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Well.... I bet you think I am writing from Houston right about now but I'm not this year. I kinda wish I was right about now as I am thinking of all my friends and colleagues in their grubbies setting up thier booths, living on trail mix & Monster drinks, working like dogs, not getting a lunch break, running around trying to organize last minute details, worrying about product launches....

oh wait, I am not missing any of that LOL!


What I am missing, is catching up with some of my closest designer friends, seeing what wonderful new collections and designs my colleagues have dreamt up, hanging out with our wonderful MODA team and getting to say hi to some of our favorite customers! I do really miss being in the midst of it all!


Instead this year we are at home, watching Market unfold through the blogs, tweets and facebooks of others. I have been wanting to share a bit more personally about our year for a while now and am almost ready to do it. It might explain why we are at home. I hope to share it all with you soon.


For now, I wanted to show you a little sneak peek of our newest fabric collection... AVALON... that will be showing tomorrow at Market. We are absolutely in love with the lighter, crisper colors and the slightly [but not too much] nautical, Americana feel of this line. We think its... well, we think its a little bit perfect right now!


Stay tuned for the next couple of days as we show more of the line and also share with you some of our brand new patterns that are accompanying the quilts to Houston.














Talk to you soon.


From Market...

I am sure that some of you remember that I promised booth shots yesterday. But then again I am sure that some others of you remember that I sometimes promise things and can't manage to get them here in time LOL!

Well, today my day aligned and I found a moment to upload a whole LOT of Market pictures... way more than I would guess most of you would ever want to se!. But here are some of my favorites and I promise that tomorrow I will show some more.... promises, promises!




... a bowl full of candy goodness. These new mini swatches are called MODA CANDIES and they are good enough to eat. We will have plenty of them available for your snacking pleasure in the fall!



... simple little pins from the new book, WITH FABRIC & THREAD.



... a stack of our new brochures for stores.


... my new book in the booth.


... a closeup of the left side of the booth. Where many of the projects from the book resided.











... one of my favorite quilts from the book, dressing a mannequin like a jacket.




... a little booth embellishment.


... me in the booth. Doesn't it look like I need that chair to hold myself up with?



... right side of the booth.


... middle of the booth. Table filled with goodies from the book and new patterns too.


... the whole booth.



... center right.


... the book side or the left side.


More shots tomorrow. Not sure you guys could load it all up if I kept going today!



Fresh Bundles

Given that our shopping cart has been down, we haven't had the opportunity to show you guys any of our latest bundles. Well, we have a limited cart back up now so thought we would share a few of the latest.

Oh, I think you might love these! We sure do!


Springblog bundle
The Spring Bundle


Meadowblog bundle
The Meadow Bundle


Beachblog bundle
The Beach Bundle

Click here for more info on any of the above yummies!

A little Sneak & a Peek



You know when you see fabric that just makes your heart skip a beat?  

That is what this is doing for me right now. I know, I know... part of me feels like I can't say that about my own work and I should wait for someone else to say it. But I can't!

I also have to admit that this is not always true of every collection or design I do. Sometimes I really like them and think they are good. Sometimes I love them. Sometimes I wish I could have added something more or expressed my vision a bit differently. Sometimes its a combo of all of the above.

But sometimes, I dream about them before they get here.  This is one of those times.

I have so many more pics to show you but I think it might be best to wait just a bit. It's called TAPESTRY. Hope it adds some loveliness to your day.


Stay tuned for another big reveal this week. We are just full of surprises around here.



It always feel so odd for me to announce the arrival of one collection- in this case Butterscotch & Rose- while literally at the exact same moment, introduce the newest group that we are about to show. But sometimes that's just the way it turns out....

So, today we would like to introduce to you our newest collection, due out in stores in Spring, 2012!



California Girl

 ... a Summer Inspired Retro group reminiscent of days at the Boardwalk.


... fat quarter bundle of goodness.


... jelly roll of yumminess.


And the first quilt pattern that returned from the quilter.... Star Blooms. Available in two size blocks. Shown here is the 20" block. To see the rest, come visit us in Houston or check back here for more sneak peeks! 




Pattern and more info will be available in November!


Talk to you soon,




B&R has hit the streets!

Hope you're not already tired of me talking about this collection but.... BUTTERSCOTCH & ROSE HAS SHIPPED and is arriving in stores as we speak.

The timing for this quintessential, classic autumn collection couldn't be better we think. We can imagine a whole slew of projects out of it. What might you make?


And even better, we have a kit available for our most popular pattern from this collection, My Log Cabins.



Kit contains all you will need for any of the 3 variations in the pattern.


The Barn Raising version.



The Birds in Flight version.



The Sparkling Diamonds version.

Click here for more info.

I will be back tomorrow morning with some last minute sneak peeks of what is right around the corner. I know you have all been so patient so I want to make sure I get them out to you before I leave for Houston. Don't forget to check back!



Market Fabric Snapshots

Fig Tree went traditional this time around. Classic and traditional with some of our most popular colors from best selling lines. Do you recognize any of them?

Introducing Butterscotch & Rose....

For a dash of classic elegance for Fall 2011. I hope it conjurs [sp?] up visions of fall and winter projects and even a bit of home redecorating. I created it for autumn, but some of my customers have shown me that it is certainly perfect for the holidays as well! Pull out the rich reds and classic greens paired with the cream and Christmas is just around the corner. I wonder what you might create?

Tune in tomorrow for a chance to get some in person.... soon!  A giant box of MODA goodness just arrived and I am itching to do something with some of it!


Here are my favorite shots of the colorways.

Red stack

... Ruby.



... Butterscotch & Buttercream.


... Sky.



... Fresh Tarragon, Frosting Rose, Chocolate Tart.



Here is the inspiration story:

"Inspired by the sights and smells of a recent autumn getaway in the little wine country town of Sonoma, California, Butterscotch & Rose is my interpretation of my favorite season! The collection flowed directly from the mix of harvest leaves, gourmet bistros, walks in the woods, gorgeous tones of roses still blooming [after all this is California] and the scents of the beginnings of the wine harvest. I hope that I was able to capture all that this region brought to me as its September gift."



Buttercup, Buttercup!

Last time I talked with you it had started shipping but now its officially here, and there and a bit more over there! Buttercup has officially hit store shelves nationwide!!

[If you are international, maybe just a few more days....]

Hope you are able to get your hands on a little bit of this Springtime goodness in the midst of this crazy cold weather and start working on something to bring a little sunshine into your life. Our sources say that the fabric is close to selling out on the wholesale side so get yours while you can.















I know we'll be sewing up a storm over here this weekend. Hope you will be too! Now.... what to make first?

Hope your weekend is full of fabric goodness!

Talk to you soon.