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Summer Fun

We still have so many summer memories to share with you but there just aren't enough hours in the day to get them all in this space in some kind of timely way. But trust me… they're still coming :-)!

For today, I at least wanted to share with you three fun things...

First up-  Our much anticipated FEED SACK BAGS pattern is done, up on the site and ready to ship! We are totally addicted to these bags! I know that so many of you have been waiting anxiously for this since I showed them to you on my way to Quilt Market in the spring and I am so happy that they are finally ready to ship!


… middle size on Gabrielle, serious model pose!

Btw, Miss Gabrielle who has worked for us forever, just got engaged a few days ago. We are so excited for her! If you talk to her on the phone, feel free to congratulate her… really!

This also means that we have to start working on a quilt right away since we have been promising one for this event ever since they were first dating… Or at least it means that we have to start planning one since they are having a long engagement. Phew!! Any ideas?


…. middle size on Gabrielle, off to work.



 … all 3 sizes in the studio



I'm not sure if I can have a favorite, since I love all 3 sizes… but maybe, just maybe, these minis are my favorite. 



 … Oh and definitely my daughter's favorite [this one is hers]! 





 … medium size [with the cute little pocket both inside and outside].



the large one, Market Tote. Perfect for so many things!

Oh.. and THE BEST THING… is that all 3 sizes can be made out of 1 Jelly Roll. That's right, just 1 Jelly Roll! Gotta love that!

Available in the SHOP anytime you like!  Oh… and if you make one, I would really love to see it so send it to me via IG or Facebook or Email!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Second up- New MODA Toweling! I don't know if you remember the last couple versions we have offered of these wonderful towelings but we just think they are the best! They are 100% cotton, woven in India, with wonderful colors and quality. They come by the yard on the roll and are the perfect way to dress up any surface!

Both of these stripes are perfect for summer projects and really couldn't be any easier. Hemmed on both long sides, these are literally as easy as cut, hem and decorate! Great for table runners, pillows, placemats and napkins!


Grossgrain Stripes Roll







Wide Stripes Roll




Wide Stripe wavy

 Check out the SHOP if you are interested in a little summer redecorating!

We have several more really good things to share on Monday so check back with us then!

Happy Sewing,



Mirabelle Feature: Spools




A bit more Mirabelle goodness for you today.

Spools Quartet is the name, quick and easy is the game. All you need for this yummy throw is a jelly roll and your favorite background. For us that means one of our lovely cream or ivory backgrounds!






.... yummy quilting closeup



 .... a mix of little prints, my favorite little lacey stripe ever and big florals along with a vintage feeling fruit print, this collection just feels like Springtime!


 .... simple, classic blocks that that go together like a dream!




NAME: Spools Quartet      Pattern available HERE.

FABRIC: Entire quilt is made with 1 jelly roll, some binding and cream background yardage!

SIZE: 68" x 68"

KITS: HERE is info on the kit. If you have the pattern and you would like to make yourself up a little kit of your own, you can pick up one of the jelly rolls HERE and purchase 4 yards of our cream background fabric HERE and WE WILL INCLUDE THE BINDING IN YOUR ORDER FOR FREE!


Halloween Spools

Today we wanted to show you what we are working on at the moment and for our upcoming retail show in October [coming up way too soon!].

We have used one of our brand new patterns [for release in Houston at the end of October] and transformed it into a quick and simple Halloween quilt that we think you might just love as much as we do.

The new pattern is called "Spools Quartet" and this version is "Halloween Spools" and it is made with 12 different warm blacks, soft greys and our signature butterscotch oranges. It is the kind of quilt that comes together in a weekend with simple cutting and construction. Whip one out this week just in time to display for Halloween... really and truly! These blocks are crazy simple with no triangles, using the square, sew and flip method that most of you are probably familiar with.

As you can see in the photos we haven't even had a chance to bind it yet, but we had to show it to you nevertheless! The binding will be the same butterscotch solid as you see on the back of the quilt.

If the pattern looks at all familiar, that is because it was once released as an exclusive Fig Tree Club pattern several years ago and due to its popularity we have decided to recreate it into a standard Fig Tree pattern.

We hope you enjoy the photos. Kit and pattern info will be at the bottom of the post.














Name:  Spools Quarter or Halloween Spools

Size: 68" x 68"

Fabric: Can be made with a jelly roll or in this case (12) 1/4 yds. oranges, blacks and greys. The collections in this kit [exactly as shown above] include Tapestry, Little Black Dress, Essential Dots, Bella Solids, Merry Medley, Avalon, Boho, French General and others! Kit includes pattern and solid butterscotch binding.

The fabrics as will be seen on the final pattern in October will be shown out of our current Honeysweet collection as well as the upcoming Mirabelle line, due out in stores in Spring 2014.

Available: Kits are available now with printed patterns. Patterns themselves will be ready by the end of October.


Click HERE for more kit information.

Let the Patterns Begin!

Hopefully you have already gotten a glimpse of our new CHERRY PIE pattern, here. I am in love with that one at the moment, although the others that I am about to start showing you are not far behind. 

In fact, this might be one of my all time favorite jelly roll patterns we have done. It is so simple and graphic and yet so much fun to make and it showcases the fabric perfectly!

Introducing CLOVERS & JAM [since Clovers and Jelly just didn't sound quite right LOL!]


... styled version of the HONEYSWEET version. Perfect for a quick fall project this upcoming September!



... detail of the block and the quilting.



... flat shot of the full quilt.


And since we always like to make up the new patterns in both the upcoming collection that we are debuting [HONEYSWEET in this case] and the current one, here is the AVALON version of the same quilt...


... tried some channel quilting this time around for a more modern, fresh look on this AVALON version. Love the result!



Clover avalon draped72




NAME: Clovers & Jam

SIZE: 71" x 71"

FABRIC: As mentioned above, the first shots are all of the HONEYSWEET version perfect for the fall, we think! The second version is made from our current AVALON collection out in stores now. 

ETC: The entire quilt can be made with one jelly roll, background and a border! You gotta love that!! The pattern will be available and up on our site by the end of the week [ or maybe sooner if all goes well] in both printed and pdf format! Yeah!!

Note: We will have a VERY few kits available of the AVALON version of this quilt in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested!