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Moda Love Blog Tour Wrap-up



... we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest collection, Somerset, in late September. We can't wait!




If this is your first time visiting here, welcome! My name is Joanna Figueroa and I have been designing fabric for MODA for over a decade now [wow that makes me feel a bit old!] and patterns for my company Fig Tree & Co and Fig Tree Quilts [over 200 patterns at this point... yikes!] for more years than I want to admit to :-). I also write books, travel to teach and teach online at Craftsy!


If this is your first time joining us for one of these fun tours, you are in for a treat! For each QUILT MARKET [Houston each October and various Spring locations in May] the designers who attend Market get together and create a special project for our SCHOOLHOUSE event [an educational event for store owners at Market] that we then share with you the following season in a blog tour. It is a wonderful way to see what everyone has been up to and what the new fabrics are. If you haven't been following along yet, you might really want to [and not just because there will be wonderful GIVEAWAYS on each and every stop on the tour]. HERE is the link to all of the designers on each day. Today I am joining the fun ladies from Basic Grey and Pat Sloan.

As always, the amazing brainchild behind these themes, ideas and projects is the amazing MODA LISSA. She knows way too many "interesting" things about all of us designers after all these years of working together so we just do whatever she tells us :-). We love her so much. MODA LOVE!!!


Question: When did you fall in love with quilting/textiles?

Answer: The year that I was married, we moved to a new town and I had a bit of extra time on my hands while I was working on my Masters degree. It was that year that I found and bought my first vintage quilt at a yard sale & signed up for a quilt class at our local "mall". I have no idea what made me do it in that particular moment other than I finally had a bit of time but I was hooked from the very first moment! I had admired textiles for a long time before that but that was definitely "the moment" of my conversion!

Question: When I teach workshops, I love...

Answer: it when people use my patterns in totally and completely new ways and with different fabric choices. It makes me feel like I "did my job" if I can see the cross over between my designs and completely different styles!

Question: What is your favorite MODA precut?

Answer: Most definitely a jelly roll. The jelly roll has inspired me to do so many new and different things that I don't think I would have ever tried had it not been for that little roll!

Question: What fuels you to create?

Answer: Its an addiction. I really can't help it. Seriously. People ask me all the time if I ever run out of ideas and I kind of laugh. I always have WAY MORE IDEAS THAN I HAVE TIME TO MAKE THEM. EVER.


Speaking of great ideas, here is a special little VIDEO from Market with some tips that I wanted to share with you about piecing strip sets and cutting angles! I know these are some basic tips but they have proven very, very useful to me over the years! Thanks Josh!


This time around, we all worked with one simple pattern that did such a great job of showcasing each and every newly debuted collection. HERE is the pattern if you want to try your hand at your own version. You can literally do it in one aftermoon, it's that straightforward!




... our Somerset version and my friend Cynthia's Somerset version with a red floral border.

We made our version from our upcoming SOMERSET fabric and backed it in our favorite butter yellow snuggle [see above]. Yum! I know this is going to be one of those quilts that the kids fight over simply because of the backing [we sell it on our site if you are in search of some].

As for the rest of us here at Fig Tree, well we got a little carried away...


... From the top left: Fig Tree greens and reds for a Christmas version, Honeysweet, Mirabelle, all Seafoam prints from several lines including Mirabelle, Fresh Cottons, Buttercup and others. Each one feels so very different!

But then we thought about MODA LOVE and about spreading it. So I challenged my monthly sewing group to choose some of their favorite Fig Tree collections and make one of their own. We had so much fun! MODA LOVE those ladies so much!! Thank you Laurie, Cheryl, Diana, Cynthia, Maggie, Mary, Anne, Patty and Joanie!


... Fig Tree Fresh Cottons, a mix of lighter Fig Tree prints, Kate Spain's Honey Honey and a mix of Fig Tree jewel tones.

We had so much fun each choosing a different Fig Tree fabric collection or themed grouping for each quilt and sewing up a storm. Since all the ladies "took" all of the latest collections that we had Layer Cakes for, I decided to make one from my all time favorite Kate Spain grouping, Honey Honey.  Serious MODA LOVE with these quilts!!

Some more about what we've been up to...


We took some time off this year to do some travelling with the family [get ready for a post about our most recent trip to Mexico soon]. As the kids get older it is getting more and more real that we won't have them here with us forever and want to enjoy them while we have them. Some of our trips have inspired new fabrics and products for me at the same time. I am nothing if not a crazy multi-tasker!




