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Sherbet & Creams Quilt Along

Okay everyone. So when we first showed you our new yummy Sherbet Bundle, I thought I would give us all something fun to work on together. And then life and my crazy business got in the way LOL… so I am now about a week later than I was supposed to be. 

But here we are so I hope you are ready?


Fig Tree Sherbets


Okay so here is the schtick about what you will need to work along with me:

(1) Fig Tree Sherbet Solid Bundle [we have more in the shop this week if you missed out on the first couple of rounds of them. We will most likely carry them as a staple from now on.

(1) Fig Tree Creams bundle or a good selection of cream/ivory, low volume fabrics.

We have a couple currently to choose from in the shop but you can also of course use your stash. Or you can start with one of our bundles and add to it from your stash. Whatever makes you happy! To get the same "look" as we have you will want to mix a few very neutral prints [one where the print is very light and doesn't have a lot of contrast], a few text or dot prints [there is something perfectly retro and lovely about adding those to a scrappy quilt like this one] and a few cream prints with a small motif on it that has color on it [if could be any of the colors that you have in the sherbet bundle. We used a small orange swirly from Farmhouse and a small red print and a small peach rose both from Strawberry Fields]. You will want to make sure that all of your neutrals are truly cream or ivory and not tan or white. Those would be fine of course, but the look will be quite different.


Cream 47


Each week I will let you know about the next step of instructions. What do you think? Personally I am really excited about this. In between Market sewing, this will be a really fun thing to work on in steps each week.


To start off for this week… its going to be fairly straightforward:  

From a variety of cream prints, cut (27) 3 1/2" strips total. Cut each strip into (12) 3 1/2" squares. You will need a total of 320 squares.



Fabric Choices: You can use (27) different creams for super scrappiness. You can use (14) 1/4 yds. and cut (2) strips from every fabric. Or you can use (7) 1/2 yd cuts and cut (4) from each. For example, our 7-piece cream bundles would be more than enough fabric. We opted for the 14 fabrics option because… well mostly because I am kind of obsessed with low-volume prints these days and couldn't figure out what to take out. LOL!

Piece them into 4- patches.  The best way to do this and not make yourself crazy with the choices is just to choose a somewhat lighter/less busy print and pair it with a slightly darker/more busy print. Always press toward the busier/'colorful/darker one. When making the 4-patches, flip a darker/lighter pair with another one with different prints and your seams will interlock. Press open or to one side at that point.


…sorry about the lighting. took pictures right now in a dark studio.


You will need a total of (80) 4-patches. Easy-peasy! Go as scrappy as you like! Okay, I'm back to the studio to finish off my patches. 

If you are on INSTAGRAM, go ahead and add the hashtag #sherbetandcreamsquiltalong


Let's Get Started!

Love, Joanna



Oh goodness, this looks so pretty already!

That sounds perfect I'm in:-)

You know it's not the four's the fabrics, again.
Loving it.

I love the idea of this quiltalong with you, Joanna! I am going to spend the day at my cutting table :) Looking forward to this as I know it will be a beautiful thing.

I am loving the whole idea of this quilt-along. Loving your fabrics as well. I see the sherbets bundle is on order and don't see the cream bundles. Are you going to have those as well?

Thank You! Pamela

Old business
did you have a display awhile go in a mod booth using two green wooden ladders? Shoe them to me again, please. What was the paint used on the ladders?
Like your post , thread, and fabrics.

Very nice! would like to do this, but no cream bundles and sherbet bundle is on order. :( Can't wait to see what this turns out to be!

Just a quick question for my old brain the 4 patches finish at 6.5 ( well unfinished size)
I just want to be sure should I need to trim what size I am aiming for
Thank you quilting a long with you is a real treat

6 1/2” is correct!!

Are you going to post the next step before going to the show or is it on hold for now?

this week!!

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