Our AURIFIL collection

"A little box of jewels..."

"Sherberts good enough to eat.

"Better than dessert!"


"Creamsicle colors and then some!"


These are all things that our customers said when they saw ou brand new AURIFIL thread collection for the first time at Market in Pittsburch this past May. I am not kidding! I wrote them down so that I could use them later.

If you had to, how would you describe them?

We are so pleased to announce that we have partnered with AURIFIL to bring you all of your favorite Fig Tree colors in one place... in thread!

And not just in thread, but in our favorite thread ever!

Read a bit more about that HERE on the MODA Blog.


Now doesn't that just make you want to sew?

Threads that start with our favorite #2000 neutral cream piecing thread and work their way through the entire Fig Tree color spectrum, this collection is a perfect gift to yourself. It really is! I felt that way the first time I opened the box and unwrapped each spool. Oh the happiness!

I know it feels like a lot to lay out for thread all at one time but believe it or not the threads are actually quite a bit less expensive when purchased like this in a collection... its like getting several of the threads for free. Plus you have this wonderful place to store all that goodness in one place.

Just in case you needed a bit of convincing :-).





... the box on my favorite green ladder. A perfect place for threads don't you think? Amidst a wisteria vine LOL!




THREAD INFO: The collection contains 12 of our favorite Fig Tree thread colors to coordinate with our favorite fabrics and collections. Each box has (12) 50 weight spools, each spool contains 1422 yards of thread! You know that will last you a really, really, really long time!

COLORS: Colors include: 2000, 6001, 2214, 2930, 5015, 1231, 2880, 2740, 2220, 2255, 2326, 2155.This does include our favorite neutral cream piecing color!

Perfect for piecing or quilting!

The collection is now available at your local quilt store or HERE on in our shop.


My Little Trip... Part IV

No trip to the British countryside would be complete without some country garden photos... here are a few of my favorites.

I love to think about how the plants all go and look together, why the gardener made certain choices, how one plant plays off the other. The general feel of " slightly overgrown but manicured" is what I love most about the "English Country Garden" look. There is something so magical about it.

Along with my hollyhocks this year, I am going to try to recreate this feel in a small area of my front garden. I already have the overgrown climbing roses and various types of hydrangeas in my front porch area so I think we will start there :-).






... this jasmine reminds so much of growing up that I can literally smell being a kid again!








 ...believe it or not, this is a maple. Full size leaves and a huge tree. It was unbelievable to look at!



 ... felt like The Secret Garden here.



... hollyhocks.



 ... I seriously need a mailbox hidden in a hedge like that!


















Welcome Summer Quilt!

Hello everyone-

I can't believe that some of my kids have already been out of school for a month and summer is in full swing around here!


It seems like the kids multiply on a daily basis, the ice cream truck comes to a full stop right outside our house every day and just plays his twinkle tune until someone comes out, its too hot to sleep at night and too then too nice to get up in the morning. The iced tea is flowing by the jugful- in fact we bought one of those huge glass jars with the spigot so that everyone can help themselves al day long- and we are generally enjoying the slower pace.


At the same time at work we are trying to catch up like crazy- still haven't managed to post about our Spain trip- and are finishing up a few large projects left and right. Our next collection has gone to print- can you even believe it and the one after that is pretty much ready to go as well. Its crazy!

To take a little break, I decided to make a quilt for myself a few weeks ago. Something just for the summer. I pretty much never get to do that but it was a bit after Market and I had a lull in the workload for a couple of days so my mind started spinning. I started with a group of my favorite Fig Tree florals and went from there. I had always wanted to make a Union Jack quilt ever since I saw the very first one sometime last year. Since then I have seen so many different versions- large and small- pieced and appliqued, scrappy and solid. I somehow never found one that worked exactly for me.

I wanted mine to be all florals and simple to contruct with no fabric waste, so of course I sketched out a pattern and thought of a method to put it together without having to do any crazy constructions or waste any fabric.

This is the result.... JUMPING JACKS! I love this quilt right now. It is a perfect picnic blanket or an "eat your ice cream on the lawn" quilt. It is making me really happy....


... I just love the way the florals play together. Who knew that all the collections would like each other so much!





