Crossroads Quilt Along

Hello Friends!

I am so proud and happy to be a part of this project with Kimberly and the entire FQS gang! Working with Kimberly is always a pleasure and working on this particular project has so much additional meaning for me. First, getting to design the quilt itself… inspired by a beautiful vintage sampler that Kimberly uncovered… was a wonderful process for me. Working from vintage quilts as inspiration is my favorite way of designing any project!

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.21.01 AM

Watch this fun video about the quilt HERE !!


Second, knowing that all of our work is going to benefit the March of Dimes is such a wonderful motivator for me… and hopefully for you as well… and makes the designing and now the piecing of this quilt so much more meaningful to me.


My daughter was born full term, as were both of my boys, but at 6 weeks of age she suddenly came down with life threatening meningitis. We lived in the NICU for the following 31 days, never going home, to be with her as she literally fought for her tiny little life. Although she was not a premie, we were surrounded by dozens of preemies and witnessed first hand the depth, length and difficulty of the struggle of those tiny, tiny little babies and their families. I will never forget some of them and when Kimberly first talked to me about the opportunity to work on something that would benefit the March of Dimes, I jumped at it!


I hope you have already joined us or if not, that you will now!!

Kimberly has a fabulous kit for the entire quilt  [including backing] from STRAWBERRY FIELDS REVISITED or of course you can work alongside of us from your own fabrics as well, donating each month for the blocks as they are downloaded.

More info on all of the details from the Fat Quarter Shop HERE and HERE too!

A fun interview with Kimberly and I about the project on the MODA Blog HERE...

To get started, download your first block now!

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.31.06 AM

Thanks everyone and I really hope you are joining us!



Aurifil Chubby Churn Dash Mini

Today's post brought to you by the lovely folks at Aurifil. No, not really at all.

But it is all about how much I love my Aurifil!


... our large spool collection shown here.


... our Somerset MINI CHARM & Small Spool Thread collection shown here. Included with this kit is a fun free spool pattern as well [shown below]!


I am so glad to continue Fig Tree's partnership with my favorite thread company! I really can't say enough wonderful things about their threads, their colors, their quality and how lovely it is to work with the classy folks at Aurifil. Thank you Alex, Elena, Kim,  Dario and everyone else!


Besides working on some new goodies together, today I also happen to be be this month's AURIFIL DESIGNER OF THE MONTH! And I have had so much fun dreaming up this month's MINI!

Click HERE for more info, a really fun interview and a lot of great Fig Tree pics.

Inspired by the Fig Tree version of the Aurifil rainbow, I started working on this month's AURIFIL MINI QUILT. I played around with a bunch of different options but quickly settled on this one once I dreamt it up. I really love how it turned out and I really do think that the moment my next set of deadlines is done, I am going to work on a full size version...












I have the CHUBBY CHURN DASH MINI pattern available for you FREE over at the AURIFIL blog along with some answers to some fun questions!  Soooo…. go on over there and get stitching.

Click HERE for the pattern and more info. And also.....

BOTH OF OUR THREAD COLLECTIONS SHOWN ABOVE ARE 20% OFF RIGHT NOW in honor of being this month's Aurifil Designer. So if you have been waiting for the right moment to treat yourself to a little bit of Aurifil and Fig Tree goodness... well now might just be that moment!

Click HERE for the thread collections ON SALE!

Enjoy the Chubby Churn Dashes and those gorgeous threads!







... just a little decoration on my table right now.


Hello Everybody and Welcome to Fig Treeland!

I hope you have been enjoying the roadtrip so far. Here is the info to everyone who has come before and all those who will come after! There have been some fabulous stops on the blog tour so far with some of my favorite friends like a couple of the ones you see here below....

Confused designers... we're usually not this confused but I love this shot! I have absolutely NO IDEA what we are talking about or looking for!!



For those of you who don't know me.... well, let me tell you a little about myself. Or more accurately, a little about my hometown.




