Welcome Summer Quilt!

Hello everyone-

I can't believe that some of my kids have already been out of school for a month and summer is in full swing around here!


It seems like the kids multiply on a daily basis, the ice cream truck comes to a full stop right outside our house every day and just plays his twinkle tune until someone comes out, its too hot to sleep at night and too then too nice to get up in the morning. The iced tea is flowing by the jugful- in fact we bought one of those huge glass jars with the spigot so that everyone can help themselves al day long- and we are generally enjoying the slower pace.


At the same time at work we are trying to catch up like crazy- still haven't managed to post about our Spain trip- and are finishing up a few large projects left and right. Our next collection has gone to print- can you even believe it and the one after that is pretty much ready to go as well. Its crazy!

To take a little break, I decided to make a quilt for myself a few weeks ago. Something just for the summer. I pretty much never get to do that but it was a bit after Market and I had a lull in the workload for a couple of days so my mind started spinning. I started with a group of my favorite Fig Tree florals and went from there. I had always wanted to make a Union Jack quilt ever since I saw the very first one sometime last year. Since then I have seen so many different versions- large and small- pieced and appliqued, scrappy and solid. I somehow never found one that worked exactly for me.

I wanted mine to be all florals and simple to contruct with no fabric waste, so of course I sketched out a pattern and thought of a method to put it together without having to do any crazy constructions or waste any fabric.

This is the result.... JUMPING JACKS! I love this quilt right now. It is a perfect picnic blanket or an "eat your ice cream on the lawn" quilt. It is making me really happy....


... I just love the way the florals play together. Who knew that all the collections would like each other so much!





... absolutely love the way the navy floral makes all the other fabrics pop. Made more of that block than any of the others.



... Gabrielle covered in a "Jumping Jacks" coverall. She actually came up with the name and is very pleased with herself. You know... Union Jack... Jumping Jack... we like to amuse ourselves around here!



For more info, click HERE... because you know that as soon as I started making one for myself, I thought you might want to make one too!

On Friday I am hoping to show you the table runner we also made with some of the leftover blocks from the quilt [the kit has enough florals to make 2 quilts or a quilt and pillows or a table runner or anything else you can come up with!!]

Happy summer afternoon!

Honeysweet Pattern Showcase: Painted Ladies

When we first started working on these little blocks, we were "smitten" - does anyone even say that anymore??- with how fun they were to make and how quickly they came together.

We started with a table runner, that quickly became a bed runner and was eventually also made up as a quilt. A few of these blocks together would make a great wall hanging, table topper or a wonderful lap quilt for a little girl!

We decided to name the pattern PAINTED LADIES because here in our hometown of San Leandro we are home to thousands of migrating Monarch butterflies every year. They cover trees and bushes and fly in swarms in several of the parks and golf courses in our area. They return every year and apparently sometimes fly hundreds of miles to get here. Each year we pile the kids in the car to go and watch them. They are mesmerizing.

I know that technically Monarchs and Painted Ladies are not the same butterfly but the name was too lovely to pass up... and they do almost look exactly the same!


... this is the Honeysweet version with one of my favorite prints in the border.



... the full, flat HONEYSWEET version.



... a little butterfly detail.



... this is the table runner, turned bed runner created from a mix of AVALON and TAPESTRY fabrics. Love the combination!



... bed runner again draped over a chair.



NAME: Painted Ladies

SIZE: Comes in 2 sizes, 58" x 66" lap size and a 24" x 83" bed runner [which you can of course make a bit shorter for a table runner]. 

FABRIC: The two collections shown are HONEYSWEET for the first photos and a mix of AVALON and TAPESTRY for the runner. A Layer Cake was used for the lap size and 1/4 yds or fat quarters for the runner size. Charm packs can also be used for a more scrappy look.

ETC: Patterns will be available by the end of day today!

So far we have also debuted CHERRY PIE, CLOVERS & JAM and HEXIES. Just scroll the previous posts to see those brand new patterns.


Getting Ready...

As usual, the week before Market is a flurry and frenzy of activity around here. No matter how much earlier we think we will be ready, there is always stuff to do at the end that can only be done... well, at the end!

We have been showing lots of little sneak peaks on facebook over the last couple of weeks so if you havnen't visited or "liked us" there yet, you might want to head on over and check it out!

We have 9 new patterns to debut in Portland at Quilt Market next week and we are hoping to have them all done and off to print before we leave. Several of them are already done and waiting to be stuffed into baggies as we speak! Yeah for having some things done early this time around!!

