Blog Hop Winners

For those of you who didn't get a chance to catch a peek at this yummy little stack of fabric last week, here it is again [ I do actually now have a real fat quarter bundle to take a picture of but haven't had a moment to breathe to take that picture- I promise I will show it this week!]


... a little sneak peek of the next collection coming [showing in Houston in October 2013/ in stores March, 2014]


To all those of you who posted on facebook instead or who sent emails [ i know that commenting on blogs is still foreign to some of you], thank you. We tried to add in all of those names as best we could when we did our drawing, we promise! 

Also to those of you who rely on us sending out our newsletter to help remind you to post and comment... we got a little crazy busy this week and it totally slipped our mind to do that! We are sorry if that means that a bunch of you missed out on your chance to get in on the fun. We promise we will do another giveaway soon!


So without further adeau,  the winners of the lovely goodies are as follows:


On 9/12 at 12:55 AM, Stephanie said:

"I used you "one piece bag" as a hospital bag when I gave birth to my third son a weeks ago. So easy and cute!".

Congratulaions Stephanie, you are the winner of our pack of new patterns!


On 9/13 at 6:14 pm, SHARON said

"Of course anything Fig Tree is delicious eye candy. I love, love your Lollipops pattern and as soon as I finish up some Christmas projects I'm making it. Love your Craftsy class, your a great instructor!"

Congrautlation Sharon, you are the winner of our mystery HONEYSWEET precut!


On 9/12 at 12:36 pm, CRISTINA said:

"I love so many patterns (all of them really) but currently I am loving Jumping Jacks. I ordered two patterns because at first I bought the paper pattern and then realized I couldn't wait so bought it in PDF. And it's so easy to put together compared to other Union Jack quilts I've tried (and given up on). Also, I'm dying over the little orange table topper quilt. I would love it if you could make a quilt kit for this. I normally don't even like orange, but really, it's absolutely perfect."

Congratulations Cristina you have won the little table topper! I couldn't believe that you mentioned it in your comment when your comment number came up. Serendipity I guess!!


Thanks for "playing" with us everybody. If you are one of the lucky winners, please email us with your mailing address and we will send out your goodies at once!

Be sure to go to the MODA blog this morning to see what they have come up with for the finishing pattern for all these blocks.

Thanks again!

And stay tuned for those new Halloween kits and bundles I mentioned last week. We are almost ready with them!

Fig Tree on the MODA BLOG HOP!


Welcome to Fig Tree everybody and Good Morning!



Today is Fig Tree day on the MODA Blog Hop, SIZE MATTERS. If you haven't been following along yet, click HERE for a list of all the designers who are particating [cool block downloads and giveways at each stop so its definitely worth your time to go and find out what everyone is up to], including all the lovely designers that have gone before us and those that are still to come].

In each designers post, you should be able to find a free downloadable pattern for their block in a variety of sizes. MODA will post a finishing pattern HERE [at the CUTTING TABLE] at the end of the hop so that you can create a wonderful sampler when you are done. Sounds like a whole lot of fun to me!

For those of you you who are new to our little corner of the fabric world, I'm Joanna and I am the go-to-gal behind Fig Tree & Company. I love everything about fabric and design and I can't imagine having any other job in the world! I have been working with MODA for about a decade now [oh my goodness, how can that be?], have created more fabric collections than I can count [see the side of the blog to take a peek at most of them], have created more patterns than should be legal [check out our store if you want to puruse the collection] and have written several books, WITH FABRIC & THREAD being the most recent. I also love to teach about fabric and quilting and this year I have had the honor of teaching in Norway, Spain as well as throughout the US. Just a few weeks ago, we launched my first Craftsy class so that a little bit of Fig Tree can be accessible to anyone interested! Click HERE for more info about that and for a special discount!



There are three of us a day and today I am sharing the day with the talented Malka and the amazing Camille so be sure to pop on over there to see what those lovely ladies have been up to and why SIZE MATTERS to them!