... absolutely love the way the navy floral makes all the other fabrics pop. Made more of that block than any of the others.



... Gabrielle covered in a "Jumping Jacks" coverall. She actually came up with the name and is very pleased with herself. You know... Union Jack... Jumping Jack... we like to amuse ourselves around here!



For more info, click HERE... because you know that as soon as I started making one for myself, I thought you might want to make one too!

On Friday I am hoping to show you the table runner we also made with some of the leftover blocks from the quilt [the kit has enough florals to make 2 quilts or a quilt and pillows or a table runner or anything else you can come up with!!]

Happy summer afternoon!

In love with my BELLAS

 A few weeks back, my friend Sherri asked me if she could interview me about some of my favorite MODA BELLA SOLIDS and how I use them. As I talked to her about a few of my favorite colors, the ones that I have in the studio by the bolt, I remembered how much I really loved these fabrics and colors!


She posted some wonderful info about it HERE and explored more than just my own favorites but those of some of my friends so you should really check it out.

As for me, after talking to Sherri I felt the need to make up a yummy little bundle of our Spring feeling favorites around here. I mean these colors are just the inspiration you would need to create some beautiful Springtime goodies. They make me think of creamsicles in every flavor- strawberries & cream, pistachio & cream, mint julip & cream, bananas & cream [I do know that creamsicles don't come in some of those flavors but I think they should!]. As for the blues, they make me dream of sea glass in every tone. Just think of it!


I think it would be just the perfect addition to your solids stash and at this amazing price... I don't think you can go wrong. If you make something fabulous with it, be sure to send us a picture and we'll post it on FACEBOOK if we can!


Click HERE for more info.


Just Around

Today I am working like crazy to get these last patterns finished but thought I would share a tiny bit of what was around me as I worked....

I love fall. Just. Love. It.


... my favorite color combo right now.



... Love this wreath courtesy of TARGET.



... my favorite tree outside the studio window.



... a little deco on the dining room table.



... because I do, after all, still live in California LOL!



... the carpet that is my backyard right now.

Okay, back to work.




For those of you who have followed me for a while, you might remember these beauties that bloom outside my studio windows every late winter. The color and feel and shape of them is just unbelievable.

Usually I try to photo them alongside my daughter as a way of seeing her change and the blooms stay the same every year. I still hope to do that this year but so far life has gotten a bit in the way.




Look at those petals?!




I don't know if you remember but last week I promised everyone another great reveal. I still plan on getting that reveal to you soon! Unfortunately I had to go out of town quite suddenly due to some urgent family health issues. Wish it wasn't happening. Wish I could make it all go away. Wish that instead I was working on another great reveal. But it is not to be so today. Maybe tomorrow. One day at a time they say.

I might write more later. Once we all wrap our heads around what "it" is. 


For today, however, I am hoping that Magnolias might make you happy. They are certainly bringing a ray of sunshine to our world. Even if I am not at home to see them right this very moment.

Day #9: The 12 Days of Christmas

Welcome to Day #9 of the 12 Days of Christmas: Fig Tree Style! Each day we will have a different kit, a different sale and even a few giveaways along the way. Join us each day so that you don't miss out on a single thing. We are so excited to share all of our goodies with you!


Day #9



Today is CHALK FULL of good things so read carefully so you don't miss out on any of them.

Not only is today Day #9 of our fabulous 12 Days of Christmas Sale [click here, or here for some of the other days to see the festivities if you have not been following along], today is also our day on the

*** MODA Designer Holiday Blog Hop ***

Each day you can visit a few of the MODA designers to see what block and recipe goodies they have to share. Each designer you visit will have a new sampler block card and a recipe card for you. Print them out on cream colored cardstock [or any other color really, but you know we do everything in cream around here], package them up with some lovely twine or ribbon and you have a fabulous little memento for yourself or for a stocking stuffer for a friend. You will find a PDF link for both cards here below.

Click here for the actual pdf of the below block and recipe card.


You’ll need just (3) 9″ x 22″ pieces of fabric to make this block-  one dark, one medium and one light! 

