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Hello Friends!

I love SO many of the suggestions that you guys sent in for naming the boy turtle on the Fiona pattern but I think I am going to have to go with…. Finn! I love Fiona and Finn and I totally wish that I had thought of us naming the boy before the pattern went to print! Oh well, he will just have to be Finn to us personally even if only Fiona is named on the pattern LOL!

But I do also love the idea of Baby Fergus so I am going to work up a baby turtle as soon as I can. When I do, I will give you guys some info on how to make him if you have the Fiona pattern.

Thanks everyone… that was fun! I think Claudia was the first one to mention Finn and Joni mentioned Fergus and Merrilee mentioned Baby Fergus... so please email me your address info and I will send some goodies in the mail to all three of you.


On the studio front, I have been busily finishing up 7 different deadlines... yes 7…  for 7 different projects and I am almost, almost done!! Can't wait till that moment when every single thing is finished and I can sit down, turn on my favorite TV marathon [ oh I don't know… maybe NCIS or SVU or The Good Wife or something much more vintage like… Remington Steele !!] and do some serious binding. I have serious binding in my very near future!

That and I still have a mountain of Aloha Girl quilts and projects to show you guys before that fabric arrives… and its coming soon! More on that later this week!


One of the projects that I have been having the most fun with over the last couple of weeks has ended up being a study in mixing ALOHA GIRL with SOMERSET [and in some cases a few other favorites like Avalon].

OH MY GOODNESS… if you don't have enough Somerset in your stash, you might want to stock up before Aloha Girl comes out and then stock up again on Aloha Girl… because the color combos that you can get with those two lines together are just good enough to eat! I'm telling you, really, really yummy!




… yummy mix of Aloha Girl and Somerset!



On another topic, Kimberly and the gals over at the Fat Quarter Shop asked me if I would join them in their latest DESIGNER MYSTERY BOM project. Of course I would- I can't remember a time that I didn't join in the fun! Thanks for asking me again!

I know this is one of your annual favorites and this year is just as lovely as always… definitely different but oh so lovely!

I made a block that I absolutely love and I can't wait for you to see it… although I'm not even sure which month I am so I am not sure how long you might have to wait to see it.  But I am sure that all of the blocks are as awesome as the amazing ladies who designed them...

Designers Collage-01

This year the BOM project has been created with Snowmen Gatherings II by the funny and talented Lisa Bongean [on a side note- you would never, and I mean never, believe some of the hysterical things that come out of that woman's mouth]. Just saying. All that and her husband is pretty fun to hang out with too so that's a bonus for Eric and I. Every few months at Market we get to enjoy the pleasure of their company and I am so glad that this year it was Lisa's fabric that we all got to play with!

I especially love her background prints and I often mix them into my cream bundles!.They are fantastic!


For more info about the BOM program, go HERE and see what Kimberly has to share. You know its going to be good!


While you are at it, go and take THIS fun little quiz that Jocelyn from Fat Quarter Shop came up with and find out what "block" you are. Apparently I am the "Row House Quilt" and DIY is my domain.… not sure what that means exactly but I'll take it! Somehow I feel oddly inspired to go do something DIY… just not sure what. Does binding count as DIY?? LOL!

And to finish off this fun blog post, Kimberly and the ladies [and Kevin too I suppose although if Kevin reads this post and gets all the way down here and manages to notice that I am talking about him… well Eric and I will send him something in the mail that he will appreciate just as our way of appreciating him.... the chances are not high :-)] asked us to share about our favorite place in the world that we have visited. 

That's a really, really hard one for me to answer! Its like asking about my favorite quilt of all time… just can't pick one. 

So I will tell you that my favorite place in the whole world to visit is my hometown of Warsaw, Poland.


And if you think that maybe that is kind of cheating just a little, then I would have to say the Cotswalds in the British countryside. There is something about that area that calms and inspires me like no other...




So there you go. I know I cheated on that one. Sorry!

Thanks FQS ladies for another chance to design and play along with you. You guys are the best!



Speaking of Block of the Month programs, we have just had the MODERN BUILDING BLOCKS BOM FIG TREE STYLE program come to an end! We are mailing out the last shipments as we speak. We will post photos and talk about ideas, etc. tomorrow or the next day!

More importantly since we just finished up a program… we are about to start a new one! Yeah!! We are completely addicted to the rhythm of the monthly projects. Stay tuned to hear more about it soon… like by the end of the week soon!



Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for red and green.

I have yet to make a single of the Modern Blocks. There is another Fig Tree BOM?! Red and Green? Christmas?

I love that you said Warsaw. I loved our visit there. I really loved Krakow too. We've never been to the Cotswalds but we were talking about going back to England the other day. Thanks for the great quilts. I think I should start working on mine.

That is so sweet of you! And don't worry, I'm packed with ideas....a red/white mushroom quilt with one gnome (I love my little gnome pin holder acquired many posts ago), dogwood blossom table runner (totally picture your fabric lines in pink and green), and a "signature" quilt with places for family signatures- I love seeing antique quilts with those on them. Ok, emailing you my address! Also can't wait to see baby Fergus!

From the pictures of Warsaw you posted I can see where you get your Fig Tree color pallet. it comes from your heart.

Really looking forward to the block of the month from FQS. Already signed up! Love your photos and enjoy the areas through them.

Loved your photos...very inspirational! Can't wait to see baby Fergus!

I guess that must be true!!


Well Merrilee-

I just might have to take you up on some of those ideas!!


I love Poland too. We spent two months in Wroclaw this past summer and I absolutely loved it! I hope we have an opportunity to go back again. Ps, love your fabric!

The pictures of Warsaw are just beautiful: I would have never guessed!! The color of that orange building is just gorgeous!!! I'd love to go there someday! And the England pics are just wonderful too: I can see so many of the colors that you use in those pics. Have a great day, and I hope all gets finished soon so you can rest for a bit!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

Yes, we have a new one coming!! Its going to be wonderful. Maybe you need to get cracking on that MODERN one LOL??


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