The first pattern we let you peek at is possibly my favorite this time around. Of course you know that the second I say that, I will have another favorite take its place LOL!

The CHERRY PIE pattern was such a hit in our office that we decided to kit it early out of our AVALON fabrics and they have been selling like crazy! We have just made up our last batch of kits and put them up on the site so if you have been waiting or thinking, now is your chance!!

Go HERE for kits.

Here are a few shots of the yumminess that is CHERRY PIE!


... you gotta love the yummy quilting in those fabulous white spaces!



... flat shot of the AVALON version.



... love those cherries. I am starting to think of putting these blocks on all kinds of things this summer... pillows and a table topper to start!





... flat shot of the HONEYSWEET version.


NAME: Cherry Pie

SIZE: 63" x 80 [blocks are 9" x 9 3/4" each]

FABRIC: The styled sample above is made from our AVALON collection with a bit of TAPESTRY thrown in for variety. The flat shot at the end is made up from our upcoming HONEYSWEET collection that we will be showing in Portland.

ETC: These cherries can easily be made with 1/4 yds. or fat quarters as well. The background used is either MODA BELLA SNOW or the cream tone on tone that comes with our collections, either AVALON or HONEYSWEET.

The kits are available now. The pattern will be available in another few days in both printed and pdf format!



More MODA Friendship blocks...

The MODA FRIENDSHIP QUILT ALONG continues and we have been printing out and making many of the blocks. CLICK HERE for more info on the quilt along itself.

Hope you have been following too... the blocks are really, really fun to make!


Here are my new 4 blocks that we finished up this afternoon.....





Edyta's block...



Kate's bllock...


Kathy's block...



Lauren & Jessi's block...



As for the GIVEAWAY, we've closed it now and will announce the winners tomorrow so come on back to check it all out then! Thank you for every one who entered and good luck to all of you! I plan on having a late night reading all of your comments!!


OK, going back to make a few more blocks now :-)!

MODA Friendship Quilt Along

Today is my day on the Friendship Quilt Along! Welcome!

Avalonstackspread ... our upcoming collection, AVALON. A fresh, summer feeling collection with beautiful reds, soft greys, buttery yellows, spring greens, all on an ivory background with a wonderful pop of navy blue! Due out in stores next month! We are so excited for this one we can hardly stand it!



For those of you who are new over here, my name is Joanna and this is the home of Fig Tree & Company. We are so glad that you are here to see what we are up to. If you want to follow along our regular "goings on", then subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on our new FACEBOOK page! Click HERE to go to our page or LIKE us from the left sidebar.

Lollipopssmall2 ... one of my favorite brand new patterns, LOLLIPOPS, made up in the AVALON collection with 1 Jelly Roll and some background and border fabric. There are no sewing templates in this pattern. I promise! Its a fantastic method that we have loved for years!



For those of you who are regulars over here but aren't quite sure what this QUILT ALONG is all about, here are some pointers:

• Each day [starting last Monday and going through March 1st], 3 different MODA designers are blogging about the Quilt Along and are sharing their own block with you. You can see the list of designers blogging each day at the end of this post. Each block can be easily downloaded on each designer's blog as a pdf.

• Each designer is also having a MODA fabric giveaway [courtesy of the wonderfully generous MODA mothership] of one of their collections so if you enter at each blog, you will have a great chance of WINNING something. Free blocks and free fabric, is there anything more perfect?!

• All of the blocks finish at 9" and would all work wonderfully in a sampler quilt. The instructiuons are all simple strip pieced and they all the blocks can be made from Fat 1/8's or large scraps so its perfect for your scrap bucket too.The directions for the blocks are all from Fat 1/8's.


• Warning: This could be a bit too much fun. We have gotten a bit addicted in just 3 days time!




Now I have to tell you that I just couldn't get into the Farmer's Wife quilt along [the one that swept the web last year] for a couple of reasons... the blocks were so small and they were all templates. Two things which I really don't love. So personally I enjoyed that one from far away. They were beautiful but I was happy to watch it go by.

This one... however.. is 9" blocks, which are just much more my speed, and no templates.That's right, not a template in site.

When I tell you that you can easily do all 3 of each day's block in that afternoon, I really mean it. Because I have kind of been doing it. Not all of them, but most of them....

This is our block... which I cut and pieced in under an hour, both of them.


It's Block #15 in the Quilt Along. I'm a bit addicted to it and plan on making it in several other color combinations and sprinkling it about my sampler or even making it every other block.... I guess we'll have to see how it goes. The flying geese are quite fun to make when you know yoiu only have to make eight! And it looks good in so many different fabric combos!