Make up a quilt using 12 of these blocks and put sashing in-between each block.  You’ll have a quilt that looks great in any fabric combination or use just a few of your favorite blocks and repeat them several times. Collect all the blocks and use them however they suit your fancy!

Here’s the designer list for the week:

December 5th

Minick & Simpson
Bunny Hill
Me & My Sister
Deb Strain

December 6th

Kansas Troubles
Fig Tree
Cosmo Cricket
Lucie Summers
Liz Scott

December 7th:

Cotton Way
French General
Oliver + S
Ellen Luckett Baker

December 8th

Kathy Schmitz Studios
Laundry Basket Quilts

Kate Spain
Primitive Gatherings

December 9th

Basic Grey
Jan Patek
American Jane
Sandy Gervais

Hope you have a chance to visit them all and collect all the goodies along the way!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

So now for the rest of the goodies.

  First up today...

 Red and green bundles on sale just in time for the holidays [and beyond too of course because who doesn't love red and green]?! We just made up a whole new grouping of them to make sure there was enough for anyone who wanted one and their cousin LOL! So if you have been waiting to snatch one of these lovelies, this is it!




More choices available so click here for more info and to see the current red and green bundles available.


Second up today....

 A giveaway in honor of the MODA Blog Hop.

 Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite Christmas song or carol is

and you will be entered to win... 

your choice of 10 of your favorite Fig Tree patterns, along with a giant box of fabric scraps, along with a few other special goodies for a truly wonderful Christmas present for any Fig Tree fan! 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

12 Days of Christmas Special Day #9: 

Red & Green Bundles are 12% off! 

Comment to enter Giveaway!

Love Fall.

Working on some author review for my upcoming book today and couldn't resist sharing the view from my dining room table where I am currently working. It might also be that I am procrastinating just a tiny bit.

If this is my editor reading.... I am definitely not procrastinating. Just gathering inspiration :-).




Geez, I  love fall.

New Yummies!

I am in Kansas. Crazy, I know! Teaching and lecturing about color and design to some fabulous quilters and fabric lovers. I love our customers.They are generous and committed and make this business so much fun!

Oh and by the way, don't even think about the Dorothy and Toto jokes. My hub is emailing them to me on a regular basis throughout the day! At least he is entertaining himself while I am gone!

ButI digress. I promised to let you know as soon as we had some new bundle lovelies up..... well, we might have one or two or three all lined up and ready for new homes..




...Oh my gosh, just makes me want to go to the beach right now!



For more info click here.


And we have made more of the original solid bundles which we have now titled "FRESH" back in stock.

Click here.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


And for all those of you MODA fans who are in the midst of Christmas in July projects.... well we thought we would make it just a bit easier for you.


Apple & grass greens....




And tomato & strawberry reds....




For more info, click here.

And since you guys have eaten up the new cream bundles like they were cheetos... we are currently making more of those for next week.

Okay, gotta get some sleep. Teach all day tomorrow. Will tell you how it goes soon.





Market Fabric Snapshots

Fig Tree went traditional this time around. Classic and traditional with some of our most popular colors from best selling lines. Do you recognize any of them?

Introducing Butterscotch & Rose....

For a dash of classic elegance for Fall 2011. I hope it conjurs [sp?] up visions of fall and winter projects and even a bit of home redecorating. I created it for autumn, but some of my customers have shown me that it is certainly perfect for the holidays as well! Pull out the rich reds and classic greens paired with the cream and Christmas is just around the corner. I wonder what you might create?

Tune in tomorrow for a chance to get some in person.... soon!  A giant box of MODA goodness just arrived and I am itching to do something with some of it!


Here are my favorite shots of the colorways.

Red stack

... Ruby.



... Butterscotch & Buttercream.



... Sky.



... Fresh Tarragon, Frosting Rose, Chocolate Tart.



Here is the inspiration story:

"Inspired by the sights and smells of a recent autumn getaway in the little wine country town of Sonoma, California, Butterscotch & Rose is my interpretation of my favorite season! The collection flowed directly from the mix of harvest leaves, gourmet bistros, walks in the woods, gorgeous tones of roses still blooming [after all this is California] and the scents of the beginnings of the wine harvest. I hope that I was able to capture all that this region brought to me as its September gift."