I live in a little town called San Leandro in the San Francisco Bay Area. Usually when folks visit we take them to all the standard San Francisco type places like Pier 39 and Ghiradelli Square. We love to go to baseball games at PacBell Park to see the GIANTS and to stop off for a little bit of shopping at the Ferry Building Shops. San Francisco is a wonderful place to visit but it definitely doesn't feel like my hometown.




But our little town is where we mostly stay when we're, you know, living our regular life.




We are known as the cherry city as we are located on old cherry orchards. Each year we host the Cherry Festival where the entire town gathers to play and, to be honest, mostly to eat. I guess most of our festivals or town activities are somehow created around food- Sausages & Suds Festival, our Farmer's Markets, Drake's Brewery evenings, our school Fall Festival, our 4th of July Street BBQ and so forth and so forth. 


We live on a little street lined with giant Liquid Ambers that turn every shade of orange and gold in the fall. In fact one of my daughter's favorite activities during that time of year is to make "leaf bouquets" and scatter them all over the house in little glass vases!



Speaking of food, our favorite San Leandro restaurants [which we frequent much more often than we should, especially during those times when I am designing fabric or creating new patterns and dinner just doesn't seem to happen] include:


Our favorite Taqueria-

  Lospereqos... my personal favorite here is the salsa bar. I could eat nothing but the complimentary chips & salsa for dinner, really. I guess I'm a cheap date.


Our favorite Sushi-

  Makiyaki... my personal favorite here is the New Mexico Roll. Like a California Roll but with Ebi on top and spicy srirachi in the mix. Yum!


And Frozen Yogurt of course-

Yogofina...the kiddos will have to pick the favorite here but let's just say that my middle son has been known to eat almost a pound of yogurt [you buy it by the weight of yogurt and toppings]. True story. 

However, right now if we are actually in San Leandro you will find us either playing with fabric in one way or another...

  Tapestrystack... a lovely little stack of TAPESTRY [coming to stores in October] 


Or doing a whole lot of this...


Ccershoes...Gotta love those mini F50's in a size 1!!!

Or that...


Given that all 3 of our kids play one [two goalies and one striker] or the other [a kicker/punter and wide receiver] or both at the same time, it feels like we are either in the studio or on the field. I guess that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for anything else. 




Our newest fabric collection TAPESTRY is about to hit stores in October. We are so excited that you will soon be able to play with this group. It is absolutely perfect for this time of the year. Here is the PDF of the entire line along with skus, etc. in case you find yourself looking for something in particular.



We also recently finished our latest book WITH FABRIC & THREADWe are so pleased with how well it has been received.

It is full of both quilting and sewing projects and the entire middle section of the book gives each set of instructions twice- once if you are coming from the quilting side of things and once if your background is more from the sewing side of things. The result, we hope, is that the book can be used so broadly by people from both backgrounds. All of that and there's alot of pretty cool photography done in our home and garden.




As of a few weeks ago, we are on FACEBOOK. Can you believe it? Come and friend us so you don't miss out on all of the upcoming goodies that we will be writing about!



We have recently completely updated and changed our entire website so if you haven't had a chance to browse around lately, you might want to. We have added several new features as well as added a lot of new info and photos. And our SHOP is so much easier to use and has many more goodies in it!  

Plus we are currently having a little ODDS & ENDS SALE to finish off the summer.... check it out HERE!! 




Moda-candy copy

For those of you patiently waiting for our free MODA 2 1/2" CANDY pattern, Starburst, HERE  it is.

We really like the idea, that one of our customers suggested last time we did one of these crazy blog hops, of creating a small binder and to add all of the patterns as you print them out, one by one. You could decorate the front of the binder with some of your favorite fabric scraps or something else. That way you will never lose or forget about your little CANDIES.


For those of you patiently waiting for the GIVEAWAY information, here we go:

We will be giving away a copy of our new book to one winner, a Layer Cake of TAPESTRY to another winner and a set of MODA TAPESTRY 2 1/2" CANDIES to another 4 winners.

