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Up today.... the actual thatched roof cottages that the Cotswolds are known for. These are all homes of current families! Can you imagine living in a little dream cottage like this? Hopefully this won't offend anyone who actually lives in one... but all I can think of is a Hobbit coming out the front door! I love them. The roofs are made entirely of straw and many of them have a netting on them at this point to keep them from disintegrating.Apparently from what I heard from one home owner, it takes an ubelievable amount of work and upkeep to keep them!

But then again... who wouldn't want to live in one of these? I mean seriously.






















Back to reality.

Up tomorrow... the gardens!


So long as you know they are full of spiders and creepy crawlies, plus it's hard to get insurance because of the fire risk!! But they are gorgeous and we just take them for granted. :)

Thanks for sharing your pictures! It makes me so home sick for England. My family and I lived there for 3 years near Ipswich (my husband was in the military). England is the home in my heart and I wanted to stay forever.

Definitely straight from The Shire! And I would have to guess that being called a Hobbit would be considered a compliment...at least, I know it would be to me. :) Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us!

Just like in the movie, The Holiday!! Love, love, love the houses!

England would definitely be a lovely place to leave your heart!

Not sure my husband would think it a compliment if I called him a Hobbit LOL!!! :-) But I just couldnt resist the connection!

Yes, I figured they were not easy or cheap to upkeep! But they are so very charming and so unique!

Is this Chipping Camden? I have stayed there several times and love that village. One day i watched a man re-thatch one of the homes. he came off the roof and talked to me about what the process is and how expensive it is. Once you have a thatched roof you are not allowed to use anything else. The netting also helps keep the birds from removing the thatch for their nests.
I love your fabric and just finished making a quilt using 'Tapestry'. Today I am off to Holly Hill quilt shop to sign up for the Christmas Homespun workshop. They have a gorgeous display of your fabric and sample quilts.
I enjoy your blog.

Amazing! they would make such beautiful Quilts tops!!

Like Rita and Gretchen, I too lived in the UK.We were there for three years outside of Bury-St. Edmunds. There were many thatched cottages in our area and we had friends who lived in them as well. It is an art form that though not as common as it was at one time, is from extinct. I was amazed to find how thick the thatch is (two to three feet). The designs along the tops are perfect for quilting and embroidery inspirations... what about fabric design?

Oh ME, ME, ME! I would LOVE to get a chance to live in one of those charming cottages! I love absolutely everything British and am lucky enough to have an aunt and two cousins who live there and share wonderful pictures every once in a while. One of these years I'm going to visit!( In the meanwhile my cousin has promised to send me one of those beautiful cast iron fireboxes in exchange for a Singer treadle machine~we just have to find a mail carrier who is willing to break his or her back!HA!)

Yes, I have heard that upkeep of the roofs is quite a task!

So glad that you will be joining us at HOMESPUN HOLLY! Yeah!

Yeah, I couldnt believe how thick they were when I found out either. I know it is more romantic than practical, but I guess it is the IDEA of living in one that appeals to me.

I think so too. Awhile ago I did a little series of mini quilts called LITTLE LANDSCAPES that makes me think of these!

Thanks for sharing again: those are so beautiful!! That top trim is quite interesting: I didn't realize you could embelish a thatched roof!! :-) have a great weekend!! Hugs, H

Sounds like a wonderful trade you have planned. Hope it works!!

Very charming!

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