... our upcoming HONEYSWEET group.



Download the instructions to my block HERE.

I don't know what the official name for this block is but "X MARKS THE SPOT"  sounds like a pretty good interpretation to me.


When I first looked at the block [back in the Spring when we started creating all these goodies for Spring Market] and thought about what I was going to do with it, I immediately thought about one of the bigger sizes. I figured it would make the quilt faster and easier to construct and I would be able to showcase the fabric better. Because let's be honest sometimes bigger really is better, especially when it means that you can be done faster!  

So I made the 12" size. And then I joined 4 of them together to create a secondary block...


Then I thought it would be nice to try the next size down and I made the 6" size. And then I made 4 of those together as well, because I was on a roll...

Red blocks

Well, then I realized that lately I have been enjoying making miniature versions of some of my larger favorite blocks [like with our Honeysweet mini Threads pattern that uses HONEYSWEET mini charms, pictured below], so I made the tiny 3" version.


... Honeysweets "Threads" patttern. Made with MODA mini charms.



I decided I liked this 3" one the best and continued on to make 32 more 3" blocks and set it together to create this little table topper....




Keep on reading to see what fun thing we are going to do with this project! 



Lifesaversblog  ... our LIFESAVERS blocks, using a fabulously simple method for making these intricate looking blocks. Also in our CRAFTSY class!


We are busy getting ready for our brand new fall collection to hit store shelves any day now [due to ship to stores in September].

In case you haven't alreay figured it out, it is called HONEYSWEET and I really think it is so perfect for this time of the year, even though it is great for many other seasons and projects as well. It is full of raspberry reds, persimmon oranges, a variety of greens and aquas, on a base of ivory and peach, grounded with a taupey brown. Yum!

Cherriesblog  ... Cherry Pie pattern.

 We have had so much fun with this line and even though I am now busy working with the next collection that we will be showing in Houston this fall [sneak peeks were shown on our facebook recently if you haven't had a chance to see] as well as designing the next one [way too early to show you anything from that one yet], I still haven't grown tired of HONEYSWEET, probably since it has those fabulous oranges and aquas that I am so in love with right now.


Speaking of oranges... we are working on a new kit that has oranges, greys and blacks in it and will be ready soon so be sure you check back for that as those Halloween flavored items seem to dissapear around here faster than we can make them! More info coming soon!

But back to SIZE. We have created some TINY things with this collection...


... our little HEXIES purse pattern made from the yummy HONEYCOMBS. 

And some rather GRAND things....

Cloversblog  ... our CLOVERS & JAM pattern made from just 1 jelly roll  and some background fabric to make a 71" x 71" quilt!

And I truly can't tell you that I have a favorite between the two of them! So I guess the moral of this story is that .... size doesn't really matter at all in the end!



Of course we are doing a giveway- what would a blog hop be without one?! Hopefully you have actually read through the whole post to see what's new instead of just skipping to this part :-).

We are going to givewaway a couple things to a couple lucky winners:

1- A Honeysweet precut.Not sure what this will be yet- it all depends on what MODA can dig up and send on over!

2- The finished little quilt that we showed above made from our 3" blocks. We already have some stores that have entered that particular giveway at Market and now we are going to add in all of you to choose the final winner!

3- A bundle of our newest patterns.

To be entered, you need to LEAVE A COMMENT AND tell us what Fig Tree pattern in our store is your favorite [current favorite at least, since we all know how fickle we can be when it comes to our favorite patterns].

But just as importantly you need to come back next week and see who the winners are so you don't miss out. If we don't hear back from you for 2 days after we announce, we will redraw for that particular prize.

[international winners will need to pay for the additional shipping]

And since we have been wanting to have a sale lately and haven't had a chance, today is the day!  SO WE ARE HAVING A SALE TOO! 15% OFF all patterns in the store... patterns of any kind and any size and any format! Just this week though, so take a look around!