... Hawaii




... the British countryside


... Mexico



We have been totally and completely bitten by the MINI bug! We just added 2 more patterns this summer and are working on several more for Market!


And the latest two...


 Oh my goodness, these are so much fun to make in between larger projects!




Working with Aurifil this year has been more fun than we could have imagined and we are eagerly awaiting our new AURIKIT fabric/thread kit coming this month. To see the really exciting things that are happening with that kit, click HERE.



MODA LOVE: Somerset Patterns

Our newest pattern releases to accompany SOMERSET are some of all time favorite quilt patterns ever!



Navajo Stars [possibly one of my all time favorites]...


 ... hint, hint.... we are making this into a Halloween kit in the next week or so. Stay tuned!

Homestead in the Fresh version.



Sweet Sixteen in the aqua version.



and possibly the most perfect quilt to be making in the upcoming months, TWIRL. All made with 1 Jelly Roll!


MODA LOVE: What's Coming Next!!

Even though we love all of the goodies that we have shown you, it is hard not to look forward to what is coming too. We are debuting a new line in Houston this October and it is called Aloha Girl. Gee I wonder why!? There are some new colors and some new goodies in it. Stay tuned for more on that as Market approaches...



So for all those of you you who have managed to read that whole long thing...  to enter the GIVEAWAY, comment and tell me how many times I mentioned MODA LOVE and what Fig Tree pattern is next on your TO DO LIST or WISH LIST!


Throughout the TOUR, we are having a crazy PATTERN SALE. 20% off all patterns !!!  Just enter the code MODALOVE during checkout! Shop HERE!

Thanks so much for playing along!


Fun, fun, fun! In all, counting the title and the code for the sale, I could 13 times for Moda Love! Right now, I have 2 mini Cherry Pie quilts and 1 full size canned pears quilt cut out, ready to sew. We recently went on a little vacation and while I didn't take my sewing machine, I did take lots of fabric to cut out. I love to come home to a quilt all cut out, ready to sew!!! Thanks for the chance to win some of your gorgeous fabric!!!

That should say "count!"

I counted 13 times, including the blog post title. Love me some Moda too. I am also a jelly roll lover and the very first precut I bought was a Moda jelly roll of Gypsy Rose. I made a quilt to of it, and until now, haven't quilted it, but a few months ago I got it out again and it is on the updated list to finally get quilted. Thanks for such great fabrics, Joanna.

I counted 13 total times you mentioned MODA LOVE in this post. My next quilt - your mini Sail Away!!! Love it!!

13 Times. The Mini's are on my next to do list.

Counting the titles... yep, 13..... I think the Twirl pattern is incredible.... I'd love to play with that one! Feels like fall around here...

13 times. The Mini Quilts are on my list, too!

I count 13 MODA LOVEs, including the heading. I'm itching to try Hazel the Hedgehog - we have a sample in our local shop, and it's soooo cute!

Well there are 9 mentions in the body of the post, that doesn't include titles. My next project is the mini pears however I'm working on one now that is all hand pieced stars (ohhhh, talk about on going project) that will be for my niece. Also for fun I am working on a row quilt, no pattern, And is it ever fun. I get to break all the rules. Can't wait to show you.

13 times you mentioned MODA LOVE. I would love to make the Sweet Sixteen and/or the Homestead. I plan to watch for your fabrics at my local shop (new and growing - Quilt Heaven) to see if there is a color scheme i love. Peach is not my favorite, but the blues and greens are calling my name :)

I count 10 in the body of the post and 13 with titles. My next pattern will be TWIRL.

MODA LOVE x 9 I think that Navajo Stars just jumped onto my to-do list - especially in your Fig Tree colours. Thanks

13 altogether and I really really like Twirl

9 times moda love.....and just love the Navajo star and jelly rolls....

Cherry Pie and Blossom are waiting on me to get them started! Cherry Pie will be a gift for my daughter-in-law. Shhhhhh! I counted 13 time that Moda Love appeared on your post!

I counted 10 MODE LOVE!

I love all of your patterns, but I am currently working on a My Log Cabin quilt for my brother's birthday. I love the scrappy look and the caramel accent. It's a great pattern!

