy viewing,



It always feel so odd for me to announce the arrival of one collection- in this case Butterscotch & Rose- while literally at the exact same moment, introduce the newest group that we are about to show. But sometimes that's just the way it turns out....

So, today we would like to introduce to you our newest collection, due out in stores in Spring, 2012!



California Girl

 ... a Summer Inspired Retro group reminiscent of days at the Boardwalk.


... fat quarter bundle of goodness.



... jelly roll of yumminess.


And the first quilt pattern that returned from the quilter.... Star Blooms. Available in two size blocks. Shown here is the 20" block. To see the rest, come visit us in Houston or check back here for more sneak peeks! 




Pattern and more info will be available in November!


Talk to you soon,




Tired of Market yet?

The Country Fair banners throughout all of our MODA booths tied us all together and they were easily one of my favorite little additions to this years's decorations. Something about them is so festive. And they are so simple to make, 10" long, 8" wide, cut on an angle with fusible webbing inside 2 pieces of fabric. That's it. I glue gunned mine to a twill tape but if you had the time you could of course also sew them in place. Perfect for parties of any kind, just pick a thematic fabric for that event and you've got instant atmosphere!






... my favorite sign in the booth. Only some people got the joke. Do you remember BABE the pig? If you don't, then this wont' make any sense to you whatsoever. But that's okay, Eric and I chuckled about it all weekend long!


... here's a pic of me in my favorite new "little black dress" not knowing what to do with my hands.





... still don't know what to do with my hands. You would think that after the umpteenth person asked me to take a picture of me in my booth, I would have figured out what to do with me hands, but no. Here I am trying to figure out where on earth to put those things to make them look natural. Again. At another market. I think I am going to start holding something at all times! Any other ideas? :-)



Are you coming to MODA's Country Fair?

If you are a MODA customer, you've probably already heard the fun news and you have already received your special little ticket and the fun commemorative towel.... aren't they fabulous?


If you are a Fig Tree customer, then you are most likely a MODA customer. So by one of those math properties we all learned in junior high school.... if you are a  Fig Tree customer, then you are invited to the party of the week!

So to all you Fig Tree customers out there, please join us on Friday night at the place to be....

that would be the MODA COUNTRY FAIR!






Hope to see you there. I'll be the one who is finally taking a breath and relaxing a bit after way too much work and prep.

I'll probably have a glass of wine in my hand and at some point I will most likely be dancing. A lot.

My hub, will most likely be watching. But not dancing so much. Be sure you come and find me. I'm always looking for willing dance partners!



This too!

Did I mention that you could use it to "put a bird on it" too. Wherever you might like a bird that is! In this case on the end of a winter table runner. Love it!


Although I am not usually a fusible webbing kind of gal, this little machine is so much fun to use that I am hooked!

And for those of you going to Market, there will be a couple of opportunities to win some of these goodies you see below. In fact, there might be more than a couple of said opportunities. Stay tuned for times and places!





The i-TOP

I mentioned this great tool in yesterday's post and thought I would share a bit more about it today. 


While I was at Market in Houston this past fall, we did the "designer pillow" presentation for the MODA schoolhouse. It was a packed house and we had to do the presentations twice to accomodate all of our wonderful customers who wanted a sneak peek at what we were up to. We felt a little silly repeating all the stories twice, but it was fun.

After we returned to our booth with our little button pillow in hand, it seemed that every few minutes someone would come by and ask us if we had used the i-TOP for the pillow. At first we just politely told people that we used standard covered button kits but it didn't take long for us to become intrigued by this new tool that everyone kept asking us about.

Button piloow

Well, it turns out that we could have been doing sales for the i-TOP team because so many people were excited about it and doubly excited after they saw the fun use of buttons on our button pillow.

Needless to say, the i-TOP team graciously gave us a tool to play with and we have been having fun with it ever since. The buttons on those Sit Upons I mentioned a few posts ago? All done with the i-TOP. And this pillow too. And a few other upcoming projects.