All you have to do is comment below to be entered. TELL US WHAT YOUR FAVORITE FIG TREE PATTERN IS and if you are one of the winners we will add that pattern [or another one if you already have that one] into your prizes.

Winners will be announced on September 15th so be sure to come back to check. If you want to catch a sneak peek of our newest upcoming collection, come back even before then to see!


Don't forget to check out tomorrow's designers:





Hope to see you soon!

To Market, to Market to Make a Silly Video

I know we all say this when we hear our own voices... but I guess I will be unoriginal and say it all again....

Do I really sound like that? And is it THAT uncomfortable for everyone who sees themselves on video or is it just me?

I mean, you would think that I would have gotten used to it all, with lovely Gene chasing after us with that blasted video camera year after year, Market after Market... but I don't! Every time I see a new video, I have to shut it off or at least I have to leave the room so that others can watch it.

Just an odd experience that I can't seem to get used to...oh well.

But, anyway, in the absence of having edited any of my Market photos [hope to start having those for you by tomorrow], here is the lovely video that the lovely Gene took for the lovely folks at MODA and they, in all of their loveliness, felt the need to share it with the world :-) :-).....




Happy viewing,


Fig Day at the MODA Country Fair

... the giveaway bundle. See bottom of post.


Well hello MODA Blog Hoppers, I guess today must be my day to wow you with favorite fair food answers and random trivia about my life. Hope you are ready! We always like to give our guru Lissa a hard time but truth be told, we usually have quite a bit of fun playing along. So here goes...



CHEESE ON A STICK It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds, I promise.


In fact I guess its not really a fair food at all but since its on a stick, I’m making an executive decision and listing it as mine. Its actually a shopping mall food!! Do you have a Hotdog on a Stick stand in your mall food fair? If you do, then you know exactly what I am talking about. If you don’t, you really ought to search one out the next time you are feeling like fried cheese. What is my excuse for eating this thing? I grew up with one in my local mall and as a teenager just couldn't resist it!


... chocolate covered orange peel. OMG.


CHOCOLATE & ORANGE in any combination. The easiest to get are the chocolate covered orange sticks from Trader Joe’s although if my hub wants to bring me a special treat, he will go and acquire chocolate covered orange peel from a "real" chocolate store which is my favorite indulgence in the world!



... my favorite vintage wooden spools with some autumn leaves.



Visit the South of France.

  Learn to knit. I have tried before... many times... but I just can't seem to get the hang of it!

• Go to Ireland.

• Have time to drag out my pottery wheel and make stuff. Lots of stuff.

See the leaves turn in the autumn in New England.

Build a cute chicken coop and have chickens in our backyard.

Plant an entire English country garden.

Take my best friend to Poland to see my “homeland”

Road trip across the entire US with all of my kids and not have anyone kill each other during the time.

Own a bed and breakfast or an inn.

... my autumn decorating is starting slowly. More tea drinking than anything else.



COLOR. For me, it is always about the color palette. It comes in many forms and from many places such as flea markets, travel, giftwrap, vintage textiles, gardens, etc. Regardless of where I am or what I am looking at, it seems that color is always the first thing that I notice and that draws me in. After that comes design, proportion, combinations and all the rest.

... some of us here are still holding on to a little bit of summer with our vacation bracelets.



Factoid #1: I sing when no one is listening ALL THE TIME. I sing when my kid’s friends are around in order to embarrass them. I sing when people are around and they shouldn’t have to put up with my singing.


... our newest collection, Butterscotch & Rose, coming to stores in October. Precuts are shipping now!


Factoid #2: We only watch what we TIVO. It is so bad that last year, we turned on live TV for something and our youngest daughter couldn’t understand why on earth we couldn’t fast forward through the commercials. She had never watched live tv as far as she could remember!!!



... a tiny sneak peek of something coming up


Factoid #3: In our house, my hub is the one who enjoys watching his favorite movies over and over again ad nauseum. Me, I watch the James Bond movies when my dad is visiting. I can relive my high school days by watching Dirty Dancing and Footloose any time they are on tv [and I AM NOT HAPPY that they are remaking either] but other than that, I'm not much of a movie repeater.

