2016 Mystery Fig Tree Sampler
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.... amazing prize for this contest from the lovely folks at MODA for all 6 winners!!

Welcome to April and the Fig Tree contest in the line up of MODA's 12 Designers/12Contests!!

We are so glad to be participating in this year long MODA adventure of creativity and contests [so far we have seen fun contests from French General, Sweetwater and Me & My Sister].For those of you who are new around here, welcome! For those of you who "talk" to me everyday on Instagram or elsewhere, welcome back!

I sure hope that you all join me for this… yes all of you… I want to see a serious amount of blocks my friends!

So here's the scoop, the skinny, the dirt…..


You are creating & sewing a block to be used in one of our Mystery BLOCK OF THE MONTH programs- either one of our current programs Nantucket Seaside, Red & Cream, Vintage Baskets or perhaps a new upcoming one!!

Each year, we run a number of popular Block-of-the-Month programs and are in constant need of fun, traditional feeling blocks that will work in one of those programs.


... photos of a few of the blocks from our Mystery Sampler Quilt from 2015.



...images from the Yuletide Sampler BOM quilt that we ran in both 2015 and 2016.






...photos from last years Mystery Sampler BOM.


1. You have to use mostly Fig Tree fabric but you can mix in any Bella Solid or little cream background prints you like. I do that all the time so its only fair that you get to do the same thing LOL! If you don’t have any cream left from any of our latest collections, my "go to" Bella solid is IVORY.

2. Your block has to be either a 6”, 9” or 10” block since those are the sizes that we are in the greatest need of as of right now!

If you want to do a grouping or a smaller one to compliment a larger one…. go for it! YOU CAN MAKE AS MANY BLOCKS AS YOU LIKE…. the more, the better... you have all month to submit them! Who knows, you might end up making your own Fig Tree Sampler in the process!

3. You have to email me a picture [if you’re not on Instagram] and I will post it or post it on IG with the hashtag #12contestsfigtree sometime during the month of April.

4. It can either be an original block that you create or a traditional quilt block that happens to be one of your favorites. Either is great since we use both in our samplers!!

5. As a little bonus, the first 16 entries will receive a mini charm in the mail, as soon as I see the photo! We also have little “contest baggies” available if you need some fun scraps to get you started. Each “contest baggy” has a piece of cream and some MODA scrap goodies.


The contest runs from April 5 through May 1. All winners will be announced on May 5.  We will have 6 winners... YES 6 WINNERS... and the winning blocks will be included in one of our Block of the Month programs! You will be given credit for the block in the program, you will receive an awesome prize from the amazing folks at MODA [yes that is the prize in the picture above] and we will be besties for life :-))). Oh yeah… and you will get special “early bird” sign up privileges for any Fig Tree program for next year! That’s worth it just right there I tell ya!

So get your sew on my friends!! And @yardgrl- since we all know you are the most prolific quilter in the world, we expect to see a few blocks from you for sure or a few hundred! Maybe we should have different rules for Susan… a block a day… what do you guys think??

Thanks for playing along this month! Now let's see who has the first 16 entries. Ready, set, go!!


Hi Joanna, I was looking for the "contest baggies" to get started with in your shop, but didn't see any. As I have no Fig Tree Fabric in my collection, I could use some scraps to help make my block entry, so I can win some beautiful Fig Tree fabric. How do I purchase a "contest baggie?" Thank you.

Where do we go to purchase the "contest baggies" - I would love to get one! Thanks!

Hi Joanna, Does the block need to be pieced or is applique also okay?

They are up now. So sorry for the delay!

They are up now. So sorry for the delay!

It can be pieced or a mix of pieced and simple applique would be lovely too. We usually don't use all applique blocks in our samplers so that probably won't have a chance of winning. Although we do use all applique on our wool projects so on second thought... feel free to go for whichever you like!!

HA HA! I agree with the rules for Susan. She must only require 4 hours of sleep a night and is wonderfully focused. If I ever had the glorious chance to step into her fabric closet, I'd feel like I was in a dream! A really, really, really good dream. And I'd never be able to do a fabric pull from in there because it would just be too dreamy. :o) So, Susan, if you are reading this, PLEASE recreate the block that is on the quilt posted on your instagram feed. The one hanging on the ladder, in front of the white hutch, from when you were doing your bathroom remodel. That quilt tops my list of most favorite quilts of all time. Good luck to all who enter!!!! Great idea Joanna!!! :o)

It's such a fun contest and yes there need to be extra rules for Susan;-)

Here's my 10 inch block I call Star Flower. I guess I will have to email you the photo.

Marcia Elliott

Greetings Joanna. Can't enter as I am gone til May 9. Would enter my mini quilt from your frivols tin. Love the churn dash.

I know the picture your talking about! ❤ I want to be Susan when I grow up!

Joanna, where do i find info on the contest to follow from other designers as well? I can't find anything on the Moda blog. I'm going to work on a block or two for you, but wanted to see the other stuff.

thanks Cheryl

Each month there is only one designer so there is nothing else to find for April!

Hi Joanna, how exciting to be able to help you design a BOM quilt.

Never one to circumvent the rules, but I have found only one supplier for Fig Tree fabrics in New Zealand, and they don't have any cream plains or prints, or any Bella solids.

Can I use any plain, no name designer, imported to NZ (i.e. Chinese) cream print?

I have only a choice of 3 fabrics and they really would not 'go' together very well. I only need 2 fabrics for my favourite blocks, so I would buy some of each & make the block in 3 different colourways.


Marian (NZ)

Absolutely... use any cream fabric that looks good with your Fig Tree! Above all, have fun!


Thank you so much <3 now I have to wait for 90 minutes for the shop to open.

Maybe 95 to give them time to open the door & put the kettle on :D

Marian xo

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