Recaps and Answers and New Stuff Oh My...
Bag Trio Update

…A Little More Recap

I am literally on my way out the door this morning… If you want to follow along, you can do that on INSTAGRAM as I hope to over gram this adventure from beginning to end.

 But for now I just have a few Market shots to share, mostly because I promised that I would.

I was completely in love with the outfits that MODA made for their booth displays… and of course that chair fabric. 











And of course I am completely obsessed with all things Jen...









And it was so lovely to meet a few of our newest designers and hang out with the ones that were new to MODA but that I already knew and loved….








That Chelsi is a crack up!


Oh and of course my newest obsession…. Erin's new paint by numbers collection…




… totally in love with that combo of her paint-by-numbers print and my little daisy print. Love. Love. Love. Btw… we will be kitting something very similar…. :-).

And I'm off now… hoping to post from parts unknown….

Love ya guys!



I'm obsessed with Jen Kingwell's designs as well as your fabric and designs. I was blown away when I saw Yardgrl's version of Gypsy Wife made from Fig Tree fabrics and I think making one is in my future.
Can't wait to see what you design using your fabrics with the paint by number fabrics.

I love the Eiffel Tower fabric in one of those quilts. Do you know where that fabric is from? Thanks.

Based on the pattern for the My Small World quilt, it looks like the Eiffel Tower is embroidered, not part of a print. The same goes for the Tower of Pisa and the Sidney Opera House.

Yes, Chelsi is a crack up for sure! Love her...and love you!

Have a great time!

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