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Introducing Fiona...

Today I just wanted to share with you some fun little pics of the new Fiona pattern... or Fionas as the case may be.

Or maybe someone could come up with a good boy name to go with Fiona, for the navy turtle. Ideas anyone? Something cute and Irish and boyish :-)....













And of course my girl helpers today. They declared during the shoot that they wanted to be on the blog. So I told them to wrap themselves in Aloha Girl quilts and I would add them!




FINN! Finn and Fiona!

Declan! I love the name Declan.

yes, Fin!

Padraig! You could call him Paddy for short!

Where can I find the Aloha Girls quilt pattern?

I agree, Finn is a perfect match for Fiona.

Yep Finn or Finnikin...

I love the Finn suggestion!!

or Ronan

I have to go with a family name...Fergus!

Love the Fergus name...Fergus and Fiona...great cute fabrics....

Definitely Fergus.

Finn - great name

Adorable. I'm partial to Finley :)

They're cute! How about Patrick?

I like Finn as well, but I think they need to have a baby...Fergus!

Aloha Girl is the name of the fabric collection and it will be in stores starting later this month. The quilt we showed was called Mahalo and is now available in our shop, along with the other quilts made from this fabric collection. thanks so much!

Finn, Fergus, Feilim, Paddy(he is very padded) are my entries.
How fun to have a chance to name Fiona's turtle love.



At the first read, my mind went to Fin - but I also like the idea of a baby Fergus,

Finbar. I've just read a book by Nora Roberts where it's a name of one of the main characters.

Such cute turtles! Where did you get the pattern?

My thought was Shrek automatically. I guess that's what happens when your life is dominated by your kids ;)

This is our new pattern, called Fiona.

Ha!!! I like that. I guess it shows that my kids are much older now since that didnt even come to mind LOL!


How about Ferrell, which means "brave." He would have to be brave to be adventurous!

Timothy, Patrick, or Finnegan

Fiona is adorable. I like Finn or Frederick!

Finn, of course!

Fingal. Reading is one of my favorite things to do, and one of my favorite series is the "Irish Doctor" books by Patrick Taylor. The main character is Dr. Fingal O'Reilly.

Finn is great, short for Finnigan. I also like Ian or Rory. I had an uncle Forgus, not sure if that is Irish though.

I love FINN!!!!

George, Fiona and George.

I think it should be Felix. :)

Phineus is my two cents - they're both adorable!

Leo or Liam.

How about Liam?

Fitz, Ferdinand, or Pattywack...just a thought! Fiona is adorable!!

I love both of those so much!!

Of course it should be Finn which is also my grandson's name!!

Yes! Finn or Finley! TOO cute!!! :)

I think he should be Finnigan, Finnigan and Fiona, such fun, Lorraine I

Finn and Fiona sound great together. They are too cute.

So happy to see more blogging. I know it is time consuming, but such a great connection for your quilting friends! Thank you!

I just made Fiona from the downloaded pattern and it went together beautifully. It was a fast, adorable pattern. It's a little toy for my 20 month old granddaughter whose new word is turtle and Fiona is a perfect size for her.

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