Little Box of Figs 2016

2016 Mystery Fig Tree Sampler

As I write this, I should be finishing up the binding on this lovely 2016 project. My Instagram friends urged me to finish up the binding so that I could consider it a February finish and that is just the cheering section I need right about now to get this one done!

UPDATE: BINDING DONE [see last photo] !!

Sometimes I absolutely love binding and sometimes... well sometimes not so much [usually depending on what else I have to do at the same time]!

These annual samplers have surely become my favorite projects of all time. The one from 2015 was based a little bit more around a sherbet palette with navy as the darkest element [I will share some comparison photos in a few days]. This sampler from 2016 went a bit more retro and was based around my Farmhouse and Strawberry Fields collections and used a chalkboard black as the "grounding color" of the grouping. That might be one of my favorite elements this time around.

I chose the black gingham rose as the binding and I am just a little smitten with how it all turned out. Enjoy....













When we get a bit of warm weather and dry grass enough for a full photo shoot, I will include some more photos of the entire project!

If you joined us for this year long project, I really hope you are nearing completion on yours too. Would love to see your finished pics on Instagram!!



It looks beautiful, Joanna. I decided on your green dot for the binding on my Mystery 2016. I just need to attach it-my least favorite part of quilting. I love your BOM programs. Keep them coming;)

Cant wait to see the dot. I almost did the dot myself!! So glad you are doing this with us :-))

Is the black gingham rose still available that you are using as binding? How can I purchase some?

NOW aren't you glad it is done and you can enjoy and share?

PS I keep hoping you will include some beautiful reds in your line of fabric. OH, well, a girl can wish!

Your quilt is Beautiful with a capital "B"! Thanks for sharing those pics. Just out of curiosity have you ever made a quilt that was a Wonder Why I did That?

Incredibly beautiful.

Can you please, please, please publish a pattern for this quilt? I unfortunately did not get a slot in the BOM program and this is my all-time favorite!

This is beautiful and so motivating. I was dealing with an injured elderly mother last summer and had to put a lot on hold...and I am a college professor during the academic year. I have about three months worth done and pinned on a design have given me a big boost with the pics!!!! Spring Break is coming!

That is a fabric from Farmhouse so you can definitely do an online search for it and see if you get lucky. As for reds… most of my lines have reds in them!


The pattern has monthly instructions and includes 10 or more stand alone Fig Tree patterns. It would be over $100 for the instructions so I don’t think that’s possible. So sorry!

I am cheering you on now!!!

Do you think you will release this set of patterns for the rest of us who didn't get in on it? I adore your quilts!
I am very happy and grateful to have been included in your Nantucket quilt this year.

Thank You so much for sharing this beautiful quilt. I can hardly wait to see more of it.

All the patterns for it would be over $100 so probably not a pattern that we can release!

this is I wish I had found your BOM's before and in time to sign up for this years...oh I can budget for it for next year.
will you publish this as a pattern?

I'm just SICK I missed this one ... won't happen again!

Stunning Joanna!!! It's just wonderful!! Hmmm.... I'll have to make sure to sign up the next time you have one! :-) Hugs, H

So did I miss signing up for the 2017 mystery BOM, or is it coming up? :-)

Sign ups for 2017 were last fall. so sorry!

Just love your quilt. Mine will be done one day. Was planning to bind with the black rose, just love it. After receiving it in one of the early steps I found it on line and bought 3 yards. I am going to try to be better at keeping up on this year while finishing last. So much fun.

Here’s to keeping up!!!!

I'm so sad I didn't see this last year, or in time to sign up for this year's. it's wonderfully fun and scrappy.

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