Farmhouse II


Goodies? What kinds of goodies you might ask?

Well... in our industry, we call them Finished Goods. Which is just a fancy way of saying that we are putting our designs on a variety of things other than yardage. We have several to share with you today and there are more in the works all the time. If you have followed along with us for a long time, you might remember when we used to do fabric Finished Goods all the time. We had aprons and pincushions and backpacks. We made tablecloths and organizers and other fun stuff. Then the industry went in a different direction and time ran short and we focused in on fabric and patterns. Well its the new trend again these days and we sure hope its here to stay... finished goods are back and they are back in force! Many designers at MODA are introducing finished goods with their collections and we are happy to announce that we are one of them. Although this time around... they are not necessarily fabric at all. 

We would like to introduce you to a few fabulously fun Paper Products with our new Farmhouse II designs on them. Yup! Paper!! 

 First up a TRIO OF NOTEPADS. Perfect for a hundred different note taking needs in the office, in the studio, near the phone, in the kitchen and everywhere in between. We only have a few prototypes right now and I am already completely addicted to them. I might have to get a dozen of each just for me when they come out!

Notepads on chairs

Notepad corners small

Notepads on chairs

Notepads 3



Yes, baggies in 3 different sizes, 3 of each in each little kit. Topped off with twine and tags... pretty sure you couldn't get any cuter! Use for gifts, for party favors, in your sewing group, with your neighborhood friends. Add them in with fabric stuff but also with kitchen stuff or any other Farmhouse kind of affair. 

Baggie with mini charm
Baggie with mini charm
Baggie with mini charm


And last up, WASHI TAPE. What is Washi Tape you might ask? Well its only one of the cutest inventions ever.. basically scotch tape with a cute print on it so that you can decorate with it every time you use it as tape! Use it in your scrapbooks,  your calendars, in the office, in the studio. Decorate mail with it just for a little touch of goodness or close up those cute little paper baggies with it. It basically adds a little bit of decoration anywhere you like. Its a little bit irrestible.

Washi tape copy

Washi tape rolls

Washi tape


WHEN: All of our finished goods made with Farmhouse II designs will release along with the collection in October, 2018. We are having a hard time waiting until then!

WHERE: If you are interested in seeing these goodies at your local quilt shop... THEN ASK THEM TO CARRY IT. MODA reps are showing these items to stores now and if stores want to have these in October, they need to order them now. So if you want it, tell them! If your local quilt shop will not carry it, do not worry, your favorite online shop will and we most definitely will have lots!

WHAT: Notepad Trio, Paper Bag Set and Set of 5 Washi Tape Rolls.


Introducing FARMHOUSE II

Hello my Quilting Friends!

We are slowly digging ourselves out from Quilt Market and I have so many different things to share with you but I thought it was high time that I introduced everyone to our brand new upcoming collection, FARMHOUSE II.

Due to the popularity of our first Farmhouse collection [to be completely honest, it might have been one of my all time favorite fabric collections that I have ever designed] several years ago, I thought it was time to do a "take two" with new prints and the same classic color palette that we all fell in love with the first time around. I still get emails today of people who share with me that Farmhouse was one of their all time favorites or the reason they got back into quitting. I love to hear those kinds of stories. 


There is something about this palette that just makes my heart sing. Don't you think?

Now as most of you know, I am a total farm girl at heart. To be totally honest, I am not actually a farm girl... but I dream of being one one day! I dream of a small white farmhouse with a red or yellow door in a small town with a huge meadow behind it. I think a barn filled quilts for retreats might be there too. I see chickens and a couple goats maybe... and maybe even a horse.


... photos taken on a country road north of us in Sonoma. Maybe one day we will live there!

But for now, we live in a small urban town in the San Francisco Bay Area and the closest I am going to come to being a farm girl... is chickens. Yup, I'm all about our chickens right now. We got them in February and by July, if all goes well, we will have eggs!!! We have loved getting to know them. There are five- Hazel, Chipmunk, Oreo, Nugget and Butterscotch. More on the names later... each one has a story :-).  

Chickens with green







Okay... back to the fabric :-). Introducing FARMHOUSE II.


Farmhouse II bundleM


Swatch clipboard plainM


Notions on bedM


Stack with chickens M


More goodies tomorrow... I promise!


Happy Sewing,