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So as much as I love the doors... I love all the rest of it too. The gates. The views. The gorgeous  golden Cotswalds stone that makes all of the villages glow.... literally. The hollyhocks. Those hollyhocks are absolutely everywhere and I have promised myself to plant them in my garden next year. They just define English cottage garden to me!

Here are just a few photos of the villages that we explored... okay maybe more than a few. But a few of my favorites anyway.




Towns2-2 Towns2-1

With names likes Bourton-on-the-Water, Chipping Norton, Moreton-on-the-Marsh, Stow-on-the-Wold, Lower and Upper Slaughter, Winchcombe, Broadway, Blockley, you kind of want to visit and explore each and every one. Which we kind of did. Again. Since I have done this several times before. It never gets old. Seriously.


Up tomorrow: the thatched roof cottages themselves. To die for.


So beautiful. Wish I were there but this is the next best thing. Thank you.

Lovely. Absolutely lovely. What a wonderful way to enjoy a cup of coffee - traveling through a beautiful part of England. Thanks for the journey! ;)

Those are beautiful pictures I wish they were fullscreen.
I also wish I could grow Hollyhocks here in California just can't seem to get them going. Since my name is
Holly English version
Houx French version

What a wonderful trip! When you plant Hollyhocks, plant the single old fashion ones pictured, not the double modern ones.

The Hollyhocks are gorgeous! We have a few growing in random spots in our yard, but we live up in the mountains and there are lots of deer so we have to put cages around them. :( These are WAY prettier!

What fabulous pictures! I would love to see the Cotswolds but haven't had time while in the UK yet. We live near Greenfield Village and have visited the Cotswold cottage that Henry Ford had moved there piece by piece. I'd love to see a village full of them someday. The hollyhocks are breath taking. Thanks for sharing your trip with your readers.

All of your photos are so heavenly!!! Just loved seeing them.

Your pictures are stupendous & I love them. Glad you enjoyed your trip with your mom & I agree, hollyhocks just make the garden.

Just beautiful! I dream of visiting England some day. And I will absolutely have to plant some hollyhocks next year! :)

Hopefully the cages help keep your Hollyhocks safe!

Thanks for the advice, Jean!

Hollyhocks are a favorite from my childhood. We used the blossoms as "skirts" when playing among the flowers in my grandmother's garden. Thanks for the "tour" of England.

Love your photos.. So much beauty.

Yes, I think we should all plant Hollyhocks!

Oh I have such good memories of the north of England, and you reminded me of them, THANK YOU. The flowers seem so much brighter over there!!!

Love these photos! Thank you so much for sharing with us. The photos are so clear, it's like being there in person. Really am enjoying being along on your trip.

Thanks so much following along on my adventure. It makes it so much more fun to share it with you all!

I can only imagine that Hollyhocks are a part of fond childhood memories. They are a bit magical!

yes, there is something about how the flowers and the green looks over there… I agree!

thanks so much! It was a fun way to spend a week… basically chronicling everyone with my camera!

Did you try the lardy cake?

Lovely pictures: thanks for traveling for us!! :-P Hugs, H in Healdsburg

No I dd not. Next time I will!

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