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Welcome Summer Quilt!

Hello everyone-

I can't believe that some of my kids have already been out of school for a month and summer is in full swing around here!


It seems like the kids multiply on a daily basis, the ice cream truck comes to a full stop right outside our house every day and just plays his twinkle tune until someone comes out, its too hot to sleep at night and too then too nice to get up in the morning. The iced tea is flowing by the jugful- in fact we bought one of those huge glass jars with the spigot so that everyone can help themselves al day long- and we are generally enjoying the slower pace.


At the same time at work we are trying to catch up like crazy- still haven't managed to post about our Spain trip- and are finishing up a few large projects left and right. Our next collection has gone to print- can you even believe it and the one after that is pretty much ready to go as well. Its crazy!

To take a little break, I decided to make a quilt for myself a few weeks ago. Something just for the summer. I pretty much never get to do that but it was a bit after Market and I had a lull in the workload for a couple of days so my mind started spinning. I started with a group of my favorite Fig Tree florals and went from there. I had always wanted to make a Union Jack quilt ever since I saw the very first one sometime last year. Since then I have seen so many different versions- large and small- pieced and appliqued, scrappy and solid. I somehow never found one that worked exactly for me.

I wanted mine to be all florals and simple to contruct with no fabric waste, so of course I sketched out a pattern and thought of a method to put it together without having to do any crazy constructions or waste any fabric.

This is the result.... JUMPING JACKS! I love this quilt right now. It is a perfect picnic blanket or an "eat your ice cream on the lawn" quilt. It is making me really happy....


... I just love the way the florals play together. Who knew that all the collections would like each other so much!





... absolutely love the way the navy floral makes all the other fabrics pop. Made more of that block than any of the others.



... Gabrielle covered in a "Jumping Jacks" coverall. She actually came up with the name and is very pleased with herself. You know... Union Jack... Jumping Jack... we like to amuse ourselves around here!



For more info, click HERE... because you know that as soon as I started making one for myself, I thought you might want to make one too!

On Friday I am hoping to show you the table runner we also made with some of the leftover blocks from the quilt [the kit has enough florals to make 2 quilts or a quilt and pillows or a table runner or anything else you can come up with!!]

Happy summer afternoon!

Warning: Picture Heavy!

You know how there are certain patterns that you remember sewing long after you are done with them? Those ones that become favorites no matter how many other quilts you have made in the meantime?

In my case, that often means those are the patterns that are mysteriously “unavailable” to travel or go to shows because they are… well, they are being used on our couch! The original SUNWASHED pattern is one of those patterns.

We have made it up in various different color combinations and are still in love with most of them, several of them are “regulars” in our quilt basket and get used on a daily basis.




....on the cover of the pattern it is also made up out of our Mill House Inn collection





Something about the simplicity and yet complicated look of this quilt is fabulous to me. Not that I can take any credit for the design as I discovered it on a vintage quilt many years ago and just reinterpreted it with a much easier piecing and assembly technique. I love that it is a simple 1 block quilt that is created primarily through the pieced sashing!





Pieced by the lovely Sherri. Quilted by the amazing Diana [[email protected]]



So when it came time to start thinking of patterns for this Spring release, the favorites popped quickly to mind, including this one.

Before we started re-designing, the first thing we thought would be fun is to make the SUNWASHED pattern our of our new, CALIFORNIA GIRL, collection.

Choosing to focus on the blues, Sherri pieced this one for her own collection. We are ga-ga for this version! Beautiful job as always!



... doesn't it just make you think of the beach? 






Pieced by the lovely Sherri. Quilted by the amazing Diana.

During the design process, the variation we came up with that is completely different but completely the same…. is that there is no appliqué in this one, its all pieced from charm packs!!



Super simple, to say the least, with the same straightforward sashing construction this version is just like the original but no appliqué. Now mind you, the appliqué on the original SUNWASHED is the most simple kind of appliqué there is and one that I recommend to beginning appliquers all the time. It is a simple curve, with ends that don’t have to be finished or even tucked under because they are pieced into the next block. You really can’t go wrong with that kind of appliqué. In fact, the appliqué doesn’t have to be done at all. Just prep the pieces using starch or any other method that you are familiar with and then simply topstitch the ¼- circles into their blocks and be done. Either way the circle version, SUNWASHED, quilt is a perfect introduction to doing a bit of simple appliqué or at the very least, appliqué prep.

This new version, MARIGOLDS, is entirely pieced, same construction, just an even simpler setup. Half square triangles with “snowball” corners and a pieced sashing. We love it. Made up here also in CALIFORNIA GIRL, focusing a bit more on the corals and the yellows.



... really can't figure out which one is our favorite!!



Hope you might be inspired to try one of these summertime yummies, regardless if a bit of applique is your thing or not!

Believe it or not, there is another version made from our TAPESTRY COLLECTION in the works to be debuted at Quilt Market in Kansas City. If all the stars align, we will show some pictures before then!




Size:  53" x 68 or 68" x 68"

Collection: Shown here made out of California Girl. Coming soon, made also out of our brand new collection, TAPESTRY.

