Its all about the Pumpkin around here...

Many of you inquired and asked about those kits we mentioned in the last post so I thought I would send out some quick info on a few of our fun Halloween products....

Of course you probably remember our Sugar Pumpkin pattern. How could you not? It was splashed all over a full page ad in a Holiday Betters Homes Publication last year... along with a certain someone's somewhat sheepish face behind it. At least the face part was blurry!


We have kits for it. They are $23 with the pattern [shipping included].


Next up, the new All Hallow's Eve Wall Hanging from Fresh Vintage #17 mentioned last week.

All Hallows Eve Wallhangingblog

We have limited kits for it. They are $32 with the pattern [shipping included]. 

From some of our older paper patterns before we went to our new full color pattern layout, we have the fall patterns from the Vintage Postcard Collection. Easily 2 of my favorites from that collection of 12 seasonal wall hangings. Perhaps a bit more country than I am these days, but I still LOVE these little quilts!


Acorn Blossoms Pattern.

Unfortunately we no longer have kits for these. Just lovely little patterns.


And the original All Hallow's Eve pattern.

And lets not forget one of my all time favorite fall quilts, Goosetracks in the Pumpkins.


Pattern here.

Now where is that one these days? I might have to go search the depths of the quilt closet this afternoon. If you don't hear from me for a while, I am in there somewhere!


Talk to you soon.