Now to visit some of our friends who have shared since Monday, since this is a Friendship Quilt Along after all... 

Here is Barb and Alma's block-


Here is Bonnie's block-

Here is Anne's block-


Here is Basic Grey's block-


Here is Camille's block-


Here are all the blocks we've made so far.... just looking at them is making me a bit giddy right now.






TIP #1: Many of these blocks use the method of sewing a square onto a rectangle, on the diagonal and then trimiming out the excess fabrics underneath. Whenever I use that method [which I love and use often], I trim out only the extra side of the piece on top and not whatever fabric was used for the bottom rectangle. This is because if you leave the bottom piece intact, it acts a foundation of sorts for your block. You cut that piece and it should be exactly the size you want it to be whereas the piece on top has been sewn and is often slightly irregular, coming out a bit shy of the shape or a bit large. The piece on the bottom will always be accurate and will help you with easier piecing as you build your block. The bulk of the extra piece has never been a problem for me or my quilter. The only time you can't use this method is when the piece that is being added on top is white/light and the piece underneath is dark. You must them trim out both pieces.i Try it and see some great results.



Tip #2: On Anne's block we didn't want to fuss with the thin bias tape so we used a 3/8" bias tape maker, made a small piece of bias from the end of the fabric strip, ran it through the maker and affixed it to our triangle with little dots of Roxanne's Glue Baste It. It was quick and easy.

We plan on making many more blocks as more of our friends share them so check back over here throughout the QUILT ALONG to see how they are turning out! We might even make more tomorrow!

Sailawaymain... our SAIL AWAY pattern. All of those boats are made from one Layer Cake. Can you believe it? We love, love this quilt.


As we mentioned above, we are of course having an AVALON GIVEWAY. So leave us a comment about which color or specific print of Avalon you are looking forward to most. To see the entire collection, click on the AVALON button on the right sidebar so you can see all of the fabrics [we've fixed all the collection links so you can click on any of them if you like].

Sailawaymedium2... a styled shot of our SAIL AWAY pattern. Can't you just channel the beach when you look at those boats?

Two lucky winners will be chosen, one for a DESIGNER ROLL and one for a LAYER CAKE. We will also add a third winner for a grouping of all our AVALON patterns and a charm pack!. Be sure to comment to be entered.

Thanks for quilting along with us. Can't wait to see some of your blocks!

Here is the schedule:

FEB 18th

Barbara Brackman

Basic Grey

Barb & Alma- Blackbird Designs

FEB 19th

Bonnie- Cotton Way

Brigitte- Zen Chic

Anne- Bunny Hill

FEB 20th

Camille- Thimbleblossoms

Deb Strain

Eric & Julie Comstock

FEB 21st

Jan Patek

Joanna-Fig Tree & Co.

Jenn Ski

FEB 22nd

Kaari-French General

Lynne-Kansas Troubles

Kate Spain

FEB 25th

Kathy Schmitz

Edyta- Laundry Basket

Lauren & Jessi Jung

FEB 26th

Lisa- Primitive Gatherings

Malka Dubrawsky

Barb & Mary- Me & My Sister

FEB 27th

Laurie & Polly- Minick and Simpson

Pat Sloan

Sandy- Pieces From  My Heart

FEB 28th


Stephanie Ryan

Vanessa- V & Co.

March 1st

The Cutting Table



On the 10th Day of Christmas



On the  10th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, ten Lords a Leaping.

Now unlike nine Ladies Dancing, I could really come up with some good ideas for what ten Lords a Leaping might do around here! Just kidding! But seriously, could you imagine what I could get done around here with Ten Lords a Leaping? They could accomplish a whole lot as far as I'm concerned, leaping might even help!

On perhaps a more practical note, I know that many of you have been patiently waiting for us to introduce our AVALON PRE-ORDER KITS. We did intend to have them be the very last day of our 12 DAYS SALE, but our own ordering schedule got bumped up a bit more than expected so here they are today. Now, remember, the beauty of a PRE-ORDER is that today you get to be your own Santa and only pay for a small portion of your goodie this month and save the rest for next year... literally!




So first up.....