Have fun and we'll see you next week for the end of the hop and the winners!


More MODA Friendship blocks...

The MODA FRIENDSHIP QUILT ALONG continues and we have been printing out and making many of the blocks. CLICK HERE for more info on the quilt along itself.

Hope you have been following too... the blocks are really, really fun to make!


Here are my new 4 blocks that we finished up this afternoon.....





Edyta's block...



Kate's bllock...


Kathy's block...



Lauren & Jessi's block...



As for the GIVEAWAY, we've closed it now and will announce the winners tomorrow so come on back to check it all out then! Thank you for every one who entered and good luck to all of you! I plan on having a late night reading all of your comments!!


OK, going back to make a few more blocks now :-)!

MODA Friendship Quilt Along

Today is my day on the Friendship Quilt Along! Welcome!

Avalonstackspread ... our upcoming collection, AVALON. A fresh, summer feeling collection with beautiful reds, soft greys, buttery yellows, spring greens, all on an ivory background with a wonderful pop of navy blue! Due out in stores next month! We are so excited for this one we can hardly stand it!



For those of you who are new over here, my name is Joanna and this is the home of Fig Tree & Company. We are so glad that you are here to see what we are up to. If you want to follow along our regular "goings on", then subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on our new FACEBOOK page! Click HERE to go to our page or LIKE us from the left sidebar.

Lollipopssmall2 ... one of my favorite brand new patterns, LOLLIPOPS, made up in the AVALON collection with 1 Jelly Roll and some background and border fabric. There are no sewing templates in this pattern. I promise! Its a fantastic method that we have loved for years!



For those of you who are regulars over here but aren't quite sure what this QUILT ALONG is all about, here are some pointers:

• Each day [starting last Monday and going through March 1st], 3 different MODA designers are blogging about the Quilt Along and are sharing their own block with you. You can see the list of designers blogging each day at the end of this post. Each block can be easily downloaded on each designer's blog as a pdf.

• Each designer is also having a MODA fabric giveaway [courtesy of the wonderfully generous MODA mothership] of one of their collections so if you enter at each blog, you will have a great chance of WINNING something. Free blocks and free fabric, is there anything more perfect?!

• All of the blocks finish at 9" and would all work wonderfully in a sampler quilt. The instructiuons are all simple strip pieced and they all the blocks can be made from Fat 1/8's or large scraps so its perfect for your scrap bucket too.The directions for the blocks are all from Fat 1/8's.


• Warning: This could be a bit too much fun. We have gotten a bit addicted in just 3 days time!




Now I have to tell you that I just couldn't get into the Farmer's Wife quilt along [the one that swept the web last year] for a couple of reasons... the blocks were so small and they were all templates. Two things which I really don't love. So personally I enjoyed that one from far away. They were beautiful but I was happy to watch it go by.

This one... however.. is 9" blocks, which are just much more my speed, and no templates.That's right, not a template in site.

When I tell you that you can easily do all 3 of each day's block in that afternoon, I really mean it. Because I have kind of been doing it. Not all of them, but most of them....

This is our block... which I cut and pieced in under an hour, both of them.


It's Block #15 in the Quilt Along. I'm a bit addicted to it and plan on making it in several other color combinations and sprinkling it about my sampler or even making it every other block.... I guess we'll have to see how it goes. The flying geese are quite fun to make when you know yoiu only have to make eight! And it looks good in so many different fabric combos!


Now to visit some of our friends who have shared since Monday, since this is a Friendship Quilt Along after all... 

Here is Barb and Alma's block-


Here is Bonnie's block-

Here is Anne's block-


Here is Basic Grey's block-


Here is Camille's block-


Here are all the blocks we've made so far.... just looking at them is making me a bit giddy right now.






