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Junk Bonanza... could have moved in!


Besides teaching and meeting up with all the wonderful women from the previous post, the thing I was most excited to do while teaching at the Creative Connection was to attend the Junk Bonanza. It was a fair that I had heard about in the pages of the Country Living magazine for years and it surely did not disappoint. The vendors brought a wonderful mix of flea market finds and accessories/art made with "junk" and old stuff. I really could have moved right in. Really. And was seriously mourning the fact that I didn't have a truck to transport all the treasures I would have acquired had I driven one!



... Bingo cards seem to be really in. I even got some ideas from them and purchased a few fun ones.


... the largest onions I have ever encountered were available for sale in the outside farm stand.


... I am a sucker for old books, typography or anything related to old books. Loved this display!


... loved the texture of these.


... and this was my piece de resistance! I wanted this cubby table so badly. I came back to look at it like 17 1/2 times! I could visualize where it would go, what I would put in it, what I would put on top it & how I would decorate it. Sadly, it would not fit into my luggage. Isn't it just so beautiful?

More goodies later. Talk to you soon.

Creative Connection...

I have been a bit MIA. For a few weeks. It seems like longer I think. I have been prepping for one too many events I do believe. 

Quilt Market at the end of October. Our only retail quilt show of the year, Pacific International Quilt Festival, in the middle of October. And The Creative Connection in Minneapolis this past weekend. Wow that's a lot of prepping, a lot of activity, and just so it doesn't sound like I'm whining, a lot of amazing fun. Remind me of this insanity the next time I eagerly say yes to an event scheduled in September, would you?!

First Up... The Creative Connection


The Creative Connection was a 4 day whirlwind of classes, panels, keynotes, parties and get togethers. Yes, lots and lots of get togethers! I had such a wonderful time catching up with good friends and sharing meals with Camille, Lissa, Kaari, Jennifer, Nancy, Mary & Connie, Amy and others that I am now in my "post event haze" probably blanking on! 

It was also such a great opportunity to meet many wonderful women that I had admired for a long time or only "knew" online like Jen, Serena, and Heather. My classes were chalk full of wonderful conference attendees and I had so much fun with  Melanie, HeatherPaigeShasta, Carrie & Jana and others who I know will join the blog world soon! I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Wendy, Marcia from Tinsel Trading, and to admire the beautiful work of others such as Jennifer, the ladies at Hutch Studios, April [fell in love with her owls-especially the ones she had made from our Whimsy fabrics] and others.

I got a chance to teach these little yummies to rooms filled with eager students. You gotta love folks who really want to learn a new skill or hone an old one! Thank you ladies for joining me this past weekend!


At the HANDMADE MARKET.... I fell in love with Jen O'Connor's Earth Angels booth. See the beauties below.

Note: All the ladies mentioned below are linked in the lists above so go take a look at all of their inspiring businesses and blogs....



... I am now the proud owner of that quilt. It will soon be a pattern so stay tuned. I just couldn't resist it from the moment I saw it.


... these little blackbirds had so much personality!


... painting by Jennifer Lanne that I fell in love with several years ago and have them hung all over my studio walls!


... the charming Country Threads booth of Mary and Connie. Just makes me think of fall.

 ... the sweet work of the Hutch Studios. It was instant love at first sight for me.


And of course there were so many more that I  just didn't get a chance to take pictures of. See other posts for more info.


Of course, when I arrived back home exhausted and worn out, this is what was waiting for me.



And then I really did wonder why  I had ever left to begin with.


Talk to you soon.