Poking my head out... or in....

Yes, its that time of the year again. The time when all us designer type folks seem to disappear into our caves and come out only for food and water!, or maybe coffee or soda! I realized the other day that I hadn't been on twitter or the web, a place that is sometimes my only interaction with the outside world other than my family, for 5 days! Not a good sign for keeping up with the world, good sign for getting work done and meeting all my deadlines.

We are almost done designing over here in this particular Northern California cave although we are still waiting for our advance yardage to arrive so the sewing insanity is yet to start! We are hoping for sometime next week. As usual, we're cutting it pretty close but that's just how we roll around here!

BTW, Total Tangent....

Speaking of how we roll, that is a phrase our kids like to use with their friends on a regular basis. When I walked into Old Navy the other day and saw this t-shirt,


I thought I was going to die laughing! Our middle son.... well, let's just say that he really enjoys his bathroom time with his latest copy of Ranger Rick magazine and leave it at that. There was no way I could pass up on the shirt and got 2 just in case! Couldn't help but share that with you all. Hope its not TMI!!


Anyway..... since we don't have our new yardage yet, we decided that some of the projects would just have to be made with what we had. Really that is my favorite way to go anyway- working with as many different colors from different collections. It reminds me how much I like to mix and match fabrics! For me it is so much more fun than working with just one.

When we laid out the fabrics for one scrappy project on the floor.... it just looked too yummy not to photo. So here's the little rainbow of Fig Tree yummies going into one of the new quilts for Market.






Now if that doesn't make you want to sew... I don't know what will! 


On other fronts:

Strawberry Fields


For all those of you who have been patiently waiting for the Strawberry Fields fabrics to arrive, precuts are in stores now and yardage is coming soon in May! So you don't have too much longer to wait! We will have a limited quantity of several of the items so let us know if you can't find something in all those great stores out there.

Unfortunately, our red and white "Kiss Me" kits sold out in one day! We figured with the amount that we made it would have lasted at least a couple of weeks but we clearly underestimated you guys!

We will also have a very small kit quantity available for both the multicolored jelly roll version of "Kiss Me" and the "Chintz" quilt. We have already started a pre order list for both of those those so email us if you are interested.



I have signed a fabulous contract that I am very excited to share with you! As soon as I get the green light to do so, I will. It will mean that I will be in that design cave ALOT more in the upcoming months. But, oh well, its a good thing I like my coffee.


Talk to you as soon as I have more to share.


"Kiss Me"

I am quite certain that I have said this before and I will surely say it again, but almost every time we release a new set of patterns, I have a favorite. I feel like I shouldn't have one, but I do.

Almost from the instant we start sewing the blocks together or the pieces get cut out for the bag, I just know. This will be my favorite this time around. A lot of the times its about the color choices in a particular project but sometimes its about the design or the way that I am feeling when I design it.

This was one of those quilts. From the moment I started playing with those reds and greys, and hints of yellow, green and pink in the florals, somehow I knew it would be one of my all-time favorites. And it is. So far.

 .... here it is with one of my favorite flowers in the world. French Tulips. These my hub happened to get for me for our 16th wedding anniversary last week. So glad I managed to catch a shot of them with the quilt.

... a little closeup to show Diana's beautiful quilting.

Issmeblog copy
... a front flat shot of the quilt.

Kissmeappliquecloseuptight copy
... the simple applique flowers along the bottom just me smile. Simple but lovely.


And so you guessed it, I just couldn't resist and we have kitted it for you. I think that maybe might be one of your all time favorites too!


To pre-order and reserve your spot today  click here.


Talk to you soon.

Chicken Dinner... & then some

Just chicken dinner so I wouldn't be saying Winner, Winner, Chicken, Dinner" again.... although I do get a kick out of that saying! What is it with me?

Sorry for the delay on the winner of the i-TOP tool. It was supposed to go up yesterday. Yesterday came and went with many adventures but this was not one of them...


On February 8 at 10:02 am, SarahB said:

"What a handy little tool! I hadn't heard of it before but I think if I had one I've be making covered buttons all the time!"

If you are Sarah, give us a jingle at with your mailing info and we will get your fun i-TOP out to you!

Its a good thing you won one too because we are completely sold out on our site!

Tomorrow we will post the last winner of the PILLOW TALK hop. Hope you are still having fun following along. There sure are a lot of us designers!



Back by popular demand, we have created another set of these wonderful little flannel bundles for you. We were only able to make a couple dozen, but we sure do love them right now! They are a bundle of (6) 1/2 yd. cuts of our now out of print yummy woven flannels. So soft and lovely to work with. [If you need more than one, we will refund the shipping on subsequent bundles].


I saved a couple for myself. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with them.... suggestions?

Talk to you soon.

Pattern Debut #4 & a Special!