LOLLIPOPS: The original large scale version

Lollipops main

... the classic, graphic version of our poplular pattern is beyond stunning and completely doable. Here is the "official" description:

This 81” x  81” version of our popular Lollipops pattern is not only a joy to make, but creates an amazing graphic statement when finished. Based on a lovely soft grey/tan background, it is bordered by a fresh cream floral, giving the whole project a nostalgic, retro feel. The blades of the (9) large blocks are made from a jelly roll [less cutting for you!] and a cream background. The blocks are topstitched onto the backgrounds and no templates or applique of any kind is necessary. You will love this method of making traditional blocks anything but traditional- I promise! The posts can be made with the sweet cherry print or strip leftovers [you have both choices within the kit] and the quilt is bound with a solid red. This is a must have project for any time of the year and is destined to become a favorite!

Lollipops detail  

 ... both retro and romantic all at the same time.


Lollipops detail 2



... same exact quilt, just done on a crream background. If you specify cream in your order notes, we can substitute the tan/grey for the cream.


Next up....

LITTLE LOLLIES: the Avalon Retro Beach Version

If you haven't already caught on, this is the most fun quilt to make that we've come up with in a long time and we can't seem to stop!

Litle lollies main

The "official" description:

This 61” x 77” version of our popular Lollipops pattern is like the fresh, more whimsical version of its larger more imposing cousin. Based on a soft ivory background, the (12) blocks are made entirely from the strips of a jelly roll [making the cutting a snap for you] and sashed with one of my favorites in the entire collection, small red cherries on an ivory background. I seriously want to put that fabric in every quilt I make these days! The blocks are topstitched onto the backgrounds and no templates or applique of any kind is necessary. You will love this method of making traditional blocks anything but traditional- I promise! Can’t you just see those blocks twirling in the wind like pinwheels? The posts are made from strip leftovers and the quilt is bound with a classic navy dot. We have created this quilt in at least 4 different versions so far and we don’t seem to be tiring of it any time soon. Each new fabric combination seems to create an entirely new masterpiece each time and it just makes us want to create new ones. It really doesn’t look like you can get tired of making this one!


And last but most certainly not least...


So many have asked about this pattern and this kit and here it finally is. The pattern is up on the stie as well but we really think you might just have to have this little lovely!


There is just something so classic and clean about this quilt and even though it is a bit out of my standard range, I am completely in love with its feel!

The "official" description:

Given the fresh, retro and slightly nautical feel of our upcoming AVALON collection, we couldn’t help but branch out into a Fig Tree version of a classic sail boat pattern! It was received to rave reviews at Market and we can’t wait to share it with you in this kit. We can see this quilt in so many settings- a seaside cottage, a light modern home, a young boy’s room, as a part of an Americana quilt collection and in so many other venues. I think I might create a summer look around it this upcoming year!

Based on a Layer Cake and a few additions, this project is a lot of fun to make and easy enough to tackle one block at a time. Each boat is done from nothing more than squares and half square triangles and we promise that you will enjoy seeing each and every boat come together! The background and outer border are made from the beautiful soft, aqua, mottled solid that comes with this group and the waves are created with all of the cream prints in the collection. The quilt is bordered by a whimsical “fat” sawtooth border and bound in a solid red. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

Sailaway detail 

... don't they just feel like they are sailing?


Sailaway detail2



... love the quilting on this one!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


For ordering info on any of the projects above, CLICK HERE.

See you tomorrow!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Pattern Showcase #4

Given the "breezy" and a bit more "nautical" feel of the upcoming AVALON collection, we thought we would branch out and have a bit of fun with some sailboats.

Oh my gosh were these fun to make! Often due to deadlines we have to send quilts out to be finished to a group of our dedicated sewers and piecers and we sure couldn't do it all without those guys. This time however, we thought we would tackle this one in the studio and diveed up the pieces between a few of us and pieced away. I assembled most of the blocks myself and had so much fun making them. I sure wish we had done this pattern when my boys were smaller... they would have LOVED it.

I am also dieing to make this pattern out of all reds and creams with maybe just a bit of blue here and there for a totally classic feel. We'll see if I ever get that chance :-).



... I love the waves on this quilt and how the quilting really makes them move



... this block might be one of my favorites or maybe its just one of my favorites. You know.





... I know, a lot of pictures of the same thing. Couldn't resist.



... the all over quilting that Diana did, just feels like the sea to me. Or maybe clouds. Or both. I guess its open to interpretation!





... this is the flat shot of the above sample. We called this version "At Sea"



... this is a more classic version with a cream background and aqua waves. We called it "In Port".



... this is more like the one that I would still like to make. Maybe with just a cream border of another prints. I don't know yet. Something very Americana that feels like it belongs in a beach cottage. I will let you know when I make it.


