Winner coming up!

Just wanted to thank all of you for your lovely compliments, comments, stories and opinions! You guys are just the best!

We have closed the comments at 685 to give me a chance to catch up and because we thought that was quite enough competition don't you think? I am reading them all and am about 100 or so behind at the moment so bear with me!

I will post winners on Friday as promised, but most likely Friday night [California time] so I can read through every single one and then generate the winning #'s!

For now let me tell you what I have learned:

That QUILTING is taking an ever so slight lead over SEWING. But that a large majority of you are looking forward to both. 

That so many of you started in one area and have over the years moved to the other and then back again. I tell you, this book is especially for you!

That you guys are a committed & talented group of ladies [& perhaps gentlemen too].

That you guys are the best fans a girl could ever have.

That I am so excited that you are looking forward to the book!


Okay. Off to bed for now. I'll be back tomorrow night!


I am so very excited and proud to share with you, my latest "baby". Many a times I did indeed compare it to child birth so I guess the metaphor has stuck!

My new book....




It feels like it has been such a long time in the coming but I guess if I look at it all with better perspective, it hasn't been that long at all- at least not for a book process that is!

I will tell you much more in the upcoming weeks and share a lot of fun stuff about the process & the projects. For now I am just happy to show you this!




The book showcases projects that are both geared towards quilters as well as sewers and focuses on both of these wonderful worlds in separate sections of the book!


Leave a comment telling me what topic in the book-  QUILTING or SEWING- you are most excited about or interested in and I will enter you to win a mini bundle of our newest fabric collection, California Girl!

We will draw at the end of this week so be sure to check back.


Can't wait to hear which "side" you are coming from. Geesh, I can barely wait to show you more goodies!

For more information on the book, click here!

A little mystery...

Today's post is a bit of a mystery indeed.....


If you've been following along then you can skip right down to the bottom because you probably already know what to do!

For everybody else....

Today is my day on the FQS Designer Mystery BOM Blog Hop. Each day one of us lucky ladies who designed a block for the upcoming Designer Mystery Block of the Month is showing you a little detail... a very little detail.... of something that is "Vintage Modern" and near and dear to us. Something from some part of our wardrobe! For me that is the little blur of cream and green that you see above. Can you guess what it is? All of you who guess correctly will be entered to win a Layer Cake of California Girl [courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop]!

Yup, that's right! So put on your thinking cap and start commenting. 


...this is a shot of a bundle which we have a few of here, and a layer cake is being given for this contest!!

My hints: 

I unearthed it at my favorite flea market. It matches one of my favorite sweaters. I wear it a couple of times a year at a quilt related event... just because that is one of my only opportunities to dress up LOL!


As always I had a lot of fun participating in one of Kimberly's fabulous BOMs and this one does not disappoint!

 In fact, they are always fun to participate in and to do. Do you remember this one from Strawberry Fields? I can't wait to see that one done up and quilted. A bunch of my customers and friends are working on it. Anyone close to being finished yet?

Be sure to continue on with the hop over at Laurie & Polly's blog on Monday! Who knows what they will have up their sleeve... they are a hilarious pair!


Any ideas ladies... and gentlemen too of course?


Day #12: The 12 Days of Christmas

Welcome to Day #12 of the 12 Days of Christmas: Fig Tree Style! Each day we will have a different kit, a different sale and even a few giveaways along the way. Join us each day so that you don't miss out on a single thing. We are so excited to share all of our goodies with you!


Day #12



Thanks again to all of you who played. I really did enjoy reading each and every one of your comments! 

The winner is Leslie from . Commented on 12/6/11 at 5.54 am:

Leslie said:
Hi! What a lovely post! My favorite song is Silver Bells. When we would visit our maternal grandmother, in the evening she would play the piano, by ear! Never had any lessons, couldn't read music. She did a special ditty with the upper keys to sound like silver bell tinkling, oh, it still makes my heart melt when I hear the song! Thanks for the great fabric bundles, I'll be adding some to my order! Thanks for the giveaway! Take care, Leslie

 Please email us with your address Leslie so we can send off your package! Congratulations!


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Its the last day of goodies here today on the 12 Days of Christmas sale so hopefully we have a little something for everyone. It has been so much fun to bring you something new and unique every day!


Up first....

Today I wanted to share with you some fun little canvas labels that I discovered recently. They are printed directly onto canvas and range in size from approximately 1/2" x 2" to 3" x 4". They are perfect for attaching to purses, satchels, jean jackets, t-shirts... basically anything you can embellish with fabric, you can embellish with these fabulous vintage feeling, French and English words and phrases. I can't decide what I want to embellish first....

... just yummy.


Label Set #1

Click here for more info.



Label Set #2

Click here for more info. 


Up Second today...

We searched and dug around the studio and everyone stayed late and stuffed and we managed to come up with a couple more dozen scrap bags- well maybe a few more than a couple dozen even- for all those of you who were so sad to miss out yesterday.... So be sure to nab some today while they're here!

