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Paris…Taking It All In

A Day in Montmarte

Happy Summer friends!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the less hurried pace that summer brings to many of us! We are home from our epic family vacation and are slowly…. very slowly… getting back into the swing of a schedule around here!

In the process I am really trying to organize my Europe photos somehow before sharing them with you but since there are literally hundreds and hundreds of them… well, you know how it is… it's all taking a while longer than I was hoping.

Plus there is that pesky jet lag thing that is putting me in bed by 8:00 pm most nights… its kind of a comedy show around here at the moment!

So in effort to at least get started, I am going to start working through a day at a time… or maybe even half a day LOL!  For today, our visit to Montmarte, the artist district of Paris, was filled with a plethora of time sitting and watching artists paint, as well as some really good food and not only people watching but building watching too.

For me there is nowhere else that I can think of where awnings and simple cane chairs end up feeling so charming and nostalgic and so…. well so, Paris.







Ben, my oldest, was fascinated in the process of painting and could have watched the local painters for hours.





The rest of us were just a bit more interested in the French Onion Soup and Chicken with herbs that was coming any minute...





But the corners and nooks and crannies of that district were just as yummy as the lunch!









And of course as soon as lunch was done, the sillies came out.



… in everyone!


More… oh so much more… this weekend!

Talk to you soon!



Looks like you allc had a great time and it was the perfect vacation:-)

I hope you took in some fabrics stores as well!

If you visited fabric stores, I'd love to hear about them.

What a wonderful place to be! Love it! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your upcoming projects!

Looks like a wonderful Family trip! Everyone Smiling and having fun! Enjoy!

Such wonderful memories to make together!

Merci de partager ces moments si précieux avec nous.
j'ai hâte de vois la suite.

Thank you for sharing those precious moments with us.
I in the hurry to see the rest of it.

Bon weekend, Have a nice weekend.

Looks beautiful and a wonderful trip by looking at the faces of your family!

Fantastic pictures. You cute kids have been growing up before our very eyes!

What fun!! i can't wait to see more! I have been to Paris twice, both as a teenage girl with other teenage girls.. and i NEED to go back!

You missed it!!!! There is a HUGE 3 floor fabric warehouse open to general public a few steps away from these restaurants. It has a staggering selection of vintage looking (good) French fabrics at tear bringing prices and another floor with towels, tablecloths, torchons etc. Had you found it I suspect you would have had to lease your own jumbo jet.

A few but since I normally do that… we tried to do things that would be more interesting to the kids!

There is a whole fabric district there in Montmarte and I will try to blog about that in another post.

It was a lovely time but it sure is good to be home!

Bon weekend to you too! We had such a wonderful time in your country!! It is just so lovely!

I know! Its crazy isn’t it??

Yes you should! I was there as a teenager several times too and its COMPLETELY DIFFERENT as an adult. You really should go!

I was there too! I have been there many times before and its wonderful but just spent a few hours there this time since my whole family was with me. I love the fabrics there but find the prices to be pretty high [for US standards] and yet I always manage to get a few pieces of some goodies each and every time!

Such sweet memories for your family!! Your oldest is growing so handsome, your middle child is getting so tall, and your little girl has the best smile!! And I think I know where they get their sillies!! :-) Thanks for sharing!! Hugs, H

Beautiful photos. You have such gorgeous children! Thank you for sharing your trip. Do you speak French? That was the one thing I wished I could do well when I visited. I know most can speak English, but I try to speak the country's language. My French is pretty poor, lol!

Looks like it was the perfect vacation :)

Thank you Helen, you are too sweet!

I only speak a few words of French but I try whenever and whatever I can and the French are very gracious with me!

a good time in France! The fabric shops are pricey than us ones, I think...

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