... and here is the same quilt but with only 9 blocks, more for a boy's room wall perhaps. Also the waves are just solid cream instead of scrappy.



This pattern is still getting finished up and edited and will be available by the end of the month if not a bit sooner. We will let you know as soon as it exists!

NAME: Sail Away

SIZE:  78" x 78" or 62" x 62" for child size version

FABRIC: for all of the samples shown we used our AVALON collection. The main samples can be made with a Layer Cake or any kind of fat 1/8 or fat 1/4 bundle. 

AVAILABLE: By the end of November, 2012.


Pattern Showcase #3

You know how we are about our projects.... we love those quilts nice and big and our mini patterns, nice and little. Its a perfect combination in the studio. If we get tired of piecing, we move on to our little mini projects for a totally different pace and then back again. It really is a good way to go, especially if, like me, you enjoy the satisfaction of getting something little done in the midst of a larger project.


So along those lines, introducing  A PEAR IN A TREE. Do you get it? As opposed to A Partridge in a Pear Tree? Yah, well, my husband didn't get it either but I entertained myself!



... perfect to make with one of those yummy little MODA CANDY packs or any of your favorite little piles of scraps. These make perfect ornaments or decorations of to fill a bowl or as gifts... the options are endless! They are just the perfect little size.



 .. you can piece them scrappy, or with just two different fabrics or if you want to get a lot done in a short time, simply use one fabric for each side of the pear or even just one fabric for the entire thing. They're pretty much cute, regardless.





... these might be my favorite..... pears 


... don't you just wanna eat 'em up?



NAME: A Pear in a Tree

SIZE: Finished at app. 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

FABRIC: The pieced pear samples are made with scraps from our upcoming AVALON collection. The single fabric pear is made with my favorite green print from our upcoming TAPESTRY collection [due out in stores any day now]! For pattern, click HERE.


Pattern Showcase #2

Whereas Lollipops might have been my favorite yesterday... and maybe for another 2 weeks or so... the moment that I start to decorate for winter, this will surely be my absolute FAVORITE, as fickle as I am :-)!

Introducing.... MILKY WAY.

This classic star pattern was our answer to a twinkling night sky or one exploding with fireworks. We loved the idea of creating different size stars of the exact same blocks, simply by using different sizes of strips with which to make them. The result is a sparkling quilt full of movement while it is actually a basic, straight forward block set in a giant nine-patch. We love how it turned out!!


This is the TAPESTRY version...


... by choosing the taupes and reds with a background of several different cream prints, the pattern feels even more classic and timeless.


... those nice open spaces are a perfect occasion to show off some quilting like these wonderful wreaths that Diana made. 



... pieced by the amazing Cheryl and quilted by you-know-who! 




This is the AVALON version...

In case you are in a more patriotic or Americana mood, this sample made up out of our Spring '13 line, AVALON, will surely fit the bill. We absolutely loved the twinkle that the royal blue added to this version!


... again, the mixed cream backgrounds with a variety of different feeling prints that are still light/mellow enough to not detract from the stars, makes for a sparkly, twinkly effect we think.



.... ooopps, that left hand side binding didn't quite get finished before the photo shoot!



...pieced by the lovely Sherri.





And in case you were hoping for a more holiday version of this pattern....

Here is the red and green version of the quilt. This one is absolutely perfect for the holidays and will literally light up any room that its in, whether on the wall or on the couch. Can't wait to finish ours! 





NAME: Milky Way

SIZE: 78" x 78", 3 different sizes of stars. 

FABRIC: Shown in both our current, TAPESTRY, collection as well as our upcoming spring line, AVALON. We are also making a Christmas version as seen above from a mix of reds, greens and creams. The sample shown above is made from AVALON, which is due out in stores in Spring, 2013.

MORE INFO: A wonderful way to practice sewing strips together and using the 45 degree angle on your ruler for a fast and simple method of making these kinds of stars. Not out of anyone's reach! Click HERE to purchase the pattern. Some limited kits will be available later this month. Feel free to let us know if you are interested.

Showcase #1: Lollipops





 Some of our newest projects that went on to Market for us this year.


So I promised some sneak peeks this weekend just so we could all pretend that we are at Market sending you debuts and new pattern showcases. I know its not the same but what's a girl to do!

Wow, I could get used to this "market from the couch with a diet coke" approach!  So come and pretend a bit with me!  Instead of a booth to share, we'll show off some of our brand new goodies...