While the traditional classics are usually my favorites, every once in a while I like to play around with a more modern look and pattern. This pattern is the result of one of those times. A simple triangle shape and a row construction gives you so many different options...



... this is the version #1 from the pattern, made from our Breakfast at Tiffany's collection with that wonderful pumpkin orange dot as the sashing!


... closeup of the same quilt. Love my quilter!


Today we actually have a few of the kits for the above Breakfast at Tiffany's version available at the moment, 3 to be precise. Click here for more info. Add "thanks" into the discount section of your checkout process and you will get 15% off the kit!


... version #3 of the pattern places the sashing in a different place and with a different layout of the triangles, creates a completely different feel, almost like a more modern version of argyles. This sample is also made from Breakfast at Tiffany's.


... a closeup to show the quilting on this version, small feathers to fill the triangles.


... another closeup.


... same quilt made from Buttercup [available Feb, 2011 with a pink border]. 

...this version is the one I call Banners, for lack of a better name, or version #2 on the pattern. This one is made from the Buttercup line.

... same version made from Breakfast at Tiffany's.


.... the pattern cover shows a couple of the options and has more on the back.

Name: Nook & Crannies

Size: 59" x 59" to 62" x 65"

Fabrics Used: Breakfast at Tiffany's and Buttercup. Layer Cakes are the perfect cut to use for these quilts but of course your stash will do just as fine if you like.

Click here for more info.

Click here for the limited kits.


Talk to you soon.

Show Special #3

So... we thought it was time to share another quilt kit special with you. We are slowly recovering from and cleaning up after Market and have another wonderful deal for you as long as supplies last.

DRESDEN FANCY [feature pattern from Fresh Vintage #16] is 20% off with the coupon code at the end of this post!

This is one of those fun jelly roll methods that you might remember me talking about. All you do is cut a jelly roll into strips, sew up one side, open the tip and start sewing pieces together along a drawn line to make the "fan" portions of a traditional dresden plate block. Oh my gosh, you will just love this method once you try it! I guarantee it!


...kit is exactly for the fabrics as you see them here. You will be able to finish your quilt with or without the applique depending on your preference.


To see more about the pattern itself, see here.

This Fresh Vintage pattern also has the directions for this fun little fig [pattern, for kit for the Le Fig, go here]


To purchase a kit for DRESDEN FANCY, see here while supplies last.

For special discount, add "dresden" to the discount box during checkout & get your 20% off!


Enjoy & talk to you soon.

Show Special #2

Well... we're almost out of the Show Special #1... I guess we had made ALOT more of that one than I thought [ we have about half a dozen left and the shipping will combine of course if you decide to get both].

As for Show Special #2... it is the quilt from the same Fresh Vintage #17 as the All Hallow's Eve wall hanging, OCTOBER TIES.

We have about a dozen of these kits left so don't delay if you are interested [if you've already gotten the All Hallow's Eve kit from the show special and have the pattern that is included in the kit, let us know in the comments portion of your order and we will replace the pattern in this one with another Fresh Vintage issue of your choosing- be sure to tell us which one you would like!].


It is a super simple pattern that starts off with 2 charm packs and s simple partial bowtie block. A great lap quilt for the seasoned quilters among us or a fabulous beginning quilt for all you first timers out there.

Click here if you are interested. The kit is identical to the quilt shown above. It measures 61"x 61".

The kit will be 20% off with coupon "bowtie" [enter without the quotations]. 

Talk to you soon.

Its all about the Pumpkin around here...

Many of you inquired and asked about those kits we mentioned in the last post so I thought I would send out some quick info on a few of our fun Halloween products....

Of course you probably remember our Sugar Pumpkin pattern. How could you not? It was splashed all over a full page ad in a Holiday Betters Homes Publication last year... along with a certain someone's somewhat sheepish face behind it. At least the face part was blurry!


We have kits for it. They are $23 with the pattern [shipping included].


Next up, the new All Hallow's Eve Wall Hanging from Fresh Vintage #17 mentioned last week.

All Hallows Eve Wallhangingblog

We have limited kits for it. They are $32 with the pattern [shipping included]. 

From some of our older paper patterns before we went to our new full color pattern layout, we have the fall patterns from the Vintage Postcard Collection. Easily 2 of my favorites from that collection of 12 seasonal wall hangings. Perhaps a bit more country than I am these days, but I still LOVE these little quilts!


Acorn Blossoms Pattern.

Unfortunately we no longer have kits for these. Just lovely little patterns.


And the original All Hallow's Eve pattern.

And lets not forget one of my all time favorite fall quilts, Goosetracks in the Pumpkins.


Pattern here.

Now where is that one these days? I might have to go search the depths of the quilt closet this afternoon. If you don't hear from me for a while, I am in there somewhere!


Talk to you soon.