Chestnut Street Fabric

2016 Mystery Fig Tree Sampler

As I write this, I should be finishing up the binding on this lovely 2016 project. My Instagram friends urged me to finish up the binding so that I could consider it a February finish and that is just the cheering section I need right about now to get this one done!

UPDATE: BINDING DONE [see last photo] !!

Sometimes I absolutely love binding and sometimes... well sometimes not so much [usually depending on what else I have to do at the same time]!

These annual samplers have surely become my favorite projects of all time. The one from 2015 was based a little bit more around a sherbet palette with navy as the darkest element [I will share some comparison photos in a few days]. This sampler from 2016 went a bit more retro and was based around my Farmhouse and Strawberry Fields collections and used a chalkboard black as the "grounding color" of the grouping. That might be one of my favorite elements this time around.

I chose the black gingham rose as the binding and I am just a little smitten with how it all turned out. Enjoy....













When we get a bit of warm weather and dry grass enough for a full photo shoot, I will include some more photos of the entire project!

If you joined us for this year long project, I really hope you are nearing completion on yours too. Would love to see your finished pics on Instagram!!


Halloween Blooms

EDIT: We now have more bundles HALLOWEEN II available!

Its that time everyone... summer is slowly coming to a close and many of us are starting to think of harvest time. Many of you will know what that means around here.... its VINTAGE HALLOWEEN BUNDLE TIME at Fig Tree!




Each year at about this time, we debut a new vintage Halloween feeling bundle full of butterscotch oranges, ivory creams, soft greys and charcoals and warm blacks. We look forward to working on this bundle each year and we know that so many of you look forward to seeing and using it too!



[pattern is also available on its own in the shop] 

This year we have decided to use one of our favorite classic vintage blocks for the pattern. It is traditionally called ROLLING STONES but it also goes by lots of other names, most commonly also known as the Broken Wheel.


HalloweenBlooms copy










We are offering the bundle on its own [with the pattern] and also with the ivory background as a kit [with the pattern]. Click HERE for more info on either. Please read the descriptions carefully to see what is and isn't in each bundle and/or kit.

Please note that in the pictures of the actual quilt here on the blog we have added in some Farmhouse scraps and a few fabrics from our upcoming Chestnut Street collection. Those fabrics are not in your bundle because they do not ship to stores until later in September. If you have Farmhouse scraps we encourage you to throw some in or wait until Chestnut Street arrives and add in a couple of the oranges during construction!


In case any of you want to add or augment your vintage Halloween stash with some more oranges, blacks or creams, we have a couple other bundles up today as well so that you can do that!








We hope you have fun Halloween shopping!


Welcome Chestnut Street

I know we have been "sneak peeking" our brand new patterns for a while now and showing you snippets of fabric here and there. Hope you have enjoyed all the new goodies [hint… we are actually not quite done showing you some new yummies!



Today our bags are getting packed and we are off to Salt Lake for the biannual Quilt Market Extravaganza known as Quilt Market.

So it felt like a good day to officially introduce you to our newest fabric collection, Chestnut Street.

Fabric is due out in stores in September, 2016.  

The fabric collection ships worldwide in September, so be sure to ask… and yes, pester… your local quilt shop to see if they are planning on carrying it! 

We love the retro feel of this group and fee like it is a great "sister" group to our wildly popular Farmhouse collection from last year. If you hoarded some of that group, you can most certainly mix the two to your hearts content. They will play very, very well together. This group has a wonderful, golden yellow mixed into it along with all of the favorites from Farmhouse as well.

We are a bit in love at the moment!










… a little tuffet pincushion made for me by my sweet friend Cynthia!








… for an upcoming MODA promotion. A little bit dorky but still a fun photo shoot :-)!


See you at Market or next week.


xoxox  Joanna


Introducing… Granny Style

 I have always wanted to work on a granny square quilt but some never got up the umph needed to make all those little strip set. So when I saw this vintage quilt with a block that such great unique feel and movement and yet felt to me in the style of all of those great granny square quilts, I jumped on the chance.

Chestnut Street seemed like the perfect retro feeling collection for it!


… the quilt is almost entirely out of Chestnut street with a few other fabrics thrown in when I ran out of good combinations that I liked!





… the pattern cover



NAME:  Granny Style. Sample pieced by Sherri McConnell

FABRIC: Made from our upcoming Chestnut Street Fabric [fabric available September 2016] and 2 older fabrics thrown in for a bit of added variety. Fat 1/8 yds. or standard 1/8 yds. are perfect for this pattern as our sets of larger scraps from your stash or fat quarters 

SIZE: 64 1/2" x 76"




Introducing... Somersault

Today we continue with another brand new pattern. Our new Layer Cake [or any set of 10" squares] pattern, Somersault is simple and fun to assemble. The outside black checkerboard sets off this easy quilt and makes it something special and unique.

Such a simple block with so much movement!






NAME: Somersault

SIZE: 67" X 73"

FABRICS: We used our upcoming Chestnut Street collection, due out in stores in September 2016. We have another sample made from past collections too but it is still being quilted. We will show you that one after Market! This pattern is perfect for a Layer Cake or a collection of 1/8 yd. cuts if you prefer.

Introducing…. MIDNIGHT

Its that time everyone… every market season we introduce all of our new patterns to you here, one at a time throughout the week or weeks leading up to Market.  This is our first official reveal.  

A quilt I have wanted to make forever and something that I am so happy is now in my personal collection. As most of you already know, I am a little bit obsessed with the MODA Black Crossweave fabric and have been adding it to things for a while now. I might or might not be hoarding full bolts for personal use. Just maybe!

For those of you who are doing our RETRO WOOL BOM, this is the same fabric. Its just a little bit perfect for this quilt. I think. Next up on my list of must do… the cream version. But that will most definitely have to wait until after Market.












SIZE:  62" square or 62" x 75"

FABRIC USED: For the flat images, it is all Chestnut Street and either Chestnut Street cream or Bella Solid, Washed Black as the background. For the styled quilt you see above, we used the MODA Black Crossweave, 1 Honeybun of our upcoming Chestnut Street and then a bunch of scraps strips from previous lines for a truly scrappy grouping of YUM!   Fabric will be available September, 2016.

DATE AVAILABLE: PDF pattern will be available soon, printed patterns will be available right after Quilt Market. 

SPECIAL SURPRISE: MODA is releasing Honeybuns™ with this collection especially for this quilt.. so be sure to get yours as they are perfect for making this project so much easier!

xoxo  Joanna