TIP #1: Many of these blocks use the method of sewing a square onto a rectangle, on the diagonal and then trimiming out the excess fabrics underneath. Whenever I use that method [which I love and use often], I trim out only the extra side of the piece on top and not whatever fabric was used for the bottom rectangle. This is because if you leave the bottom piece intact, it acts a foundation of sorts for your block. You cut that piece and it should be exactly the size you want it to be whereas the piece on top has been sewn and is often slightly irregular, coming out a bit shy of the shape or a bit large. The piece on the bottom will always be accurate and will help you with easier piecing as you build your block. The bulk of the extra piece has never been a problem for me or my quilter. The only time you can't use this method is when the piece that is being added on top is white/light and the piece underneath is dark. You must them trim out both pieces.i Try it and see some great results.



Tip #2: On Anne's block we didn't want to fuss with the thin bias tape so we used a 3/8" bias tape maker, made a small piece of bias from the end of the fabric strip, ran it through the maker and affixed it to our triangle with little dots of Roxanne's Glue Baste It. It was quick and easy.

We plan on making many more blocks as more of our friends share them so check back over here throughout the QUILT ALONG to see how they are turning out! We might even make more tomorrow!

Sailawaymain... our SAIL AWAY pattern. All of those boats are made from one Layer Cake. Can you believe it? We love, love this quilt.


As we mentioned above, we are of course having an AVALON GIVEWAY. So leave us a comment about which color or specific print of Avalon you are looking forward to most. To see the entire collection, click on the AVALON button on the right sidebar so you can see all of the fabrics [we've fixed all the collection links so you can click on any of them if you like].

Sailawaymedium2... a styled shot of our SAIL AWAY pattern. Can't you just channel the beach when you look at those boats?

Two lucky winners will be chosen, one for a DESIGNER ROLL and one for a LAYER CAKE. We will also add a third winner for a grouping of all our AVALON patterns and a charm pack!. Be sure to comment to be entered.

Thanks for quilting along with us. Can't wait to see some of your blocks!

Here is the schedule:

FEB 18th

Barbara Brackman

Basic Grey

Barb & Alma- Blackbird Designs

FEB 19th

Bonnie- Cotton Way

Brigitte- Zen Chic

Anne- Bunny Hill

FEB 20th

Camille- Thimbleblossoms

Deb Strain

Eric & Julie Comstock

FEB 21st

Jan Patek

Joanna-Fig Tree & Co.

Jenn Ski

FEB 22nd

Kaari-French General

Lynne-Kansas Troubles

Kate Spain

FEB 25th

Kathy Schmitz

Edyta- Laundry Basket

Lauren & Jessi Jung

FEB 26th

Lisa- Primitive Gatherings

Malka Dubrawsky

Barb & Mary- Me & My Sister

FEB 27th

Laurie & Polly- Minick and Simpson

Pat Sloan

Sandy- Pieces From  My Heart

FEB 28th


Stephanie Ryan

Vanessa- V & Co.

March 1st

The Cutting Table



Another winner, maybe dinner

No, there is no dinner. Today we are having leftovers. I just got carried away with the whole "winner, winner, chicken dinner" phrase that I love so much!

So the winner of the SEWN HATS BOOK giveaway is:

On September 16th at 8:06, Mary said:

I'd love to win this book - I'm known for wearing and making hats and have started my grandchildren on this same path! (The boys and the girls all have hats I've made them and let me know when they need a new one!) My very favorites are the big, floppy brimmed hats.


And because we couldn't pick just one, we will also send an AMELIA & ME pattern to:

On September 18th at 6:52 am, Martha Followill said...

I love the Amelia and Me pattern for my little great
niece that is almost 2 years old. I have alot of your
patterns and love them all. I now have my eye on your
pattern Star Bloom. Your color combinations is one of
the best.


Email us with us with your info ladies and we will get your goodies out to you! Thanks again for following along.


For those of you on  FACEBOOK,  have you seen our little deals? We will have a new one tomorrow and maybe even a sneak peek or two.


Talk to you soon.

More Blog Hops & Giveaways! Really.



