Market Prep: Fig Tree in Real Life
…A Little More Recap

Recaps and Answers and New Stuff Oh My...

So this is how it goes around here...

We prep for Market.


We make ourselves a bit nuts in the process [read all about that from my darling husband Eric in a previous post :-)]. We don't sleep. We eat nonsense. We wonder if there is any way that it is all going to get done. But it does get done. Usually. More or less. Well… the lawn might be brown and the and my hair most definitely needs a bit of color, but more or less is about right. I guess it all depends on what the less is...

We go to Market and always enjoy being with our industry friends and colleagues, talking to customers and presenting our newest products. Always. We usually have much more fun than we expect.  

Thank goodness that most of live by the rule of what happens at Market, stays at Market  LOL.




If you have more questions about this photo, I will have to refer you to the previously mentioned Market Rule...

How could we not have fun when we have some very important people at MODA channelling Kevin Bacon in both dress and dance from Footloose? Oh yeah….if nothing else, MODA knows how to throw a party and have fun. Serious fun. Unfortunately no photos on that one… but trust me! He's a keeper that Josh Dunn.

So we get home from Market. We make grand plans. Always. Without fail. And then the post-Market coma hits. Seriously. It should be categorized as an actual condition, so many of us experience the exact same thing. We should call it PMC.

For some, it just lasts a few days or maybe a week. For others, we find ourselves losing several weeks before we can drag ourselves back to regularly scheduled programming…. like blogging and cleaning up the studio and showering :-).

I'm afraid that I fall in the later category. Its like one of those therapy moments when they tell you that you need the same amount of time to recover that you experienced the original trauma. Well if that was the case, I would still be deep in PMC. Hey… maybe I should cut myself a bit of a break?

Now don't get me wrong, I have to start back to work the moment I get back from Market. There is no escaping that. There are orders to process, Market commitments to work out, quilt shows to organize, etc. There is usually a flurry of activity but only the things that absolutely HAVE TO GET DONE, DO GET DONE. You don't even really want any more info about that.

And now we skip to the present. Its a few weeks after Market. I really should have already done a Market Re-Cap. I should have finished that bag pattern I promised you guys. I should have started working on a few new projects that I promised I would have done soon. I should have shaved my legs…. too much information??

So here is the question… do I just start fresh today and pretend that I have already done all of those things? Or do I try to go back and do things that I really should have done about 2 weeks ago….

Given that I would really like to share a few things with you, I am deciding to go back in time and pretend that this is just a few days after Market! Just go with me on this one...

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hello everyone! We are back from Market and so excited to share some photos with you! We just had a MODA Designer space this time around so our space is small but as usual, we somehow managed to squeeze all of our nonsense into said space….

… first off I apologize if the color is a bit weird. the convention center lighting gods were not working in my favor this time around.















As for the INSTAGRAM contest to name the new bag trio we finished up at the very last minute [literally at Market in the hotel room on Lisa Bongean's JUKI]… we have chosen to use the name Feedsacks which was first suggested by @cathyquiltingonmainstreet from Instragram. So if you are Cathy… thank you so much and email me for some goodies...



I am actively trying to get that pattern to print before we go on a legendary family vacation coming up and I will keep you posted on my progress… now that I have officially and out loud said that I had woken up from my PMC, I guess I don't have any excuse to not finish it!

And then there are so many questions that I never ever get to answer on Instagram so I am hoping to answer a few here:

1. The design wall in my studio that I show is made from two mounted vertical wooden bars [designed in a scallop] with 2 horizontal rods across [the kind for hanging clothes in a closet]. Then I measured across and attached cotton batting [3 layers I believe] across the top bar, pinned it into place around the rod and stretched it to fit under the bottom rod and pinned that into place. I will show more photos of it soon but thought I would at least answer the basic construction.

2. Most of the goodies that you guys see and ask where I have gotten it… pretty much you can bet that I got it at HomeGoods [which is the home-store version of TJMaxx]. We have several in our area and I stock them semi-regularly.

3. I am all good on editors and sewers right now. But thank you so very much for your willingness and interest in helping me out. 

4. Most of bowls are from Anthropologie. I am completely addicted and I am so very glad to know that so many of you share my sickness!

5. Yes, we are releasing a line of Fig Tree colors of wool with Weeks Dye Works. We are crazy excited to share more with you as soon as we finalize everything later on this summer. 

6. We are also doing some fun things with thread so stay tuned for more info on that.

7. We unfortunately do not have any more spots in any of the BOMs and we do not plan on running the same program more than once. We purchase a limited amount of fabric, create as many spots as we can and then usually the fabric becomes unavailable so even if we wanted to do it again, we couldn't. We are so sorry that we can't accommodate more of you guys. It already takes us a few days to package and send out each of the programs because there are SO MANY of you who have signed up! We love doing them and will continue so no worries. Hopefully you can get in on the next one.

8. My newest CRAFTSY class is all about angles and I really, really do think that anyone can learn to work with angles by taking that class. Really. I don't usually feel so confident to claim that something I am doing will end in a particular result for my students…but I really do feel that confident about this. Really.

9. I think that Farmhouse might be most favorite collection in a long time. I think I went a little crazy when I placed my order with MODA. Just in case :-)

10. I going to try really hard to blog more. I know that Instagram is kind of addictive and crazy easy, but I am going to try to regularly blog with more content here. Keep me accountable and feel free to bug me if you don't see me here! Really!!