1. Cut out a circle of fabric according to the package instructions. To be honest, I usually eyeball it after a couple but you should probably start with the guide to get yourself started.


You can use the i-TOP buttons forms or any of the standard button forms available at craft and quilt shops. This versatility is one of the things I like most about it. It accommodates several sizes of buttons and I hear that they are in the midst of a remodel to accommodate even more sizes. The new i-TOP will be available late Spring.

Here we are using the 7/8" button forms from our local quilt shop.


2. Snap the larger side of the tool out so that it is facing toward you [[it just releases if you pull and makes it effortless to turn around 180 degrees]. Place the circle on the top of the side of the i-TOP tool that matches the size of button you are using. In this case that is the larger side.


3. Make sure that your fabric circle is centered and push the fabric down with the metal button form, placing & pushing it down into the inside of the tool.

Make sure that you kind of gather or push the fabric into the center with your fingers if it doesn't want to do it on its own as shown in the above pic. The fabric needs to be slightly "tucked" in as shown above before the next step.

You can also use the smaller pink side to do this if you like [that will work if you are doing a bigger button like we are here but not vice versa if you are doing a tiny button].


4. Place the button cover on top of the "squished" fabric. 


5. Now for the fun part. Pop the tool up [it just releases if you pull and makes it effortless to turn around 180 degrees] and over so that it is now facing inside the way it was when you opened the package. The 2 sides should be facing each other like shown here. Press the 2 sides together lightly. 



6. Voila. 



7. Snap the button out and do it again and again.... and again!



If you would like an i-TOP of your own, we have some available here. Once they sell out, we will also be carrying the new models in late Spring.

If you haven't already, make sure you to and comment on yesterday's post to be entered in all the fun giveaways. And follow along on the PILLOW TALK BLOG TOUR to all the remaining designers too!


Talk to you soon.

Home From Quilt Market

I'm home. Which means that I am officially on couch vacation for at least another day or maybe two. This is my favorite place to be after I return from Quilt Market-- for those of you who have been following me for a long time you might remember that it is specifically the left corner of my couch LOL!!

I don't move from it for a few days and can only accomplish what I can do from there. Which believe it or not, is quite a lot given them my entire life is on my laptop and iphone these days. Let's just say that we eat a lot of takeout the week following Market.

But in case you are just a little bit worried, the office staff are sending out your orders like crazy so even though i look like a bump on a log, they are working overtime to get you what you need quickly! It all just moves forward without me for a while. Thank goodness.

So.... here are a few more photos of our booth in case you are not yet bored of hearing. I am so glad I got to see so many of you at the booth... since I didn't get much of a chance to go much of anywhere else. I didn't even make it over to the other side of the convention hall once this time so I missed many of my fabric friends!! Will have to catch up with you in Salt Lake ladies!

I'll be bringing hub who can handle the booth beautifully without me so I can go and hang out more! In fact we laugh, that he is better at this whole Market thing than me. He sells that stuff like it's going out of style! I tell you, I don't know how he does it. I guess it helps that he loves the product, loves the designer [blush] and loves to sell!

Okay... back to booth pics...


... back to that favorite booth corner again. As for that little pillow... well, we'll have to wait on that story for a little later.


... we had so much fun making these simple oversized daisies. I think I will post a free pattern of them really soon. They would make perfect kid room decorations. In fact that I think that is where our booth props will go once the boxes arrive back from Market.


... our little stack of fruits and yummies. New strawberry pincushion, our fig pincushion from Fresh Vintage #16 and some darling little fabric promos from MODA. Stay tuned for more about those, as we will be giving them all away on a special blog event in January. More on that later.


... and my favorite new dress pattern, Ella's Party Dress, which is at the printer as we speak. You won't believe how simple this is to make and how professional the outcome is! Can't wait to send it out to you all!

Hope you enjoyed the shots. Stay tuned for the next post [in another hour or so] where we will show you the next kit special from our SHOWSPECIALS series.

Talk to you soon.