Yes. It was supposed to be this morning wasn't it? I just realized that the 10:00 that I was supposed to post my giveaway results was 10:00 AM THIS MORNING NOT TONITE!! What was I thinking exactly? Who posts at 10:00 pm on a Saturday night????

I do I guess :-)!

So for those of you who have patiently been checking here all day to see if you won, so sorry. Here are the winners of the MODA CANDY BLOG TOUR:


Winner of the book:

On September 9th at 5:13 am Dianne said:

My favorite pattern is Petite Fleurs. It's a great classic my opinion ;)


Winner of the TAPESTRY Layer Cake:

On September 14th at 12:02 pm, Giner said

Dear Joanna, all your patterns are my favorites! How to choose the favorite? I have 4 of your patterns and enjoy them time again over since I am a quilter and a garnent sewer - the diversity of your talent and your gift of coloring is one I am happy you have successfully shared with the textile world professionals and hobbyists. Your Cream Solid fabric is my favoriate and the most versatile fabric and I will say the one I use to stand out any pattern/fabric I use for any project.


Four winners of the MODA CANDY TAPESTRY packs [4 packs for each person] to make all the lovely patterns you have been collecting:



On September 13 at 12:49 pm, Vickie said:

I LOVE all of your patterns...a huge fan!  My favorites are the Vintage Postcards and Vintage Stamps...I have them all!  I have collected your fabrics for years!  Thanks for sharing your love of quilting.



On Septermber 11 at 3:27 pm, Amorette said:

i love the slipper cuties pattern- i would love to see the boy version, because i cannot find slippers for my toddler son! also love stanley- and i had no idea there were animal patterns here, so thank you!



On Septermber 10 at 5:51 pm, Mary Ann said:

I love all of your patterns, but if I am one of the lucky winners I would choose Jelly Rose. Thanks.



On September 14 at 8:26 am , Marcyne said:

My favorite is the Dancing Dollies Sampler Quilt pattern (which I pieced from your kit, had it custom quilted and it turned out beautiful!) and for kids, I love the Polka Dots and Summer Dress.  


If you are one of the lucky winners above, send us an email with your mailing address and the free pattern you would like to receive if it is different than the one you posted about and we will send your goodies right out to you.

Congrats everybody. It has been really, really fun to read all of your comments!

Too see some fun things to do with all of the blocks you have collected, head on over HERE to see! 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 



Sewn Hats jacket


For those of you who are still reading and haven't wandered off to see what other prizes you might have won or have something better to do on a Saturday night :-), we have another BLOG TOUR for you.

I know, its insanity really.



... a few of the pages of my hat contribution


The wonderful folks at WILEY PUBLISHING [the fantabulous publishers of my latest book], have just released a creative and versatile book full of 35 of the best hat patterns I have seen in a while. Titled SEWN HATS, the book covers a wide array of styles, sizes and fashions and is edited by Carla Hegeman Crim, the amazing force behind the Scientific Seamstress.  She is, well, amazing!

A lot of times these compilation kinds of volumes feel kind of random to me, not sure how we all "go together". But this time around it was like sewing with a bunch of friends. As soon as I knew who some of the contributors were, I knew we were in for a great treat of a book! Sewing with great friends and colleagues like PattyKaariJennifer, Bari and so many more [see below for the full list that have already posted and those that are still to come] has been a pleasure! Nice job everyone... a little pat on the back for all of us I think.

Summer Blossom Sunhat pg 45


Summer Blossom Sunhat pg 41
.. what a cute little model with her SUMMER BLOSSOM SUNHAT!


When I started thinking about what kind of a hat pattern I wanted to contribute as my little part, I was a little bit stumped. I have a feeling the hat deadline came somewhere in the middle of my crazy book deadlines and my brain was... well, you know, it was somewhere alright!

Carla quickly came to the rescue. We brainstormed an updated version of my favorite, Amelia & Me Hat and we were on our way. We knew we wanted it to be similar but different! I absolutely love the outcome!