... my favorite bucket list item right now & the subject of my project below


.. I've grown attached to these two. Kind of feel like I should name them.



For my COUNTRY FAIR PROJECT, I thought I would share a little Chicken Scratch. Click on link below for the pdf file of the pattern. This project is now a pattern. Please visit our website to see all the patterns!



After we made this project we liked it so much that we thought we might make it into a regular Fig Tree Threads patterns after the Blog Hop is done. So it will be here available for free download for the next week or so and then it will become a regular pattern.

We have also made up a few KITS for Chicken Scratch. Kit includes the flour sack towel, all the fabric and floss you will need and a printed out version of the pattern. Click here for more info.


And if you haven't had enough yet, here is my video from the MODA Blog Hop at Spring Market. Why is it always so painful to watch yourself on film? Anyone, anyone?




And if you have made it all the way through this post, then you really deserve to win the giveaway! Comment and tell me your favorite color that you would like seen added to an upcoming Fig Tree collection or if you can't think of one, your favorite color that we already use.



Here are some GIVEAWAY rules:

We will draw for 4 different winners on 4 different days starting next Tuesday Sep.20th [1 fabric bundle, 1 bag of MODA goodies and 2 boxes filled to the brim with Butterscotch & Rose scraps from some MODA market projects]

You need to leave a comment here on the blog to win.

You have to come back and check to see if you have won. If I don't hear from you with your mailing info in 48 hrs. I will go ahead and choose another winner.

You have to go visit Lynne tomorrow for her day on the MODA blog tour [well, you don't HAVE to but it would be nice LOL]. Links to everybody are here.

Its been fun chatting with you and best of luck!





MODA Country Fair!

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend filled with the outdoors, BBQ, popsicles and friends!
We did a little bit of all of the above and managed to get in some fabulous flea market shopping while we were at it, an overnight teaching trip to Las Vegas for me, some Cafe Rio with one of my favorite designer friends, some football and whiffle ball in the street and an impromptu play with original song lyrics and guitar playing, performed by three 6 years olds sitting up in our tree :-)!                                                                 
But I guess all of that will have to be a post for another day.                                                                             
Mostly I am just checking in with you all here to make sure you know what is starting today.....                                                                                                                                                                                                         
It's the
Starting today and continuing for the entire month, all of the MODA designers are banding together to bring you a fantastic Blog Hop of grand proportions! Every designer will have some great questions to answer, some fun projects to share and some yummy giveways to hand out. You won't want to miss a single day, I promise.                                                                                                                                                                       
Now I am sure that when you think of us MODA designers, you think of professional, design artists, working hard to bring you the best work they can all the time.                                                                                                                  
Well... sometimes we are that surely. And sometimes we are, well... I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA AND NO RECOLLECTION of what we are doing and what we are talking about here below.
But this picture just makes me laugh every single time I look at it. Thought I would share it with you. It feels a bit like one of those sitcom outtakes, doesn't it?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Presenting the "real" MODA designers.... LOL!
 Confused designers

Okay, okay... this is the picture that we were trying to take.                                                                                 
So to see these lovely ladies, come back here or to any other MODA designer blog each day, to click on the blog for the next day. And be sure to come join me here on September 15th!                                                 
You can also read more about it all here, at the Moda Cutting Table.                
September 11th Basic Grey 
September 14th Liesl from Oliver + S
September 20th Bonnie from Cotton Way
September 22nd Deb Strain
September 26th Julie from Cosmo Cricket
September 27th Kate Spain

See you soon!


xoxo Joanna

Fig Day on the Pillow Talk Blog Hop


Welcome to Day 6 of our MODA Pillow Talk Party! Have you been to all the stops before today? If you haven't, you should pop on over and meet some great folks. I am finding out new things about some of my old friends and meeting some new designers for the first time!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •  



As I'm sure you've already figured out from the previous "hops" this week, we all designed a pillow for Houston Market 2010 that was meant to depict our journey as a designer. Now, I have to admit that I usually don't like these kinds of projects because I can't come up with a good answer on the spot. But I was so pleasantly surprised when I finally had to hunker down and make this pillow... I loved it! I enjoyed thinking about it, making it and sharing about it. Go figure!



