Strawberry Fields Revisited!

Summer Fun

We still have so many summer memories to share with you but there just aren't enough hours in the day to get them all in this space in some kind of timely way. But trust me… they're still coming :-)!

For today, I at least wanted to share with you three fun things...

First up-  Our much anticipated FEED SACK BAGS pattern is done, up on the site and ready to ship! We are totally addicted to these bags! I know that so many of you have been waiting anxiously for this since I showed them to you on my way to Quilt Market in the spring and I am so happy that they are finally ready to ship!


… middle size on Gabrielle, serious model pose!

Btw, Miss Gabrielle who has worked for us forever, just got engaged a few days ago. We are so excited for her! If you talk to her on the phone, feel free to congratulate her… really!

This also means that we have to start working on a quilt right away since we have been promising one for this event ever since they were first dating… Or at least it means that we have to start planning one since they are having a long engagement. Phew!! Any ideas?


…. middle size on Gabrielle, off to work.



 … all 3 sizes in the studio



I'm not sure if I can have a favorite, since I love all 3 sizes… but maybe, just maybe, these minis are my favorite. 



 … Oh and definitely my daughter's favorite [this one is hers]! 





 … medium size [with the cute little pocket both inside and outside].



the large one, Market Tote. Perfect for so many things!

Oh.. and THE BEST THING… is that all 3 sizes can be made out of 1 Jelly Roll. That's right, just 1 Jelly Roll! Gotta love that!

Available in the SHOP anytime you like!  Oh… and if you make one, I would really love to see it so send it to me via IG or Facebook or Email!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Second up- New MODA Toweling! I don't know if you remember the last couple versions we have offered of these wonderful towelings but we just think they are the best! They are 100% cotton, woven in India, with wonderful colors and quality. They come by the yard on the roll and are the perfect way to dress up any surface!

Both of these stripes are perfect for summer projects and really couldn't be any easier. Hemmed on both long sides, these are literally as easy as cut, hem and decorate! Great for table runners, pillows, placemats and napkins!


Grossgrain Stripes Roll







Wide Stripes Roll




Wide Stripe wavy

 Check out the SHOP if you are interested in a little summer redecorating!

We have several more really good things to share on Monday so check back with us then!

Happy Sewing,




Congrats to Gabrielle! And I'm sure you'll find the perfect quilt design for her. Personally I think a sampler quilt would be great as wedding gift.
Love your Totes they're so cute! But I think I need a Farmhouse JR first:-)

Love the Feedsack pattern. Couldn't wait for the mail so I got the PDF. I know what I am making this weekend!
Thanks so much!!!!!

Such pretty bags! Congratulations to Gabrielle. It's always such fun to plan and make wedding quilts!

Thank you for sharing such beautiful things. I love the bag in all three sizes too!

I love the idea of a sampler too! We’ll see what we can make happen around here!


Hope you have fun making it!! Let me know how it goes,


At least she has a long engagement so I have a while before I have to commit to what I am making!


I downloaded my Feed Sacks pattern last nite, can't wait to get started, as soon as I get my jelly roll I pre-ordered,

Can’t wait to see your bag!

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