Vintage Halloween Quilts Over the Years


Each year we create a curated bundle of what we envision "vintage Halloween" to be. Since 2012 when we first started this tradition, we have collected and compiled soft orange, warm black, various greys and creams throughout the year in order to put together the best Vintage Halloween bundles we can come up with. All of the fabrics are MODA, all of them contain a little Fig Tree but are mixed with so many different designers and collections that we couldn't possibly name them or tell you what's in each bundle. Since we have received so many questions and emails about past projects, we thought we would reminisce a little and see all of the patterns we have done.


You can work on any of these vintage Halloween quilts with this years bundles, just like you can use past year's bundles for any of the other patterns. You might have to add a few fabrics from your stash here or there, or add more background or sashing for a particular pattern, but all of the bundles have had 12 or more 1/2 yard cuts and all the blocks would be easily made with any of them.

So if you don't have a vintage Halloween collection of your own yet.... well it might just be time to start creating one with a whole lot of choices.

To get started, nab one of this year's bundles that we still have available and pick which one of these fun patterns you want to get started with. Remember that this year's bundle comes with the Fresh Laundry pattern but you can also buy any of the other patterns featured throughout the years too to start your collection. Its never too late to start!







HalloweenBlooms copy








Introducing Halloween Faire, a vintage Halloween version of our popular County Fair pattern.


And a link HERE to the PDF that gives you the info to make the County Fair pattern in this Halloween version.






Fall is in the air around here! Finally the weather seems to be turning a little bit toward my absolute favorite season of the year! Almost time for all my favorite sweaters to come out!!






But ofcourse we had way too many good leftovers and so we created a second quilt with what we stil had in the bundle....


And as promised to those of you who purchased the kit [we are making up more this week for those of you still interested], here is the info on the HALLOWEEN CHECKERBOARDS quilt, the second quilt from the bundle...

CLICK HERE for the Checkerboard Instructions in a PDF. The fnished size can be up to 58" x 66"... a perfect lap throw that can be whipped up so fast you could have it done this season!




The new pattern is called "Spools Quartet" and this version is "Halloween Spools" and it is made with 12 different warm blacks, soft greys and our signature butterscotch oranges. It is the kind of quilt that comes together in a weekend with simple cutting and construction. Whip one out this week just in time to display for Halloween... really and truly! These blocks are crazy simple with no triangles, using the square, sew and flip method that most of you are probably familiar with.













Name:  Spools Quarter or Halloween Spools

Size: 68" x 68"

Fabric: Can be made with a jelly roll or in this case (12) 1/4 yds. oranges, blacks and greys.



Introducing, the Lollipops pattern in our Halloween Pops version. We are in love with this quilt and can't wait for it to come home and enjoy some time on our couch.  






 Believe it or not but all of these blocks are made with 2 1/2" strips and no templates to sew! If you are familiar with our Papillon pattern or the Dresden Plate pattern in our Fresh Vintage #16, this uses the same method but even simplified. We even figured out a way to get a perfectly flat "plate" each and every time with a little hint. You gotta love that.

SO THAT'S ALL THE VINTAGE HALLOWEEN INFO I CAN DIG UP FROM THE PAST YEARS. We have several of the patterns with the halloween variations up in our SHOP right now if you want to check them out. And this year's bundles are available in 2 different styles.


Happy Vintage Halloweening!



Halloween Blooms

EDIT: We now have more bundles HALLOWEEN II available!

Its that time everyone... summer is slowly coming to a close and many of us are starting to think of harvest time. Many of you will know what that means around here.... its VINTAGE HALLOWEEN BUNDLE TIME at Fig Tree!




Each year at about this time, we debut a new vintage Halloween feeling bundle full of butterscotch oranges, ivory creams, soft greys and charcoals and warm blacks. We look forward to working on this bundle each year and we know that so many of you look forward to seeing and using it too!



[pattern is also available on its own in the shop] 

This year we have decided to use one of our favorite classic vintage blocks for the pattern. It is traditionally called ROLLING STONES but it also goes by lots of other names, most commonly also known as the Broken Wheel.


HalloweenBlooms copy










We are offering the bundle on its own [with the pattern] and also with the ivory background as a kit [with the pattern]. Click HERE for more info on either. Please read the descriptions carefully to see what is and isn't in each bundle and/or kit.