I started with a plain hemstitched linen napkin that I bought on one of my wonderful little adventures in Paris in the last couple of years. Those trips have been such a sanctuary of inspiration for me, I thought it appropriate to use as the base of the pillow. Next, I found a a bunch of cream based prints from a variety of my collections. This formed the center line. All of our groups have some kind of a cream or ivory colorway so I thought putting them front and center would be the way to go.



Next I started making buttons. Dozens and dozens of buttons. Many of them didn't make it onto the pillow because there wasn't any more room. To be honest, we went a bit crazy with the buttons. To do this without having our hand fall off, you should use this amazing little tool that we were given at Market. Oh, what we would have done to have it BEFORE Market! I have to tell you that I LOVE THIS TOOL. It doesn't hurt that I love to make buttons, but I digress.


If you come back tomorrow we are going to do a tutorial and give one away in a GIVEAWAY! Also by tomorrow, we will have a limited amount of them in stock for sale.



Last but not least, I added a bit of my favorite butterscotchy colors for a scrappy binding and sewed on a tiny piece of my selvedge as a little decoration. Because as I shared with folks at Market, even after 20+ collections, it never gets old to see my name on that little selvedge. There is just something so satisfying about seeing your name rolled out on thousands and thousands of yards of fabric. I know, it sounds a bit silly to say. But its true.



FYI, we have had so many requests for this little guy since Market that we are working on a pattern of pillows to release with the next fabric collection in Spring 2011. We had grand plans to try to finish it by this blog hop, but it was not meant to be yet.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •  


We like to give Lissa a lot of grief for these various contests, tours and projects that she dreams up for us to be involved in but really, we all love her and we love all of her ideas.... well, okay, most of her ideas LOL! But she really is a wonderful marketing director and we all REALLY APPRECIATE everything she does for us and to us :-). Love you Lissa!

So here are the questions that Lissa thought might be interesting for us all to answer for your reading entertainment.... so here goes:

What is a little known fact about yourself?

My family emigrated from Poland when I was 7, leaving in the middle of the night without telling any of our family in case someone might try to stop us. The story gets crazier from there but I probably shouldn't write about it here in such a public place. You know that whole, I could tell you but then I would have to kill you line.... well, Poland was communist at the time we "left". Let's just leave it at that. 

On a less life threatening note :-), I have a masters in theology but no degrees in art!

I know, my life has taken some circuitous paths. I was an art minor in college because my parents didn't really think that you could make a living doing "art". So I took as many art classes as I could without it becoming my "major" which was political science. I then went to seminary and got a master's degree in cross cultural theology and urban studies: basically working on domestic urban issues. My boyfriend at the time, my husband now, and I were living in East Los Angeles working with gangs and troubled youth. It was what I thought I was going to do for the rest of my life. Its a VERY LONG story on how I arrived at fabric designer, but there you go.

p.s.  In case you're totally confused from things I have said in the past, I have more recently gone to school for surface & textile design but its not what I officially studied in college.

How do you relax?

I sit in the left corner of my large overstuffed couch... and I really do mean "in" in the corner because I shove myself up against the arm of the couch and pile all my favorite pillows [of which there are a lot] on the right hand side of me. I make myself my favorite cup of tea, either iced or hot depending on what season we're talking about. I take a pile of my favorite magazines or even mail that needs to be sorted or kids stuff that needs to be organized.... it doesn't really matter what it is so much, just that I am organizing something. And lastly, I turn on whatever old crime show marathon we have "tivoed" in the past month and have it on in the background. My favorites? Are you sure you want to know the cheesy shows I watch when sitting on that left side of the couch? Well, NCIS, Bones or Closer for the more up to date ones. Remington Steele, for the oldies but goodies.

