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Warning: Picture Heavy!

You know how there are certain patterns that you remember sewing long after you are done with them? Those ones that become favorites no matter how many other quilts you have made in the meantime?

In my case, that often means those are the patterns that are mysteriously “unavailable” to travel or go to shows because they are… well, they are being used on our couch! The original SUNWASHED pattern is one of those patterns.

We have made it up in various different color combinations and are still in love with most of them, several of them are “regulars” in our quilt basket and get used on a daily basis.




....on the cover of the pattern it is also made up out of our Mill House Inn collection





Something about the simplicity and yet complicated look of this quilt is fabulous to me. Not that I can take any credit for the design as I discovered it on a vintage quilt many years ago and just reinterpreted it with a much easier piecing and assembly technique. I love that it is a simple 1 block quilt that is created primarily through the pieced sashing!





Pieced by the lovely Sherri. Quilted by the amazing Diana []



So when it came time to start thinking of patterns for this Spring release, the favorites popped quickly to mind, including this one.

Before we started re-designing, the first thing we thought would be fun is to make the SUNWASHED pattern our of our new, CALIFORNIA GIRL, collection.

Choosing to focus on the blues, Sherri pieced this one for her own collection. We are ga-ga for this version! Beautiful job as always!



... doesn't it just make you think of the beach? 






Pieced by the lovely Sherri. Quilted by the amazing Diana.

During the design process, the variation we came up with that is completely different but completely the same…. is that there is no appliqué in this one, its all pieced from charm packs!!



Super simple, to say the least, with the same straightforward sashing construction this version is just like the original but no appliqué. Now mind you, the appliqué on the original SUNWASHED is the most simple kind of appliqué there is and one that I recommend to beginning appliquers all the time. It is a simple curve, with ends that don’t have to be finished or even tucked under because they are pieced into the next block. You really can’t go wrong with that kind of appliqué. In fact, the appliqué doesn’t have to be done at all. Just prep the pieces using starch or any other method that you are familiar with and then simply topstitch the ¼- circles into their blocks and be done. Either way the circle version, SUNWASHED, quilt is a perfect introduction to doing a bit of simple appliqué or at the very least, appliqué prep.

This new version, MARIGOLDS, is entirely pieced, same construction, just an even simpler setup. Half square triangles with “snowball” corners and a pieced sashing. We love it. Made up here also in CALIFORNIA GIRL, focusing a bit more on the corals and the yellows.



... really can't figure out which one is our favorite!!



Hope you might be inspired to try one of these summertime yummies, regardless if a bit of applique is your thing or not!

Believe it or not, there is another version made from our TAPESTRY COLLECTION in the works to be debuted at Quilt Market in Kansas City. If all the stars align, we will show some pictures before then!




Size:  53" x 68 or 68" x 68"

Collection: Shown here made out of California Girl. Coming soon, made also out of our brand new collection, TAPESTRY.

Available: Patterns will be available at the end of May, 2012.

Almost Here

Its been one of those weeks around here, maybe its been one of those months but I am not quite ready to declare that! We have been working on so many things that we just can't share yet that I have been stumped on what to blog about. I guess that is a good problem to have!

So here are a few updates that I can share...


BUTTERCUP is almost here!


Buttercup, our newest fabric collection, is due to release to stores in February so for all those of you who have been patiently waiting for its arrival, only a few more days or weeks depending on where you live! This line has a classic fresh Spring Fig Tree palette with color names like coral rose, sugar snap, lily stone, bluebell, buttercup and primrose. Doesn't that just make you think of meadows or gardens? Okay so maybe it doesn't, but it could LOL!

My favorite print in this line... Sugar Snap, the little vining sweet pea floral. I am just a bit nuts over this print in every single one of the colorways. I know its not nice to choose favorites and I don't mean to hurt your feelings, other prints, but this one is just a perfect combination of sweet and sassy for me! Love it.

 Sugarsnap Brownforblog  Sugarsnap Creamforblog

Saturatedgreenforblog  Sugarsnap Blueforblog

Sugarsnapforblog  Sugarsnapyellowforblog

Saturatedpinkforblog   Sugarsnap Brownforblog

... yes, I did put the brown in there twice. Feeling a little compulsive to set it up all nice and even. Trust me, you wouldn't want to live in my head! Plus the brown colorway is my favorite.

We made Ella's Party Dress out of this fabric. And boy has it seen its share of parties. It's been traveling around all over the world on trunk shows and in between, my daughter has somehow managed to wear it a couple of times. She is nothing if not persistent :-).

[By the way if you are a store and want to set up a trunk show of Buttercup, let us know as soon as possible. Email me at]. 


For those of you who follow the newest releases and MODA updates, you may already know that the MODA fabric reps are currently showing a brand new line for release May, 2011. It is a fresh, retro, picnic feeling line that it a bit of a departure for me. It is called Strawberry Fields. Did I mention that I am infatuated with this collection? I absolutely ADORE it. But I wasn't always so sure about it.....

20160 15blog

Sometimes as a designer, you are not completely sure of the what the finished product is going to feel like when it is done. You work in your little design cave, come up with something that you think is good, rework it & tweak with if for months, send it on to the company with your fingers crossed and then pray. Literally. I don't know about other designers out there, but for me its that time of waiting for the first set of strike offs that is the hardest. How will the mill interpret my work? How will the art director like it? How will the prints work together once they are on cloth? Will all the colors gel or stand out? Have I forgotten a crucial print to make it all flow and work together?  I start to second guess myself the second I send the package! At that moment it is all about the relief of being finished mixed with the insecurity of sending your latest designs out into the world. It is the moment of no return.

Well, with this line since it is a bit more in the fresh, retro, 50's feel, that feeling of no return was HUGE for me. It felt like forever before the first strike offs returned. But I had never loved a set of strikeoffs more. Did I mention that I am a bit infatuated with this collection? Oh I did already, sorry. Anyway, starting tomorrow, I will be showing you a bit more of that line and the yummy patterns that we are releasing with it.

So stay tuned and if you are not yet signed up for our newsletter, you might wanna. There is a sale email that will be going out tomorrow too. Just saying.

Talk to you soon