Sherbet & Cream Quilt Along #5
Fig Tree DESIGNER SELECT SOLID BUNDLE… brought to you by MODA!


Hello Friends!

It's been a while since we had a chance to update here on the blog so get ready for a bit of information.

As promised, monthly updates are always happening on Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter. Not only that, but you can follow along and be inspired by others working on the same blocks so if you don't already follow us there, you might want to consider it? All of our BOM programs will always be updated there much more regularly than here.

We have been enjoying designing different blocks in a variety of styles, from very traditional to a few more free form. Once it is time to lay out the blocks, we will definitely balance the blocks out so that they look wonderful together! We can't wait to get to that part and to start working a bit more on layout with you in a few short months!

So let's go in backwards order and do a full block review all in one place.


Month #6: Strawberry Bouquet



Month #5: Coxcomb Block



Month #4: Oak Leaves Block



Month #3: Wreath Block



Month #2: Blueberry Branches Block



Month #1: Artichoke Block



We are currently working on July's block and I will give you a hint that it is a bit more fruit to add to the mix… and some nice big simple pieces too!


Personally I am appliquéing my blocks almost 100% with our Aurifl thread collections. We did do a little bit of floss here and there to show the difference [please see our initial posts on working with thread, floss and other supply tips and hints]. But personally since stitching with wool is something that I absolutely love to do but am not that accurate with, I prefer the thread. This is because it is a bit more simple to work with and it is definitely more forgiving since it is thinner and less visible. Plus as I think I have probably already said before, I prefer the clean feel of wool without too much competition from the thread.

Just a personal choice! Some of my favorite blocks that I have seen have had a beautiful floss blanket stitch.


Hope you are enjoying stitching your blocks as much as I am. Happy summer stitching my friends!





Thanks, Joanna! I am greatly enjoying my wool BOM. I have added beads, substituted Fig Tree fabrics for some of the smaller applique pieces and enjoy having the coordinating threads to blanket stitch the pieces onto the crossweave.
I'm also doing the Yuletide BOM and Crossroads Quilt Along quilt which is just gorgeous to work on. So, Joanna, you are either keeping me out of trouble or deep in it :)

Much love and appreciation for you talents and personal attention to customer service. Enjoy the rest of summer!


I am so glad that you are enjoying the BOM. I cannot wait to see your version. Show us pictures on IG!!!


can you please tell me where the patterns are for farmhouse wool bom

That is a subscription only program that has been closed since the beginning of the year so unfortunately there are no patterns available at this time.

Thanks, Joanna

Thee blocks are so beautiful. I didn't sign up because I was scared of all the appliqué. But they are gorgeous!

I won't make that mistake again!

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