Each time I share a new pattern release, I  tell you that I have a favorite and even though I am not supposed to [its kind of like having a favorite amongst your children, I mean come on!]. There is usually something about one of the quilts that really just sings to me personally a bit more than the others. This time around however, I don't have a favorite or really, I have 6 or 7 favorites and I can't seem to pick one to be more favorite than the others.

So to make it easier on my poor little psyche, I will just tell you that each one is my favorite for that day. And then I will tell you the same thing the next day. Deal? Deal.


Introducing my newest favorite quilt.... LOLLIPOPS.


The pattern has 2 completely different versions of the same block, one with larger and thinner pieces and one with fatter and wider ones. The results are both stunning and yet completely different even though the blocks and the quilts are created and put together in exactly the same way. I love that about a pattern!

Not to mention the fact that there are no sewing templates or rulers or anything in this method, just straight sewing. You gotta love how these blocks come together!





 ... The AVALON version of the larger CARNIVAL LOLLIPOPS pattern. We topstitched this version of the block onto the background and machine appliqued the center circles. This lovely quilt was pieced by my dear friend Valerie Marsh. She did a wonderful job as always.



... there is something about the soft grey background that makes these simple, graphic blocks really sing! I love the color combo. For the background, you could either use the grey with dot print from our AVALON grouping or one of your favorite grey/tan solids. Either way, the results are fab.



... this version of the quilt is currently hanging at the MODA booth in HOUSTON. Have you seen it? If you have, send pictures!



... perfect for the summer or Americana or patriotic or... gosh, I can think of lots of ways to make this quilt again.



 ... this is the same quilt, same layout done out of our TAPESTRY collection [our fall line due out in stores any minute, literally, now]. Whereas the first one is Americana, this one is definitely warm and harvest and yet still modern and graphic all at the same time. I love this version a lot. Maybe its my favorite :-). I am really looking forward to this one returning so that I can enjoy it this fall. It is currently on its way to HOUSTON FESTIVAL, so you should be able to see it in person if you are going.



 ... this one is also topstitched straight onto the background, but the center circles are appliqued. This TAPESTRY version of the quilt was pieced by the amazing Sherri McConnell, words do not describe this girl's skill with fabric and a deadline! Love her!



... Diana decided to crosshatch the centers on this one to give us something a bit different and I love the result. 



... surprises me every time, how different a pattern can look simply by changing the colors of the backgrounds or other small changes!



Since we can never leave well enough alone, we thought it would be fun to give you another alternative in the pattern, a different size and width of "fan blade" that ends up making a completely different block.



... our AVALON sample of this LITTLE LOLLIES version. This just makes me think Spring and Fresh and Americana and, well it makes me think of lollipops at the beach in Avalon. Go figure. Its my favorite!


Below is our latest version of this same quilt, our HALLOWEEN POPS version which we made up just in time for our retail show a few weeks ago.

Wow, did this little sucker move like crazy! Who knew people would love this one so much! Personally, we were just so "wowed" by the pairing of some of our favorite MODA blacks and our "Fig Tree" toned oranges that we couldn't resist a little seasonal pairing for this time of year.



 ... start collecting some wonderful blacks and oranges right now when they are abundant and get started on this quilt for next year!


... the oranges and blacks paired with a little grey for the sashing and some creams for the backgrounds and you are good to go. This one was so much fun to put together and we did it all in the studio! Have I chosen a favorite yet, because in case I haven't, this one is my favorite!



... these blocks were machine appliqued with YLI silk thread instead of topstitched like the previous samples This creates a slightly different feel that mimics hand applique with a lot less work! Both methods have really good results and make these blocks so fun to finish. It just depends on what you prefer. 


We are currently working on yet another version of this quilt so stay tuned for that one too! Did someone say Christmas?



NAME: LOLLIPOPS-- both CARNIVAL LOLLIPOPS [larger blocks] and LITTLE LOLLIES [smaller, squat blocks]

SIZE: CARNIVAL is app. 81" x 81"/ LITTLE LOLLIES is app. 61" x 77"

FABRIC: As noted above, we used both our upcoming AVALON collections as well as our almost due to release TAPESTRY collection in the above samples. We also made a harvest/halloween version out of oranges, blacks and creams from a variety of MODA collections including TAPESTRY, LITTLE BLACK DRESS, MODA ESSENTIAL DOTS, GIVE THANKS and MODA BELLA SOLIDS.

MORE INFO:  For pattern info click HERE. For a few kits left for the TAPESTRY version, go to our SHOP page.