... the original Amelia & Me hat.


... Amelia & Me


To see many of the other wonderful hat contributions, be sure to look through everyone's posts, both those already done and those to come.

To enter to win a copy of the book, comment below and let us know what kind of hat you would most likely make. We will announce a winner by Wednesday the 19th.



Follow along with the Sewn Hats Blog Tour:
9/6 –  French General
9/11 -
9/21 – Figgys Patterns
9/26 – Bari J.
9/28 –
10/1 – Sew Mama Sew
10/2 – Aesthetic Nest
10/4 – Betz White
10/8 –
10/10-  Wiley Craft
Thanks so much for stopping by.... again!






... just a little decoration on my table right now.


Hello Everybody and Welcome to Fig Treeland!

I hope you have been enjoying the roadtrip so far. Here is the info to everyone who has come before and all those who will come after! There have been some fabulous stops on the blog tour so far with some of my favorite friends like a couple of the ones you see here below....

Confused designers... we're usually not this confused but I love this shot! I have absolutely NO IDEA what we are talking about or looking for!!



For those of you who don't know me.... well, let me tell you a little about myself. Or more accurately, a little about my hometown.




I live in a little town called San Leandro in the San Francisco Bay Area. Usually when folks visit we take them to all the standard San Francisco type places like Pier 39 and Ghiradelli Square. We love to go to baseball games at PacBell Park to see the GIANTS and to stop off for a little bit of shopping at the Ferry Building Shops. San Francisco is a wonderful place to visit but it definitely doesn't feel like my hometown.




But our little town is where we mostly stay when we're, you know, living our regular life.




We are known as the cherry city as we are located on old cherry orchards. Each year we host the Cherry Festival where the entire town gathers to play and, to be honest, mostly to eat. I guess most of our festivals or town activities are somehow created around food- Sausages & Suds Festival, our Farmer's Markets, Drake's Brewery evenings, our school Fall Festival, our 4th of July Street BBQ and so forth and so forth. 


We live on a little street lined with giant Liquid Ambers that turn every shade of orange and gold in the fall. In fact one of my daughter's favorite activities during that time of year is to make "leaf bouquets" and scatter them all over the house in little glass vases!



Speaking of food, our favorite San Leandro restaurants [which we frequent much more often than we should, especially during those times when I am designing fabric or creating new patterns and dinner just doesn't seem to happen] include:


Our favorite Taqueria-

  Lospereqos... my personal favorite here is the salsa bar. I could eat nothing but the complimentary chips & salsa for dinner, really. I guess I'm a cheap date.


Our favorite Sushi-

  Makiyaki... my personal favorite here is the New Mexico Roll. Like a California Roll but with Ebi on top and spicy srirachi in the mix. Yum!


And Frozen Yogurt of course-

Yogofina...the kiddos will have to pick the favorite here but let's just say that my middle son has been known to eat almost a pound of yogurt [you buy it by the weight of yogurt and toppings]. True story. 

However, right now if we are actually in San Leandro you will find us either playing with fabric in one way or another...

  Tapestrystack... a lovely little stack of TAPESTRY [coming to stores in October] 


Or doing a whole lot of this...


Ccershoes...Gotta love those mini F50's in a size 1!!!

Or that...


Given that all 3 of our kids play one [two goalies and one striker] or the other [a kicker/punter and wide receiver] or both at the same time, it feels like we are either in the studio or on the field. I guess that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for anything else. 




Our newest fabric collection TAPESTRY is about to hit stores in October. We are so excited that you will soon be able to play with this group. It is absolutely perfect for this time of the year. Here is the PDF of the entire line along with skus, etc. in case you find yourself looking for something in particular.



We also recently finished our latest book WITH FABRIC & THREADWe are so pleased with how well it has been received.

