A Little Trip... Part III
Our brand new "AURIKIT"!

My Little Trip... Part IV

No trip to the British countryside would be complete without some country garden photos... here are a few of my favorites.

I love to think about how the plants all go and look together, why the gardener made certain choices, how one plant plays off the other. The general feel of " slightly overgrown but manicured" is what I love most about the "English Country Garden" look. There is something so magical about it.

Along with my hollyhocks this year, I am going to try to recreate this feel in a small area of my front garden. I already have the overgrown climbing roses and various types of hydrangeas in my front porch area so I think we will start there :-).






... this jasmine reminds so much of growing up that I can literally smell being a kid again!








 ...believe it or not, this is a maple. Full size leaves and a huge tree. It was unbelievable to look at!



 ... felt like The Secret Garden here.



... hollyhocks.



 ... I seriously need a mailbox hidden in a hedge like that!



















Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful photos of your trip! I've never been to England so I really appreciate seeing the beauty of their houses, gardens, even the fences ;o) Wonderful!!!!

Beautiful, if only we had water from the sky in California ,I had to turn off all lawn water for good. Maybe the rain will come. In the meantime thanks for the beautiful pictures. Reminds to I better take some pictures of my yard and flowers it might be the last year to ever have them. Also I think I would like to go visit England, I haven't been to that part.

These are gorgeous photographs! Do you mind sharing with me what kind of camera you are using for these??

The ivy and purple flowering vine growing up the stone in the 11th picture...*sigh*! Thank you for sharing these! :)

Oh it's just all so heavenly! Thank you for these beautiful images.

So glad you are enjoying it!

Absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing!

they make it look so effortless, like if the seeds were blown into the ground by angels and God put his finger on them and they just grew!!! Beautiful. We were in Harrogate a few years back and loved it

Ahhhh... flowers and fabric are my two favorite subjects! :-) Love the style of English gardens... the maple is called "Harlequin Maple" and can be purchased here in the states. We had one at our house in NJ...

Stunning! The gardens do have a slight 'it got messy but I intended for that to happen look'. :D I too love Hollyhocks but I only have them for 2-3 summers & then they leave. They are a beautiful background flower. Nice trip!!

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the name of that Maple!! I really think I will be adding it to my garden in the fall!

OOOOOH AW!!!!!!! feel like I am fireworks!! delightful!!!and Thanks!! more quilt ideas?

Your description of the gardens is so very beautiful. Thank you for that!

thank you for sharing these every day...I look forward to the photos! I'm trying to grow an English country garden in our yard and have many of the flowers in your pictures, including 2 hollyhocks. They are easy plants as long as you don't treat them too well...that sounds funny but they do better in cracks in driveways than they do in nice soil. And at the end of their season you can take their seeds and sprinkle them throughout the garden to get even more plants the next year. They are a biennial so do be patient! :0

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

It's such a delight to know how much the English Gardening style is admired around the world. I once had Japanese student who told me how obsessed he was about our style and i told him that lots of Brits were busy putting Japanese gardens into their back gardens!! Gardening is an international 'joiner' like quilting, so good to know when the news is bad. We love the rain as it waters our gardens, we love the seasons and we love the details

So beautiful!! i especially love that pic of the Hollyhocks!!! I need to grow those next year!!! Thanks for sharing!! :-)

I use an older model, its a NIkon D90. But I love everything about it and it does everything I need it to do.

Thanks for following along,

English country cottage gardens are my favourite style of garden too. They are hard to maintain in South Australia, with our sunny, hot summer, kind of like yours, but so worth the effort and water.

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