I am working a a twin XL for my son in college material for his dorm room. I have a baby quilt to quilt, and a couple UFO's to finish. Then on to a NEW project..... I have several lined up and that keeps me going - looking ahead!

13, and I love Navajo Star!

I counted 13 as well. I've got a yellow Blossom quilt cut out and ready to go. It's for my youngest daughter.

Well...even though it was a fun and interesting post it was long and I didn't want to read it twice carefully so I just glanced over it to look for the Moda Love. I see you made it pretty easy with the "RED" so I'll say nine not counting column headings. I really want to make the Jumping Jacks mini so I'm off to order that pattern. Joanna, I love your fabrics, patterns, website ... everything. What you have created, your business, is such an accomplishment.

13 times! Really looking forward to Aloha Girl fabric!

Looks like 13 to me too....Moda is Love! My current project includes the Fig Tree version of the Modern Building Blocks quilt...a friend is doing it also and I am in the lead at the moment...all 5 blocks finished, she hasn't quite started yet..ha. I love all your fabrics - just lovely, the lot of them!

I counted 9 in your post, not including ones in the titles. Also you will be working on Twirl very soon. Love all the different Moda Love quilts, so fun to see all the different fabrics! Thanks

I counted 9 MODA LOVE that you mentioned. I really like the Marigold pattern.

I counted 15 if the titles at the start of the post are included. I have plans to get started on Twirl, but many of your patterns are on my to-do list.

I counted 9 times, not including titles etc. Love Navajo Stars so that is definitely on my to-do list.

I counted 13.......would love to make the Twirl quilt. It's perfect for this time of year.

13!! I really want to make the one with the pears, mini or full size but I still need to quilt the Halloween one from last year!

I counted 14 including titles, and post, I love the new pattern twirl

Several times and I like Twirl

Patricia C

I see Moda Love in red 9 times. Love the Canned Pears mini quilt. Awesome! :)

13 is the lucky number. Your Twirl pattern is gorgeous.

Navajo Star has just joined my must sew list, it looked amazing on your post, but love the mini fruits too. Moda Love appeared 13 times including titles, but 9 times in red throughout the post. Thanks for a fun giveaway.

I counted 9 highlighted in red but added 4 more to include the title banner and giveaway info for a total of 13.
My next Fig tree project is Boardwalk. I am looking forward to it!!

I counted 13 total in the entire post. I love twirl, actually I love anything Fig Tree, your colors are so warm and fresh, you never disappoint we fans. I so look forward to your releases. I have made quilts with almost every line, I can't get enough Figgy!

Including the banner, 14 times. I love your patterns.

I counted 9 times in red and another 4 for a total of 13. Great fun giveaway, thanks.

13 including the blog title, banner, and code. The School Day satchel is on my wish list.

I have had my eye on Butterscotch tart for quite some time. Just love it, just trying to get some UFO's completed first. I believe MODA LOVE is mentioned 13 times in total. Thanks.

Looks like lucky number 13 :) hope you are superstitious. lol. I love all the different colorways you and friends made that quilt. Especially the mostly green one, just beautiful! Thanks for a fun blog hop.

I'm going with 13, although google's now counting the mentions in the comments, too! Anyway - I'm in love with Navajo Star! Thank you for the giveaway!

It looks like 13. Next on my to do list is an old spools kit. However the Navajo stars is calling me to make one inspired by my sister in law's trip to Peru. But then again. . .

Looks like 13 and love the Sail Away mini!

I counted 13, but I could have missed one. Anyway, I would love to make the mini (or full size) canned pears. So cute!

I counted 9 MODA LOVE mentions in red plus 2 at the top of the blog and 2 more at the end of the blog describing the giveaway rules. TOTAL = 13.

I love your Jumping Jacks pattern and would love to give it a whirl!

I counted 14 MODA LOVEs in this posting. The next Fig Tree pattern on my to do list is the miniature Canned Pears. Love it. (I'm off to purchase it right now).

I counted 13 times. I love all your wonderful quilts and especially your beautiful fabrics. I can't wait to make the Navajo Star. It is different than what I usually would pick (Pears, cherries etc.) but I know my daughter would love it!!!

Thank you for the giveaway!

i counted 13 but hey i could be wrong

13. My next project is Swoon by Thimbleblosoms using Mirabelle. I can't wait to get started on it. Love, love your work.

9 red MODA LOVEs and I think 4 more in the titles. I definitely want to make Twirl!

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