I really am a hermit.

What do you sleep in - PJ’s or Nightgown?

Well, I usually sleep in my favorite oversized teeshirt and leggings. I used to wear pajamas but I don't like it when the pajama pants creep up at night- that was probably TMI, as my kids say, too much information, but I guess that's the price you pay for the theme Pillow Talk!

Recently I put on an old favorite night gown that apparently I wore a lot when I was pregnant with my youngest. As I walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth, my 9 year old son looked at me from across the hallway and asked, "Mom, are you pregnant? I haven't seen you wear that since you were having a baby last time!." Needless to say, that nightgown has now been bid farewell and I am back to my favorite Giants t-shirt and some old comfortable leggings. 

What kind of pillow do you like, Hard or soft, foam or feather? And why?

I have an old feather, squishy pillow that I can "mush" up into a little ball of fluff. I make new pillowcases for it all the time. Better yet, I take it with me everywhere I travel and my husband mocks me mercilessly and calls me an old lady. That's okay though, I know where he sleeps!

When you were young did you sleep with a stuffed animal? If so what?

I don't remember having anything. But my husband still has the teddy bear he grew up with and it sits in the corner of our room. I've tried to pack it away many times since it doesn't really "go" with our decor but he won't have any of it. I hope none of his friends are reading this post.

Do you sew in bed? Read? Watch TV? eat?

Normally by the time I crawl into bed it is way too late to do much of anything and we have instituted a "no bringing electronics into bed" rule at our house so no twittering in bed for me! I love to read a good mystery if I can keep my eyes open. I do currently have a stack of 17 books by my bedside. Just in case. I love books. Used to read many more of them B.K and B.F. [before kids and before Fig Tree]. I think I will do nothing but read when I retire!
How many nights have you or your spouse spent on the couch?

My husband has spent MANY nights on the couch. Me, my fair share. But its not as bad as it sounds. Sleeping on the couch is what happens at our house when: there is a sick toddler, a boy who is having nightmares, a sick spouse whose illness you don't want to catch, a nursing infant who needs to be in a room that is not with his/her mom or otherwise they will wake up said mother every 33 1/2 minutes and want to nurse, a 5 year old girl who still wants to cuddle in the middle of the night and a parent who has to get some sleep before work the next day... and on and on and on. But don't worry about us, our couch is very soft, very comfortable and whoever sleeps out there gets to use the Whimsy Fresh quilts that are all backed in the MODA snuggle fabric. Its all good, I promise.
Nighttime toddy?
Wasn't even sure what a toddy was when Camille emailed to ask the same question!! So I had to look it up. Since I didn't even know what it was, I guess I have never had one.

However, my hub and I have recently joined a quarterly wine club in Sonoma Valley near where we live and are learning to appreciate red wine [I've never been much of a fan until now]. It is slowly becoming a tradition at our house to have a glass of red wine with dinner whenever the 5 of us are sitting down to a real meal. Eating a "real meal" with the whole family is easily one of my favorite parts of the day. To this end, I am trying to cook more at home.  You, my dear friends, can keep me accountable to actually doing that this year. It is one of my goals! 

Early to bed or all-nighter?

Most definitely a late-nighter kind of gal. That is my preferred state of being, actually! I was always that way ever since my first all-nighter my freshman year in college. I always studied at the last minute- good under pressure, up to the deadline. Now I design and write up to the last deadline too! As a stay-at-home mom who decided to run a business based largely from home, my late nights became a necessity as they were the only time that the house was quite and I could work. A lot of my emails and uploads happen late at night and often people email me back the next day asking what on earth I was doing up at 2:50 am.! Now that our business is a full time job for several people, the rest of the folks work primarily during "normal hours". I work mostly when everyone else is gone or asleep. That still makes nights my best work time. I wonder what will happen when my kids get to be teenagers and stay up with me? Uh-oh, maybe then I will have to become a morning person!?
Who would you most like to have a pillow fight with?

