A Little Updo

I'm sure that I'm not the only for whom this is true but sometimes in my most overwhelming times and deadlines, I really, really need to do something else for a break. It makes everything else go faster, easier and better, it seems. So last weekend I decided I was finally going to give my very old and outdated hutch a little updo. The top of the hutch was oak and the original bottom was something I gave to a friend since I wanted something bigger with more presence and storage space.  This bottom was a white piece that I had found at the flea market this summer. It had been sitting in my dining room since then, taking up space!

A little dark grey chalk paint for most of the hutch and some creamy white for the interior and we were done. 

I can't even tell you how happy the end result is making me.

If I'm not doing what I am supposed to be at any given time... well, you might just find me with a cup of tea at my dining room admiring my "new" hutch.


I know, I know, I am easily pleased.




... my favorite chicken collection.



... my favorite new Weck Jars. Now if I just had the time to can something that would be even better!





... love that little touch of light green these days. Doesn't it look wonderful with the orange and bright yellow?







If there is a random little project that you have been wanting to do but haven't had the time... well, go for it. I think it will make you feel so accomplished! 


Goodbye December... maybe

Since I did such a non existent job of sharing our holiday decorations with you as they went up, I thought I might share them with you as they go down [actually... saying that they are going down is my way of hoping that I manage to actually get them down this week! What are the odds of that actually happening?]

Question for you? What is the longest you have ever kept up your decorations?















Happy "Holiday Decoration Take Down" Day. Now THAT should be a holiday!




So Much Color Advice!


Hello friends and fabric lovers! I know we said we wouldn't close the giveaway for a week but after just 3 days we feel like we are swimming a bit in your lovely comments so we thought we'd give this particular giveaway a rest!

Over #2000 of you have left us your fabulous color advice and commented on so many different things from the BLOG TOUR! Its been a pleasure reading all of your suggestions, dreams and color stories. But we're not done yet, so we will continue reading the comments until Tuesday when we will start the first day of giveaways and, as promised, will continue for 4 days after that. In fact, given all of you lovely commenters, we might give away a few extra items. So stay tuned....


Until then, a new favorite quilt from a recent flea market trip!





Anyone know the official name of this quilt pattern? Let me know if you do

BTW, are you still following along on the MODA Country FAir? Lots of fun places still to come, click here for all the links.







Junk Bonanza... could have moved in!


Besides teaching and meeting up with all the wonderful women from the previous post, the thing I was most excited to do while teaching at the Creative Connection was to attend the Junk Bonanza. It was a fair that I had heard about in the pages of the Country Living magazine for years and it surely did not disappoint. The vendors brought a wonderful mix of flea market finds and accessories/art made with "junk" and old stuff. I really could have moved right in. Really. And was seriously mourning the fact that I didn't have a truck to transport all the treasures I would have acquired had I driven one!



... Bingo cards seem to be really in. I even got some ideas from them and purchased a few fun ones.


... the largest onions I have ever encountered were available for sale in the outside farm stand.


... I am a sucker for old books, typography or anything related to old books. Loved this display!


... loved the texture of these.


... and this was my piece de resistance! I wanted this cubby table so badly. I came back to look at it like 17 1/2 times! I could visualize where it would go, what I would put in it, what I would put on top it & how I would decorate it. Sadly, it would not fit into my luggage. Isn't it just so beautiful?

More goodies later. Talk to you soon.