Available: Patterns will be available at the end of May, 2012.

Quilts & More: Scrap Lab

I'm sure you have noticed that every 3 months or so another little QUILTS & MORE: SCRAP LAB project shows up the doorstep of our blog. Well, its that time again.

It seems that each time we wrap it all up and think that we are done, its time to work on another scrappy goody for the folks at SCRAP LAB. Who knew, but apparently you guys are a little crazy about the SCRAP LAB feature and keep asking for more stuff. Thanks guys! I sure hope Camille and I [and all our guest friends] don't run out of ideas!

As usual I am not quite "on top of it all" enough to know [or if I did know, then remember] when the magazine hits the newsstands and when I am supposed to talk about it, but when QUILTS & MORE starts tweeting about the issue and I see it for sale online, I guess its safe to assume that I can blog about it. So here goes...

This time around we got to use a bit of my latest collection, California Girl, [you never know what they're going to throw at us, those crazy Quilts & More ladies] so it was super fun for me to whip up a little scrappy project for you out of my own creations! Our challenge this time around was to use a charm pack and a 1/2 yd. ivory solid fabric. Even the binding had to be from the charm pack. I have to tell you that even though you might not know it in the midst of the design process, I am really loving the challenge of using only what I have in front of me. Its kinda liberating in a funny kind of way.


So anyway, this is my contribution to this SCRAP LAB feature. As soon as I see any blogs or posts about the other projects [they are super-duper cute btw], I will add them here..... or at least tell you about them. I think you will love our guest this time around. We always love our guests... but kinda especially love this one. She is fabulous.










So... its super simple and a great beginner project or something that you can literally whip up in an afternoon. Small enough for you to easily practice your quilting on. Bound with scraps of the charm squares.


Topper kit

The instructions & pattern are all in the latest SUMMER ISSUE '12 of QUILTS & MORE.

The magazine is available now. It is sold at many grocery stores, chain fabric stores and of course most of your local quilt shops. It is also available on-line.

We do not sell the magazine here at Fig Tree.

We do sell the kit for the project here at Fig Tree. If you are interested, CLICK here. The kits contains all the fabric you need for the top including the binding. The backing is not included. We used plain cream solid from our stash.

Have a great day! 

Picking Favorites

I know its not nice to pick favorites when you have multiple "kids", but these days this one is definitely my favorite. Shhh... don't tell the other ones!

It was so beautiful the other day that I couldn't resist the opportunity to snap a few shots.




Things that I am loving about it right now:

My Favorite California Girl prints

Giant Blocks

Simple Piecing

No Matching Points!

Light Ivory Background.

Fabulous Quliting

Did I mention Giant Blocks?

Okay, that's it I guess.










Click here for more info if you are interested.

Hope you all had a great weekend. 

Fresh Bundles

Given that our shopping cart has been down, we haven't had the opportunity to show you guys any of our latest bundles. Well, we have a limited cart back up now so thought we would share a few of the latest.

Oh, I think you might love these! We sure do!


Springblog bundle
The Spring Bundle


Meadowblog bundle
The Meadow Bundle


Beachblog bundle
The Beach Bundle

Click here for more info on any of the above yummies!

Lotsa bolts


This week has been kit cutting week around here. If you have been waiting patiently for your kit lovelies to come, they are on their way! Once we wrap our heads around what is left next week, we will let you know what we might have left.

As we were throwing out piles and piles and piles of cardboard bolts, we snapped a few shots to share.

Let's just say that we are ready for the weekend and hope you enjoy yours!


BTW, for all of you who have commented and emailed about my dad's health.... I can't even tell you how much that means to me. Thank you so much for your thoughts, hopes and prayers for him and us. Will share more later but I just wanted all of you to know that your kindness does not go unnoticed. I appreciate each and every one of you.




A perfect Saturday. It comes around once in a while- in between sports schedules and work deadlines and house projects. A day full of family and stillness and loveliness.


... one of our most popular little patterns right now. 3 Blind Mice. Get it? Sometimes I crack myself up!


Sleeping in.

Earl Grey Tea and French pastries.

Tulips on the table.

A Walk in the hills with the kids.

A family boardgame.... or two or three.

Simple fresh dinner from our farm box.

The smell of said dinner in the house all evening.

Braiding hair.

Organizing my bedroom desk. Looking through inspiration folders.

Having good "life talks" with the oldest boy.

Holding hands. With several different people in one day.

A perfect Saturday.


... at some point in the day, I cut up some apples for a snack for the kids. And laughed when they complained that it was taking me too long to get it to them. It was indeed taking a long time. Since somewhere in between cutting them up and delivering them, I felt the need to photo them on the bay window. It was just a perfect way to describe my day. They didn't get it. That made me laugh.


Hope you had some loveliness in your weekend too!



Star Blooms

As the date for the fabric release of California Girl gets closer and closer, we get more excited about the possibilities of this fabric! So full of fresh colors that just "speaks" beach and spring and summer and picnics and little girl's dresses!

Just wanted to share my favorite quilt right now. Star Blooms. Love it. 










And we have kits at a special introductory price!

And patterns too!


Have a great weekend.