My kids, all 3 of them, are awesome pillow fighters. In fact one of my favorite Saturday morning activities is an impromptu family pillow fight. The result is usually that I get hurt [I bruise really, really easily], my oldest gets in some kind of trouble for getting too rough and the other two hide under the covers and create all kinds of covert operations. My husband, who can usually win hands down, just gives the rest of us a chance to think we are gaining on him. And then, he holds all 4 of us down with one arm. He's kind of a big guy. If you asked him his side, he would say that we don't play fair. I would say that we just use what we have available to us. Its an on going discussion at our house LOL!


Are you still here? Wow, you're awesome. That took too long to write and probably too long to read. So as your reward for sticking with it....


1. Leave a comment telling us what is your favorite Fig Tree color and be entered to win one of these goodies- one bundle, one mini bundle and one jelly roll will be given away! Thank you MODA for the generous donations!!

2. I don't usually pay much attention to these kinds of things but I've been told that I should. So sign up to follow our blog in your reader or by email [buttons on top right sidebar of the blog]. If you do that, come back and tell me and your second comment will give you a second chance to win the above goodies [if you already do, you can come back & tell us that too].

3. This is for you die hard Fig fans out there: there will be an additional 40 winners for those who can identify all the collections used on either row of buttons or the creams in the middle of the pillow. Correct guesses will be entered to win a Layer Cake plus 40 will be chosen to receive a little mini 2" x 2" charm pack of Buttercup or Breakfast at Tiffany's. Go ahead and try for it, if you don't get it right, your guess will count toward the main giveaway anyhow!

4. Lastly, remember the I-TOP giveaway starting tomorrow!


Don't forget to continue with tomorrow's pillow talk at Kansas Troubles.


We will draw winners for today's giveaways on Friday!


Thanks for pillow talking with me.

A Little Tour

Its always so embarassing for me to watch myself on film or even hear my voice recorded. Isn't it funny how we hear and see ourselves so differently than we actually are?

Anyway, even though I personally have to cringe and look away :-), for those of you who haven't had enough of Market yet, I thought you might like a live view of the booth...

Back to introductions later.

Talk to you soon.

Fun Stuff

We have had lots of fun things going on lately and I keep forgetting to share them. I don't know, sometimes it just feels a little too much about me, me , me. Oh yeah, this is a blog about me :-).... so here goes with a warning: there's a lot about me coming up, read at your own risk!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration


Several of you have already mentioned the early release of this latest wonder by the great Jo Packham [of Where Women Create magazine and book fame] and Jenny Doh [former editor of the Stampington family of magazines and bookazines]. This is a wonderful addition to any creative woman's book library [I just did a book review on it in my latest issue of Fresh Vintage #15 which will be up on our site any day now].




I would be gushing about this book whether or not I was involved in it. It just feels like icing on the cake that I got to be one of the features. Artists featured are of every type and variety from jewelry, to textile to paper to collage to photography, each offering a bit of insight about their own journey, what inspires them and various tips along the way. Available now all over I think, but for sure at Amazon.


Joanna Figueroa-1


Joanna Figueroa-2



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Did a really fun interview with the folks at EQ. I love that program and the more I learn about it, the more I enjoy using it. Many times the deadlines come so fast that being able to electronically create a quilt ahead of time is the only way to go around here. EQ makes that possible. But beware... it can get a little addicting.



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The Quiltmakers



Now there is a title for you, huh? I was happy to be asked to be a part of this compilation book by the wonderful British publishing house, David & Charles. When I saw that I was profiled alongside Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries and Marsha McCloskey, I was even more honored. This is definitely more of a traditional quilting book with 8 chapters based around the work and style of 8 different worldwide quilting personalities. Joining the US designers are several from England, Australia and Europe. There is a little something in it for everyone I think since the styles of artists shown are so very different.


Just a few shots of our project for the book. My favorite thing about this pattern.... the secondary brown stars that are created around the outer borders of the quilt. A great way to make a standard hexagon pattern, something a bit more interesting.







Okay, enough about me. Seriously.

Talk to you soon.