 Click here for more info.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Up Last, but Certainly not least, today...

The Boardwalk Quilt Kit

We would like to introduce the Boardwalk Quilt featuring our brand new upcoming collection, California Girl. A wonderful combination of light, beachy prints with an ivory background for a wonderful Spring feel.

It sure would be a wonderful way to welcome in the upcoming Spring and work on this quilt when it arrives in March, 2012. 

In this collection we have introduced some wonderful french blues as well some light sky blues that will just sing to you... I think. This quilt uses a little of most of the prints in the entire collection and features both the sky blue in the settings as well as the wonderful solid grey in the sawtooth border.

These blocks have so much movement that they look like they are spinning and yet they are one of the most simple blocks I have worked on in quite some time.


... corals, golden yellow, blues, greens and greys. Makes me think of an afternoon at the beach! Can't you just imagine those stripes on one of those retro bathing suits?



... almost makes me wish for Spring. Not quite yet but I sure will be ready for it by March!



Click here for more kit info.


Second option...

The Beach Boardwalk Version

For those of you who prefer to stick entirely to our lovely new french blues and corals... The Beach Boardwalk Kit focuses on the blues, both light and medium, as well as the beautiful coral tones in this collection. It is a beautiful version.


Click here for more info on this kit.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

12 Days of Christmas Special Day #12: 

1. French Canvas Label Sets are 12% off.

2. Boardwalk Kit Pre-orders are 12% off

3. Extra Scrap Bags are 12% off.

4. Stems Kits are 15% off [just several left in stock so we thought we would move them out. Super simple method!]


Thanks so much for joining us for these crazy 12 Days of Sales. The sales are done for now but we do have a couple of wonderful other things to share with you this coming up week so be sure to check back soon. It's been a pleasure to "be with you" each day.

Talk to you soon, Joanna.

Day #11: The 12 Days of Christmas

Welcome to Day #11 of the 12 Days of Christmas: Fig Tree Style! Each day we will have a different kit, a different sale and even a few giveaways along the way. Join us each day so that you don't miss out on a single thing. We are so excited to share all of our goodies with you!


Day #11


Thanks to all of you who entered the giveaway! I guess everyone is in the Christmas mood because in less than 48 hrs. we have had 640 of you comment! We've closed the comments tonite and will announce the winner on the last day of the 12 Days sales, on Friday.

I have absolutely loved hearing about each and everyone's favorite carols and songs! And the stories and memories and your kids singing. Thank you so much for sharing all of it with us!

It looks like the clear winners are the two classics, Silent Night and O Holy Night. But others like "Mary Did You Know?" seem to be another favorite this year. I had not even remembered hearing that one until one of you sent me the link.Thanks for that. Its an absolutely beautiful song.

Good luck on the giveaway everyone!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

So now for second to last day of goodies.

Over the years, one of the questions we get over and over again is about our way of doing applique. I know that for many of you applique is something that you just refer to as the "A" word and not something that you want pursue. But trust me when I tell you, that applique is not nearly as hard as its cracked up to be. For years, I tried and worked with methods that just didn't help me until I found the Starch Method of Applique. I love it and it helps me to create the perfect shapes that I need for my designs every time. Today I thought I would share a little kit of goodies so that you can try out a little bit of starch applique on your own. I really don't think you will be sorry that you did!


Up today...


Click here for more info.

[Fyi, if the product doesn't show up on the site when you click on the link, that means that it has sold out. Sorry but quantities are limited.]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

12 Days of Christmas Special Day #11: 

Special Applique Kits are 15% off! 


Day #9: The 12 Days of Christmas

Welcome to Day #9 of the 12 Days of Christmas: Fig Tree Style! Each day we will have a different kit, a different sale and even a few giveaways along the way. Join us each day so that you don't miss out on a single thing. We are so excited to share all of our goodies with you!


Day #9


Today is CHALK FULL of good things so read carefully so you don't miss out on any of them.

Not only is today Day #9 of our fabulous 12 Days of Christmas Sale [click here, or here for some of the other days to see the festivities if you have not been following along], today is also our day on the

*** MODA Designer Holiday Blog Hop ***

Each day you can visit a few of the MODA designers to see what block and recipe goodies they have to share. Each designer you visit will have a new sampler block card and a recipe card for you. Print them out on cream colored cardstock [or any other color really, but you know we do everything in cream around here], package them up with some lovely twine or ribbon and you have a fabulous little memento for yourself or for a stocking stuffer for a friend. You will find a PDF link for both cards here below.

Click here for the actual pdf of the below block and recipe card.


You’ll need just (3) 9″ x 22″ pieces of fabric to make this block-  one dark, one medium and one light! 

Make up a quilt using 12 of these blocks and put sashing in-between each block.  You’ll have a quilt that looks great in any fabric combination or use just a few of your favorite blocks and repeat them several times. Collect all the blocks and use them however they suit your fancy!

