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A Little Trip... Part II

A Little Trip...

This past week I have been on a little excursion with my mom, just the two of us. We spent a few days in the Cotswolds, a charming country and farm area of Britain about 2 hours outside of London, and the last day in London.

It was totally impromptu and a bit at the last minute but full of color and beauty and quitness. I wasn't sure how it would go since we have never travelled together, just the two of us, but it worked out perfectly! I guess we both needed some relaxed travel time.

I am home as of yesterday and wanted to start showing you some of my photos. Lots more to come but today I wanted to start off with doors. Yes, that's right, doors. One of my favorite things to do in the villages of the British countryside, is to look at doors. And cottage names. Each one is different and unique. I love them. Here are just a few.

Doors1 Doors2 Doors3

More stories from my trip and photos tomorrow!


next time knock on our door!

How pretty! Didn't think I could get excited about door pictures but now I ant to spruce mine up a bit :)

well that just stunk!! in a meeting all morning, reading my email @ lunch, go to order some scrap bags, as i was SOOOOOOOOOOOO hoping for some somerset scraps, and they're all gone already!! just blew my day :( i have such a ridiculouse amount of your fabrics Joanna!! but, i never have enough, ok i'm thru venting - thanks :)

We will try to make some more again next week and I will email you when we have some! Promise.


What great color inspiration from these doors!

These are amazing!

I have a few random door photos from my holidays too. I get it. These are lovely.

Such beautiful photos! I loved each and every one on Instagram and can't wait to see more!

I did the same thing in Italy, many taken in Assisi. I called the collection The Doors of Italy! Love your photos!

Such charming cottage doors...reminds me of the popular poster some artist has out called "The Doors of Dublin". How inspiring for a new quilt pattern!?! Maybe more blues next time, ha ha.

my oldest is a front door photographer too...she has some lovely shots from Russia, Israel and then Hawaii and Calif...most of the California Mission doors looking at doors...

Love the Cotswold area. I took lots of pictures of the beautiful stone walls and steps. Next time I will have to look at the doors more closely.

How lovely! Glad you had the opportunity to do something fun with your mom. It's funny; I went to Europe last Fall and came home with lots and lots of pictures of doors too. When you decide on something cool to do with the photos, let me know!

What beautiful colors. I didn't really think about doors being different before. Why are all of our doors so stock?! I love it. Makes me want to change my front door.

I know…. who knew that blue doors were so popular in England?

Thanks for following along,

I know! There is something about all those different doors that is just too charming to pass up. Especially when so many of them have flowers and names!

Okay next time I will knock on your door! Where do you live? :-)

Would love to see your Assisi doors. That is a place I would love to visit one day!

There is just something about those doors in so many of the country towns in Europe! Love them!

Me too! I want a Fig Tree green door even though it doesnt match my house LOL!

There is just something about seeing lots of doors, especially in villages or small towns… so much personality in them!

Yes… the stone in the Cotswolds is truly beautiful!!

There is just something about those doors I tell you! Not sure what else I will do with those photos but they sure are fun to see all at once. Just makes me happy!

we're in Surrey, near Wisley Gardens! My Aunt and Uncle live in a lovely old schoolhouse very near to where you were in the Cotswolds, we all share gardening and needlework in common.

Beautiful trip. Love the country side. Have seen London, but would love to go see more of this countryside. The doors, houses, quaintness. Thanks for sharing.

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