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Fig Tree's Favorite Notions

I recently spent a busy weekend working on some projects with my friend Kimberly Jolly from the Fat Quarter Shop. I joined them to promote this years charity quilt, CROSSROADS, that they have chose to make with my Strawberry Fields Revisited collection. If you haven't joined them yet, you might just want to do that!

While I was there we got busy on several other projects and one of them was my favorite notions. I realized once again during that process, that I am not much of a gadget girl. I have a few favorites that I stick with through thick and thin but other than that I don't often add "favorites" to my repertoire.



But I do have a few that I have been using, talking about and sometimes even selling for years. 

Those include a few of the following:

• Little House Pins


• Aurifil cream #2000 piecing thread


• Roxanne's Glue Baste-It


• Aurifil threads in general





• Tulip pins and needles



• Clover Seam Ripper


• Frixion Marking Pen. It disappears with a slight touch of a warm iron. I love them!


• My favorite aqua rotary cutter!


• Flatter Spray. Oh my goodness, I love the scent, I love the feel! Its not starch so its not necessarily functional but I sure do love it instead of a little water spray when I want to work some wrinkles out!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.25.44 AM


But there are also a few new "favorites" that I have added to my list more recently:

• Karen Kay Buckley's Favorite Scissors. Oh my goodness, the sharp micro serrated tips on these little beauties are TO DIE FOR. Yes, that's right. I now have a second pair so that I have one with at all times and don't have to look for just the one. I love these so much! 



• Red Tulip Automatic Needle Threader. Okay, so this might be my favorite new "gadget". Its cute. Its red. And it threads my needle for me. What more can a girl ask for?


• AURIFLOSS. This is brand new for me. It just arrived in the store and I am for the first time in my life, doing more needlework. I love it just a little bit even if I am not that great at it. It is so relaxing! Our set of AURIFLOSS is just a little bit to die for… if I do say so myself. Can I say that? LOL… I guess I just did!





• Twill Tape. I know this is not really a notion at all… but I can't get enough of this ruler tape!





Many of you are working along on our RETRO FARMHOUSE WOOL BOM and have asked if I have any favorite notions to use when I am playing with wool. Well, yes I do! I always use my Little House pins, my Roxanne's and my AURIFIL thread and floss! But I would most certainly add a few to that list! So here is my list:

 Little House Pins

Aurifil FARMHOUSE threads

Aurifil FARMHOUSE floss

Karen Kay Buckley scissors

Roxanne's Glue Baste It

"Tulip" Chenille Needles. If you are new to working with wool and are uncertain what needles you might like or if you want to try out different sizes of some lovely little needles, I recommend trying these.


Okay, I think that's it for today!  

If you want to shop, click HERE. If the item is backordered, go ahead and place your order and we will get more and ship your whole order together!

Happy "Notioning"!




Thank you for sharing you favorite notions. Especially love the twill tape. Enjoying your videos with Kimberly. Love the purse pattern and video. I've made one other purse pattern of yours - my girls love them.

Me too!!

I see you can find the Flatter Spray on Amazon. Can you buy it at stores? If so, where?

Missouri Star Quilt company has it. I ordered from them today. But forgot to add it to my order. : /

We carry it. Don’t keep track of who else has it, sorry :-(

Your floss is DREAMY! **sigh**

How are the tulip pins different from the Little House variety?

commenting again b/c I noticed my email address was wrong on the question comment I just posted!

I love the Flatter spray in the fig smells so good! I'll have to order the Karen Kay Buckley scissors and try them out. Thanks for showing us your favorite notions! I'd love to know what type of sewing machine you use to make your beautiful quilts!

Thank you so very, very much :-)!!

Thank you for putting examples of the blocks we are making. It really helps those of us that are visual people. Hope you continue this each month.

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