Here’s the designer list for the week:

December 5th

Minick & Simpson
Bunny Hill
Me & My Sister
Deb Strain

December 6th

Kansas Troubles
Fig Tree
Cosmo Cricket
Lucie Summers
Liz Scott

December 7th:

Cotton Way
French General
Oliver + S
Ellen Luckett Baker

December 8th

Kathy Schmitz Studios
Laundry Basket Quilts

Kate Spain
Primitive Gatherings

December 9th

Basic Grey
Jan Patek
American Jane
Sandy Gervais

Hope you have a chance to visit them all and collect all the goodies along the way!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

So now for the rest of the goodies.

  First up today...

 Red and green bundles on sale just in time for the holidays [and beyond too of course because who doesn't love red and green]?! We just made up a whole new grouping of them to make sure there was enough for anyone who wanted one and their cousin LOL! So if you have been waiting to snatch one of these lovelies, this is it!




More choices available so click here for more info and to see the current red and green bundles available.


Second up today....

 A giveaway in honor of the MODA Blog Hop.

 Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite Christmas song or carol is

and you will be entered to win... 

your choice of 10 of your favorite Fig Tree patterns, along with a giant box of fabric scraps, along with a few other special goodies for a truly wonderful Christmas present for any Fig Tree fan! 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

12 Days of Christmas Special Day #9: 

Red & Green Bundles are 12% off! 

Comment to enter Giveaway!

Create H.O.P.E.

Its been one of those crazy weeks around here. Most of the week has been spent either prepping for or vending at the Pacific International Quilt Festival. Man I love that show! 

But tonite I am just popping in for a minute to let you know about a great cause  run by some lovely ladies, that happens to have a great giveaway with some Strawberry Fields yummies.....


You really ought to go and check them out! Love those gals.



Other than that, I will be back in a few with some fun new sneak peeks that you might or might not be waiting for.

But first I have to help unpack the truck and the props and the quilts. And maybe even put up a few leftover kits on the website. If I'm lucky.

Talk to you really soon.

Fresh Vintage and a Bit More Dinner!

Ooopps... I forgot to post more winners for the last couple of days. Let's just chalk it up to a VERY long weekend full of pattern writing and photo editing! 

So here are some more winners of a BUTTERSCOTCH & ROSE box of scraps, courtesy of the very generous MODA and the new issue of Fresh Vintage shown below:

On Sep. 18 at 6:45, Annette S. said " How can you choose only one colour, Each time a new fabric range is released they are my new favourite colours. Th e soft blue, the delicate pink, the taste of apricot. A delicate sage. All sigh worthy."


On Sep. 16. at 10:53 SummersCamp said "At the risk of sounding completely creepy, I really think we could be the best of friends...  Pretty sure you stole my bucket list!  And I love everything you turn out.  Everything.  Seriously.  But, I'd like to see your take on warm/rich, French-country colors.  Regardless of what colors you choose, though, I'm excited to see what you come up with next.  You have indeed piqued my interest with that sneak peak!  *B


Please email me with your info. Congratulations!


On the home front:

We drove to a nearby beach for a photo shoot this weekend and managed to get a bit of play time in. A lot of football and sand play was had by all.



On the work front:

Our latest edition of Fresh Vintage has finally shipped! Can I get a hooray?! Wow, this one has taken a while to get out to you guys. Can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that its on its way! If you are on auto ship you should be getting it any day or have it already.

For more info, click here.


...the original vintage quilt that the pattern was created from. Just love the way it feels French and classic and Americana all at the same time.


The Sewing Project in this issue:



The Recipe:

A  yummy corn salad.... super simple. Created by my 6 year old!


Hope to hear from all you winners soon!


Another Chicken Dinner....

... You know what I mean! We have another winner or two tonite....



On 9/18 at 4:59, Loraine said:

"I love everything Fig Tree, and thank you for the chickens, they are so cute, I have been in hosp, for 10 days so missed part of the Country Fair blog hop, glad to see your projest here, thanks Lorraine Isaac"


And on 9/15 at 7:25  Laurel said:

"Wow there are over 1400 comments and crazy me I am still going to leave a comment! I am really into brown right now, but I do love green and blue as well. Your fabrics are delightful and I would love to be one of the lucky 4;)"

Send us an email ladies and we will get a box of Butterscotch & Rose scraps out to you both.



...brand new strikeoffs!

Did you even notice this little goodie hidden in the midst of all the COUNTRY FAIR goodness. It's a little bit of my new line coming up. More on that later!

And did you notice that we have a new blog header? Just in time for fall. It was my way of pretending that autumn is actually here and with us. Have I mentioned lately that fall is my absolute favorite time of the year? It is. Yes indeed.

Unfortunately it is unseasonably warm in these parts lately. Dear weather: I AM READY TO WEAR MY SWEATERS AND SCARVES PLEASE!

Okay, I'm done now. BTW, for those of you "FAIR GOERS", keep on checking out those lovely posts!

Talk to you tomorrow.