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Merry Christmas!

Poinsetta Flour Sack Towels

Hello Everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I am still recovering from the 12 DAYS SALE around here... and I definitely mean "ing" in that I'm definitely not done recovering! Yes, there has been  A LOT of couch time this weekend... A LOT! Although the one that we managed to accomplish is that my house is now decorated!! I am so excited. Christmas kind of explodes at our house each year and I can't wait to share some photos with you... hoping for tomorrow!


But today I have a little gift for you!

I know, I know... you might be saying to yourself, again with the flour sack towels! But seriously they are affordable, quick and fun projects that we just can't resist around here. You know when people say that a project can be made in an hour or two and then it takes you the rest of the day to figure it all out? I might be guilty of the same thing once in a while... but not with these. When I say these can be done in an hour or two, I really do mean it!

In fact, you can make them as simple or as complicated as you want. They should have the band on the bottom but then you can add appliqué and embroidery if you want but you don’t have to if you want to go simple. I love them!





This particular towel was a part of our 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE in 2015 and made with a bit of wool and our Farmhouse collection. This year in 2016 we had a new Christmas towel called Mistletoe Kisses that we love too [that will be a pattern soon] but thought we would offer this POINSETTIA TOWEL today as our gift to you.


If you are interested, we will have little starter kits available tomorrow [flour sack towels, red dot fabric for the band, green fabrics for the leaves, cream felt for the center-, not sure what we will be able to dig up for the wool... you might be on your own for that one... we'll see what we can find].

Check back with us then if you are interested!

We really hope you decide to make one... even for this Christmas! You can do it!

ALSO UP TOMORROW: Some news about the STOCKING KIT, a few pattern updates and the easiest Christmas candy recipe you have ever made!!



Do you have available the 2017 BOM pattern only since I was too late to get in on the program?

Thanks Joanna for this free pattern:-) I hope you recover soon from the 12 days madness.

Thanks Joanna for the time and effort you put into the 12 days. I think it's my 3rd or 4th year. The first year I was upset because I kept missing items. You wrote a very polite and sweet letter explaining the "game". I appreciated that and ever since have relaxed and just loved participating - enjoying what I did "win". Thanks again! Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the darling poinsettia towel pattern! I certainly wasn't expecting a surprise gift.
Would much rather make several of these for gifts than fight the stores again..

Can't wait to hear about the starter kits tomorrow.

love this pattern! Thank you very much!

no, unfortunately those are only available with the program.

Very sweet! I love doing handmade gifts😃

Thank you for the free Christmas towel pattern. I have always loved your dish towel patterns, I think I have made every one of them!
Do we need to enlarge the pattern pieces? The poinsettia looks a lot larger on the towel shown. Just wondering.......

did I miss the starter kits for the poinsettia towels? they are just too cute to miss. thanks for the gift of the pattern. Hope you are recovering.

Thank you so very much Cathy. I am so glad that decided to “play” with us anyway and that you now enjoy the insanity! Love your approach!

They will be available by tonite!


Joanna, thanks for the dish towel pattern. I'll be making one today! I have a stack of embroidered flour sack towels that my Mom did for me. Love the modern spin on an old fashioned subject. In fact, many, many years ago my Dad worked for a large bakery business (now home to a certain Elf) and he brought home REAL flour sacks. Mom washed and bleached them and taught me to sew by hemming those flour sack towels! I've come a long way, baby! Merry Christmas to you and your elves! Terri

Just print them at full size and you should be fine. Each leaf should be app. 2” or so.

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