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Vintage Halloween Quilts Over the Years


Each year we create a curated bundle of what we envision "vintage Halloween" to be. Since 2012 when we first started this tradition, we have collected and compiled soft orange, warm black, various greys and creams throughout the year in order to put together the best Vintage Halloween bundles we can come up with. All of the fabrics are MODA, all of them contain a little Fig Tree but are mixed with so many different designers and collections that we couldn't possibly name them or tell you what's in each bundle. Since we have received so many questions and emails about past projects, we thought we would reminisce a little and see all of the patterns we have done.


You can work on any of these vintage Halloween quilts with this years bundles, just like you can use past year's bundles for any of the other patterns. You might have to add a few fabrics from your stash here or there, or add more background or sashing for a particular pattern, but all of the bundles have had 12 or more 1/2 yard cuts and all the blocks would be easily made with any of them.

So if you don't have a vintage Halloween collection of your own yet.... well it might just be time to start creating one with a whole lot of choices.

To get started, nab one of this year's bundles that we still have available and pick which one of these fun patterns you want to get started with. Remember that this year's bundle comes with the Fresh Laundry pattern but you can also buy any of the other patterns featured throughout the years too to start your collection. Its never too late to start!







HalloweenBlooms copy








Introducing Halloween Faire, a vintage Halloween version of our popular County Fair pattern.


And a link HERE to the PDF that gives you the info to make the County Fair pattern in this Halloween version.






Fall is in the air around here! Finally the weather seems to be turning a little bit toward my absolute favorite season of the year! Almost time for all my favorite sweaters to come out!!






But ofcourse we had way too many good leftovers and so we created a second quilt with what we stil had in the bundle....


And as promised to those of you who purchased the kit [we are making up more this week for those of you still interested], here is the info on the HALLOWEEN CHECKERBOARDS quilt, the second quilt from the bundle...

CLICK HERE for the Checkerboard Instructions in a PDF. The fnished size can be up to 58" x 66"... a perfect lap throw that can be whipped up so fast you could have it done this season!




The new pattern is called "Spools Quartet" and this version is "Halloween Spools" and it is made with 12 different warm blacks, soft greys and our signature butterscotch oranges. It is the kind of quilt that comes together in a weekend with simple cutting and construction. Whip one out this week just in time to display for Halloween... really and truly! These blocks are crazy simple with no triangles, using the square, sew and flip method that most of you are probably familiar with.













Name:  Spools Quarter or Halloween Spools

Size: 68" x 68"

Fabric: Can be made with a jelly roll or in this case (12) 1/4 yds. oranges, blacks and greys.



Introducing, the Lollipops pattern in our Halloween Pops version. We are in love with this quilt and can't wait for it to come home and enjoy some time on our couch.  






 Believe it or not but all of these blocks are made with 2 1/2" strips and no templates to sew! If you are familiar with our Papillon pattern or the Dresden Plate pattern in our Fresh Vintage #16, this uses the same method but even simplified. We even figured out a way to get a perfectly flat "plate" each and every time with a little hint. You gotta love that.

SO THAT'S ALL THE VINTAGE HALLOWEEN INFO I CAN DIG UP FROM THE PAST YEARS. We have several of the patterns with the halloween variations up in our SHOP right now if you want to check them out. And this year's bundles are available in 2 different styles.


Happy Vintage Halloweening!




Oh crud .. I was resisting this year's bundle until I saw this blog post! Now I want to make ALL of them.

Resistance is futile LOL!! xoxoxo

Thanks so much for this post. It is wonderful. I have all of the quilts except the Country Fair version. I would love to make one up this year but the pdf link does not work. I already have the pattern but would love the instructions to make a Halloween Fair.


Hopefully the link works now!

Yeah!!!! Yes it did. Thank you!!
Can't wait to get my order so I can get started on two new halloween quilts.


I am looking to purchase yourGoosetracks In The Pumpkins Quilt Pattern #471. Is
That pattern available anywhere to purchase? Thank you.

It is out of print. So sorry!

Just received the latest Halloween fabric - just beautiful!
Also ordered Spools pattern but did not receive download code in email - help needed please.

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