It is full of both quilting and sewing projects and the entire middle section of the book gives each set of instructions twice- once if you are coming from the quilting side of things and once if your background is more from the sewing side of things. The result, we hope, is that the book can be used so broadly by people from both backgrounds. All of that and there's alot of pretty cool photography done in our home and garden.




As of a few weeks ago, we are on FACEBOOK. Can you believe it? Come and friend us so you don't miss out on all of the upcoming goodies that we will be writing about!



We have recently completely updated and changed our entire website so if you haven't had a chance to browse around lately, you might want to. We have added several new features as well as added a lot of new info and photos. And our SHOP is so much easier to use and has many more goodies in it!  

Plus we are currently having a little ODDS & ENDS SALE to finish off the summer.... check it out HERE!! 




Moda-candy copy

For those of you patiently waiting for our free MODA 2 1/2" CANDY pattern, Starburst, HERE  it is.

We really like the idea, that one of our customers suggested last time we did one of these crazy blog hops, of creating a small binder and to add all of the patterns as you print them out, one by one. You could decorate the front of the binder with some of your favorite fabric scraps or something else. That way you will never lose or forget about your little CANDIES.


For those of you patiently waiting for the GIVEAWAY information, here we go:

We will be giving away a copy of our new book to one winner, a Layer Cake of TAPESTRY to another winner and a set of MODA TAPESTRY 2 1/2" CANDIES to another 4 winners.

All you have to do is comment below to be entered. TELL US WHAT YOUR FAVORITE FIG TREE PATTERN IS and if you are one of the winners we will add that pattern [or another one if you already have that one] into your prizes.

Winners will be announced on September 15th so be sure to come back to check. If you want to catch a sneak peek of our newest upcoming collection, come back even before then to see!


Don't forget to check out tomorrow's designers:





Hope to see you soon!

A LItlle Bit Back

I'm a little bit back today. Very little actually. Still transitioning to the first week back of school for all three of the munchkins not to mention that I am still in a timezone somewhere far, far away and will share more with you very soon. 


For now I have a couple of quick updates today:


1. WE ARE ON FACEBOOK! More about that later, but for now... come and friend us HERE so you don't miss out on anything!


   Boardwalk-Kit-2T   Satchel_Purse_Kit-2T  

2. We started a little "ODDS & ENDS" sale today. Come check it out HERE.




2. MODA DESIGNER BLOG HOP HAS STARTED! Click on the Blog Hop Tour Badge on the left sidebar for more info on the posts that have already happened and stay tuned for our post on Sunday. I promise there will be a giveaway!


I'll be back soon. Even if for just a little bit.

They're Heeeeeere!

I know our new pattern release has been unusually delayed given everything going on with my dad and I would like to thank all of you who have been waiting so patiently! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

The 5 new quilt patterns are here and have started shipping to stores and distributors as of yesterday! Yeah!!

They are also now available on our website as of late last night! Yeah again!! Look under NEWEST DESIGNS for all 8 of the new patterns!



LIBERTY BOY: Perfect for today but you can work on it for Labor Day or next year just as well!



CINDERELLA PUMPKINS: Easily my favorite time of year and its never too early to start on a fall project.



MARIGOLDS: A wonderful way to use up a couple charm packs of your favorite collection. Love, love the feel of circles with nothing but squares and triangles!



SPARKLE: Easily the most simple design in this group, Sparkle is already on its way to being a best seller! Super simple method with no y-seams or anything else difficult. Can't go wrong with this one in either the cream, the plum or the single table topper version!



PINEAPPLE & FIGS: My absolute favorite in this grouping. Have always loved pineapple blocks and just couldn't resist making this one out of our new TAPESTRY fabric. This method will just amaze you with how basic and simple it is. I promise. Each block is literally a set of 5 sizes of square and 5 sizes of rectangle. If you have ever wanted to make a pineapple block, I guarantee that this is it!





The 3 FIG TREE THREAD patterns are about a week behind and are on their way back from the printer as we speak. We will let you know as soon as these arrive in the office! 