Please note that in the pictures of the actual quilt here on the blog we have added in some Farmhouse scraps and a few fabrics from our upcoming Chestnut Street collection. Those fabrics are not in your bundle because they do not ship to stores until later in September. If you have Farmhouse scraps we encourage you to throw some in or wait until Chestnut Street arrives and add in a couple of the oranges during construction!


In case any of you want to add or augment your vintage Halloween stash with some more oranges, blacks or creams, we have a couple other bundles up today as well so that you can do that!








We hope you have fun Halloween shopping!


Happy Easter Yesterday!

Ooops, it looks like even though our Easter newsletter went out on time… the blog post got stuck somewhere in Easter never never land. So figured it was still good a day late :-)!


Happy Easter my Friends!

Hope your day was filled with loveliess, family, friends, wonderful food and lots of eggs... both the real and candy variety!

In the midst of all the festivities, I hope and pray that you had a moment to reflect on the meaning of the day. Happy Easter everyone!


In honor of Easter, we are releasing our brand new MODA BELLA Solids "SHERBET" Bundle today!

We couldn't resist releasing this perfect bundle of loveliness a little bit earlier than we had originally planned. A perfect combo of all of our favorite MODA BELLA Solids, this is the ultimate compliment to your favorite Fig Tree fabrics.
Fig Tree Sherbets
FT Sherbets 2

Tied up in a fabulous MODA tape measure bow, this bundle of (12) BELLA Solids is the perfect start to so many projects!
Not only that but we are working on several special projects that will use this bundle along with a variety of some of our favorite low-volume ivory prints.
Cream 47

Do you want to join us? 

If so then be sure to stock up on (1) solids bundle and any (1) of the ivory low- volume bundles we have in the shop.

Stay tuned next week to receive your first set of instructions on how to get started on the project!
More info HERE.
ALSO STAY TUNED TO A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT LATER TODAY! Hint: It has something to do with a little green box!
Happy Sewing,

Classic Yuletide BOM Updates...

We are well under way on our latest Block-of-the-Month program and have just sent out Month 4 last week so hopefully all of you have received it by now. We are really enjoying the various combinations of red, green and cream that we are getting to play with and hope that you are too!

We are tracking many of you via your emails and photos and your Instagram posts and it looks like many of you are keeping on track and current! I am so proud of you! This program is only two 16" blocks each month so it is totally "keepupable". I think that should be word, don't you?

Here are some photos of the each month's blocks so far...





… this photo shamelessly borrowed from Greg at greydogwoodstudio on Instagram because our second block for that first month seems to be MIA at the time of these photos. I guess it is time to clean up the studio again!






Many of you have asked for some of the official block names for some of these and I don't know much about them. If you have info or the traditional name for any of these, please feel free to share with all of us.

Month #1: Carolina Lily variation and unknown

Month #2: Feathered Star variation and unknown 

Month #3: Nine-Patch patchwork [a variation of a "Double Nine-Patch"] and Goose-in-the-Pond

Month #4: Carolina Lily variation [closest I could find were "Mariposa" or "Snow Drop" and unknown

Since its a great time for Christmas in July, I thought we would add in a Christmas bundle to the shop in case any of you want to get a start on a Christmas project of your own.


Click HERE for bundle info.

Talk soon. More vacation photos coming next.

A Bit of This & That...

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season and that you are taking time to really enjoy your family and your home in the midst of all the rest.

A few things around here that I wanted to share...

Believe it or not, we have been able to add some more bundles of several of the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS favorites! Take a look at what we have...CLICK HERE.






* * * * * * * * * * * *

Winners of the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS Drawings:

Bag of Goodies goes to:

Ellen Ingram
Laura Taylor
Mary Thompson

Backpack goes to:
Carla Gutman
Julie Liedahl

Thank you ladies for playing along in our crazy 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE. Your prizes have been added to your boxes and shipped of to you. Merry Christmas!


* * * * * * * * * * * *

We will also be donating $400 to the George Mark Children's House as a part of one of the 12 DAYS SALE! We have so much more to share about the RED & WHITE QUILT SHOW soon! Please stay tuned!


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Several of the notions that we featured as a part of the 12 DAYS SALE, are also back in stock in the shop and more will be in soon.

Click HERE.


* * * * * * * * * * * *


Christmas in July


We thought we would send a few Christmas ideas out there for those of you crazy organized quilters who actually sew for Christmas in July... you know who you are!

Personally anyone who knows me would never put me in that category [the category of an organized pre-planner] but I really do appreciate seeing all the wonderful progress that the rest of you make when you plan ahead like you do!