That's it for now… and we have a few fun oldies but goodies that we have found on the shelves as we have prepped for upcoming fabrics. They are on the shop homepage.

Click HERE if you would like to take a look.



Updates and pictures coming next week on both the YULETIDE BOM and the MYSTERY SAMPLER BOM.

And a bit more about Market on Monday… something about someone else besides me this time LOL!


Oh… and we still have MARKET SWAG to give out!! Geesh… I guess I will have to blog a couple times next week!



Welcome back and so good to hear from you again.

Everything looks fabulous, including the Market Swag! I love all those quilts and I am pretty sure we all get the part about never having enough time! Those Fig pins are really sweet and the fabrics are wonderful as usual! Thanks for the update.

So many beautiful things! Glad I managed to get in on Christmas BOM although I will confess I am already behind. I love the new line and have preordered some of that too but will be buying yards, yards I tell ha, of some of the pieces. Glad you are back blogging but the photos yesterday of you son graduating were so sweet! All of the kids are just adorable even though boys probably don't like to hear that!

Wow, I'm loving those cute buttons!!! And the fabric is gorgeous....

Your market booth was gorgeous! And I think you deserve the break!

I'm glad you are going to continue your blog. I love farmhouse. Really like that touch of black, it makes it sparkle. Deep breath and dive back in, you are appreciated!!!

Such beautiful fabrics and patterns! So fresh and pretty! Love reading your updates.

Ooooh, it all looks delicious! Wish I could have been there. :)

Thanks for sharing all these eyecandies with us I can never get enough! And Farmhouse is a great collection might be my second favorite (#1 is still Strawberry Fields and perhaps will always be)!

I think the PMC is completely understandable. Absolutely loving the Mystery BOM! It is going to be such a gorgeous quilt. Thank you for sharing so much of your creativity with us. I'm in love with this line! However, I still love Aloha Girl & haven't finished my Sommerset, so I will patiently await Farmhouse to come out. Can't wait to see what you share with us regarding your wool. It looks so yummy!

How exciting to have my suggested name, Feedsacks, chosen for your pattern. I emailed you my mailing address.

Lovely post: looking forward to seeing more of the - although it's such fun to connect with you on Instagram! - you always write so thoughtfully and your photos are lovely xx

Your booth looks lovely. And always fun to read market recaps.

Is there an outside chance that you would consider having overdyed linen in your colors??? Weeks does gorgeous overdyes and we know that I don't make it a secret I adore your colors and would love to have these in linen to x-stitch on!!!! Just begging is all.......

Love seeing pictures of your booth again...I love every single quilt! And the bags. And the wool--can't wait!!!

Sounds like you have a great vacation planned...enjoy!!!

I think Farmhouse is my favorite collection as well. The moment you first shared it, I knew it was made especially for me! :D Ok, so not really, but it hits so many of my favorite things and I can't wait to get some!

Me too, as far as my favorites go. Strawberry Fields will never leave my #1 spot either I don’t think!


Thanks so much. Stay tuned for some handing out of the Market swag!

At least the collections are different enough so that you can love each one for something a little different. I am loving Aloha Girl at this very moment because summer is starting and it literally makes me feel like I am in Hawaii when I am laying on a quilt made with that collection!

One project at a time dear Susan :-)…. let’s get the wools and the threads done first :-)

I think you and your family need a long, well deserved break, believe me, we will all be here when you get back into the swing, I love the new Farmhouse line coming soon, can hardly wait, I have a lot of Fig Tree quilts and can't bear to part with any, thanks for all your hard work on our behalf, and thanks to your family also, Lorraine

Instagram is so easy to do for me but I am committed to staying up with my blog better!

Hi Joanna! Those of us who have been Fig Tree fans for a long time know your rhythms. We also think you are amazing to do all you do and do it so well. Thanks to you and your family! I only wish I could make more of your great patterns then I can do.

They have gotten used to the fact that everyone calls them adorable :-)))

I love that you know me and that you refer to them as rhythms! That is such a better perspective than I often give myself. Rhythms. Okay. I will call them that from now on.

Thanks Monica!


I love the black too :-). It might be my favorite new color ever!

Farmhouse is a stunning collection, I just love it! I can't wait for the feedsack bag pattern. I have all of the fabric pre-washed and ready to go! I hope it will be pdf download when it is available?

Thank you for your gorgeous designs, I am addicted.......

I love your name! thank you!!

Thank you Lorraine. I am certainly in need of a vacation and we are taking one soon so hopefully it will be all that we are hoping that it will be!!

Thanks for following along this crazy adventure of ours!

Love your Instagram posts, but glad to hear you will be blogging more. I love the quick snap of all the IG photos, especially during Market days! But to just sit down with that cup of hot tea and read all my quilting blogs is so relaxing. Many designers have neglected their blogs for IG.
Love the new Farmhouse collections, especially the floral prints.
SEW excited about the new upcoming wool colors! Please keep us posted.

I love reading your blog and dribbling over all your fabrics and patterns in Australia an knowing it will take a while to get here as me sitting on the edge of my do wonderful work so thank you with all my heart

Thank you so much Michelle. Your comment made me smile today!


Yes, Farmhouse is pretty delicious looking!! Can't wait to see it in the shops!! And have a wonderful trip!! Hugs, H

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