ESCARGOT: The newest in our menagerie of animal projects. These cute little snails are fun to make and are just too cute to resist... we think. And the name, well the name just cracks me up to no end. Maybe I'm the only one...



BLOSSOMS & JAM: A great way to play with your favorite charm pack or those brand new MODA CANDY squares if you are lucky enough to get some. These are perfect as table toppers, desk decorators [I have 2 of them on my desk at the moment] or as placemats. Super simple to assemble and then try your hand at a little curved binding. You can do it!



SUNDAY COVER-UPS: A quick and perfect way to dress up any dining room chair before company gets here. At our house these get used any time we want to add something special to a dinner occasion. We have sashes of different colors and for different holidays and change them out often. This is a great beginning sewing project.




If you are purchasing patterns from our site, we will start shipping them out starting tomorrow. You can also feel free to purchase the FIG TREE THREADS patterns now if you like and we can either hold your order until complete or ship in 2 batches [let us know in the special instructions section of the order what you would prefer to do. If we don't hear from you, we will hold until complete].







I am off to make some Black Eyed Pea Salad/Dip... otherwise known as Texas Caviar. We love it around here and can consume it by the bowl full. Literally. If you've never tried it, you might wanna [many recipes for it can be found online. I recommend adding in a bunch of fresh veggies along with the canned ones].

We included our favorite recipe for it in our FRESH VINTAGE #12. Just in case you'd like to try it out. That and a bunch of really cool quilt patterns LOL!

Happy Celebrating!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

A bit later than expected but here we are. I'm finally cuddled up on my couch late on a Saturday night with my cup of tea. Its pouring buckets outside & I'm finally done reading all of the comments.

I have to tell you that I really, really enjoyed learning about your guys, a bit of your history and what you love. I feel like I know you a tiny bit better! On a more personal note, it was really comforting for me to read so many lovely comments during this particular moment in time. Your words have really encouraged me in an unexpected way, so thank you so much for that!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Our waylay over here has been due to a bit of the following: 4 1/2 Variety Show acts, 3 costume changes, 1 new strobe light as well as 3 soccer championship games in the rain, 4 snack trips for hungry teenage boys, 2 playdates and 1 "hang out" time [because God forbid we call that which 14 year olds do "a play date"] and a lot of chauffering of above participants!

But I know the real reason you are here is not to hear the recap of the social lives of my children but to see about the giveaway!

So for the Bundle:

On 3/22 at 4:27 pm, Denise wrote:

"Joanna, I love all your fabric and quilt patterns. I have collected alot of your patterns and fabrics and kits. I would love to win California Girl since I am one! I havn't sewed any sewing projects yet unless you count pin cushions. You have made me love, love quilting with all your amazing color choices. Thanks, Denise"

CONGRATS DENISE! Please contact us with your info so we can get your goodies out to you!


And because I couldn't resist, here are 2 more winners who will each receive a scrap bag and some of our newest patterns.

On 3/21 at 6:00 am, Jennifer wrote:

"I've Been Brought Up To Treat Both "Sides" Equally. I Have Enjoyed Sewing  From Your Previous Book And Have Been Bring Up My Children To Do The Same! I'm Sure My 12 Year Old And I Will Be Buried Deep Into Your New Book Just As Soon As we Get It. Thanks For ALL Of Your Wonderful Ideas!!!!"

CONGRATS JENNIFER! Please contact us with your info so we can get your goodies out to you!

On 3/21 at 3:18 am, Susan said:

"Both...I have paint chip colors taped on my walls, I am in the process of changing out one very large room to all fig tree colors and fabrics.  So needless to say I am kinda hoarding yards and yards of different lines to mix and match for cushions.  Of course it is already gonna be loaded with quilts.  Just gotta get the hubs to help me paint.  Misery loves company in that game..hahahaha. Susan"

CONGRATS SUSAN! Please contact us with your info so we can get your goodies out to you!


Thanks again, everyone for playing and following along. Love you guys!