So... we put a bunch of our Christmas feeling patterns on sale this week and we have made up a couple Christmas in July bundles that would work beautifully for several of the patterns that we have on sale. Or get you started on any other Christmas project that you might have in mind. The bundles all have (9) 1/2 yd. cuts in them.


For those of you retro types, we even added in a Retro Christmas in July bundle. I am sure you can figure out which one that is!




To check out the Christmas in July goodies, click HERE.


P.S. If we run out of bundles quickly, we will make up some more that are similiar so do not panic, just check back a bit later.

Have a great day!


In love with my BELLAS

 A few weeks back, my friend Sherri asked me if she could interview me about some of my favorite MODA BELLA SOLIDS and how I use them. As I talked to her about a few of my favorite colors, the ones that I have in the studio by the bolt, I remembered how much I really loved these fabrics and colors!


She posted some wonderful info about it HERE and explored more than just my own favorites but those of some of my friends so you should really check it out.

As for me, after talking to Sherri I felt the need to make up a yummy little bundle of our Spring feeling favorites around here. I mean these colors are just the inspiration you would need to create some beautiful Springtime goodies. They make me think of creamsicles in every flavor- strawberries & cream, pistachio & cream, mint julip & cream, bananas & cream [I do know that creamsicles don't come in some of those flavors but I think they should!]. As for the blues, they make me dream of sea glass in every tone. Just think of it!


I think it would be just the perfect addition to your solids stash and at this amazing price... I don't think you can go wrong. If you make something fabulous with it, be sure to send us a picture and we'll post it on FACEBOOK if we can!


Click HERE for more info.


A few new bundles...

Have been meaning to post some New Year updates but since I can't manage to get to that, thought I'd share a few of our SHOP updates. A few new bundles....





See HERE for more info.

And a few goodies on clearance. Click HERE for more info on that.


Happy Weekend.

Strawberries for Sale...





We thought we would have some fun today and send you some strawberry love. Given our apparent love of all things strawberry around here, we are putting anything strawberry related on sale 20% this weekend.


This includes any pattern that has the word strawberry in it or is made out of our STRAWBERRY FIELDS fabric collection.


This would include:



Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Fields

Berry Sweet Bag

Strawberry Lilies

Strawberry Cafe

Sit Upon


Kiss Me

Peggy Sue



Now you have to go to the website and search for the patterns to see what they are. Some are quilts, some are accessory goodies, some are purses... there is even a box cushion in there. Have fun searching!


You can start here.




In addition, we thought we would tie up some strawberry themed bundles for you for the occasion. These are not on sale, but are added into the festivities just for the fun of it. Not a lot of them here so get 'em while you can!





Click here for more info on the Strawberry Bundles.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

With ANY STRAWBERRY SALE PURCHASE [that would include the bundle or any of the above mentioned patterns], we will include a STRAWBERRY CAFE pattern in your order free!


Strawberry Cafe has a pattern in it for some fun summer curtains and a matching table topper. How could you possibly resist?








Happy Strawberry searching and sewing,








Summertime, summertime...

I’ve missed you all just a bit... well maybe more than just a bit. I forget sometimes what a regular part of my process this blog has become.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and your families! We have obviously been completely MIA here since Market and I will write more about that [and the state of my dad's health] a bit later. Needless to say that everything in our office is backed up about a month so please do not feel bad or be offended if I haven’t responded to your email. Orders have been going out regularly and our NEW WEBSITE has been up without a glitch but anything that has needed my attention has suffered either a lot or a bit depending on if anyone else could address it. I am really sorry.

So I’m back now… for now anyway and even if its completely too late, I still plan on showing our Market Booth pics this week along with more debuts of our new upcoming patterns [that we are now furiously working to get out to you before the end of the month].

For today, however, I wanted to show you a few bundles that our gals have been furiously cutting while I have been away...

First up, CREAM #13. For those of you who have been following along, this is the thirteenth in the series and we hope you enjoy it!


Click here for more info.



Next up, is our new pink, cream and grey bundle. There's not a lot of these as we just used up some end of bolts to make them up but we thought you might enjoy the classic combination in a little bundle of fabric goodness.


Click here for more info.




Oh and we have a bunch of new SCRAP BAGS for those of you scrap lovers out there. Good ones with a mix of the current lines in them!

Click here for more info.


I'll be back tomorrow. Because I really did miss you guys.