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The Ferry Building

Last week we had some of our favorite out of town guests, a family that we have known forever. In fact we were reminiscing how we used to babysit their oldest son when he was a toddler before we had any of our own. Well, he is off to college this fall. I know this is a total cliche, but I seriously do not know where that time has gone. Poof!

Anyhow, as is our usual, whenever we have friends visiting that share our love of walking and eating.... we go into the city to the Ferry Building. And so we went...


We strolled along the Embarcadero....





With a lot of wind blowing in our hair...







And then we came to the shrine that is the Ferry Building. What else is there to say really.   #weateourwaythroughtherestoftheday 





First up, Miette. A charming little French sweet shoppe.





The General Store and Farm Fresh To You stand....







Anything green is good.





The gourmet bean store, Rancho Gordo. Where the boys spent a good deal of their time playing with the "touching beans".



The ACME bakery. Just the small alone.



Tasting at the Olive Oil shop. I have found a new love and I am addicted. But I have found a slightly more affordable way to do it. Go to Trader Joe's and buy a small bottle of your favorite flavored oil - basil, garlic and chili all work well. Find the little tin of Trader Joe's truffle salt. Combine the two in a little dish. Dip your favorite bread. I dare you to tell me you are doing a carb free diet after that. Just. Not. Possible. #totally addicted





As a committed mushroom forager, I love looking at every nook and cranny of this shop.







The boys enjoyed themselves here at Boccalone too.





Cowgirl Creamery. Sigh.

I could have tasted every single cheese here. Pretty sure we ate nothing but bread and cheese for the next 2 days after spending too much time here.





As for here at McEvoy Ranch, I could have designed a new collection or two if I had stayed here any longer. Heaven for the eyes. One day I will have a garden that yields this. One day pigs will fly too but you know.







Unfortunately now all the goodies are gone and I am 5 lbs. heavier. I guess I should get off the computer and take a walk.  :-)


My all time favorite place to go!!! I wish I could grow flowers like the ones shown!

I grew up just north of San Francisco and I love the Ferry building as a landmark to guide yourself. But I have never, ever been inside! Now I must go in there the next time I visit. Thank you for the tour.....and I could definitely see a "dusty lavender" color in one of your fabric collections!

My daughter and I visited San Francisco for the first time in May and we LOVED The Ferry Building! Thank you for the beautiful photos :0)

I have never been to CA, maybe one day I will get there!
The flowers are all so beautiful.

What a gorgeous feast for the eyes! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos!!

my grandmother came to CA from Sweden to the Ferry Building. Next time I am there I have to go

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos. It was like a trip down memory lane, re-visiting beautiful San Francisco's Embarcadero. We were fortunate enough to visit there when our son lived within walking distance and so we were there twice, enjoying every nook and cranny, along with those wonderful shops. What a great vacation!

Thanks for letting me see The Ferry Building. It is a place I would love to see if I did not live so far away in Canada.

These are really's been a RAINY summer in Pennsylvania so really enjoyed the sunshine. Add in food = heaven!

Oh wow! What a feast for the eyes! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. :)

Thank you for all the SF pictures…I've been going through withdrawals, it's been a year since I've been to my favorite city (and with me only 4 hours away over the hill).

Oh how I remember our visit to the Ferry Bldg. It was a highlight for me. We bought wonderful cheese at the cheese shop, coffees and ice cream and stood out on the deck. Then a man asked us to watch his dog while he went to buy something. I thought he was never coming back and abandoning his dog. Then he returned. Whew!
Love, love San Francisco and the BART.

Pictures were gorgeous. You must have made a lot of us add this to our bucket list. The flowers are to die for. How terrific that you have kept up with these wonderful friends. Friends are golden. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing your adventure, what a fun day! I'm sure the food and aromas were amazing, but your photos of the flowers, absolutely lovely!

Ok! So THAT has to be on everyones' Bucket List!!....Thank you so much!....cheered me up in Corn Fields of Indiana!!!

Thank you for sharing your pics from a beautiful day! It's almost as good as being there. Brings back wonderful memories.

Personally I would love to visit the cornfields of Indiana!

It was the best kind of day all around!

Sounds like a wonderful memory!

If you are only 4 hours away, you really need to make the trip. It really is worth it.... especially in the summer!

A rainy summer would be hard but we are dieing for rain here in California!

Well, maybe California should be on your bucket list of places to visit! Canada is not THAT far away!

sounds lovely. I would love to go more often than we do. It feels like a little vacation even though we are just 25 minutes from home.

you most definitely need to go inside!!

I think its time to go visit my Aunts in Walnut Creek!!
I tried to go to Miette last trip but after seeing these photos Im going south. Soon!!

My husband and I were there last weekend too! Visiting from Southern California. Wonderful weather. Thanks for the great pictures.

Most definitely!!

Oh my goodness! We just returned from a wonderful trip to SF too and visiting the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building last Saturday was one of the highlights of our trip. I relived our time there just reading and seeing this post. Fun! #coincidence

Thanks for sharing: I had no idea the Ferry Building was full of shops!! As always, your kids are beautiful: they are growing too fast!! We are going to Treasure Island this Sat for the Flea market, so I'm going to see if I can wrangle in a side trip to the Ferry Building. :-) That mushroom shop looks amazing: my hubby loves to collect a few kinds that his father taught him were safe, but this winter there was so little rain he didn't get any. This will be fun!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

Oh my gosh... you should totally do it. Its very easy from the freeway. Hope you have a wonderful time!


What a great day in the city! I would go the minute I had old friends/guests arrive... what a great way to spend the day!
I have the Miette cookbook. I would love to go into the actual bakery!

Oh Sinta… you should go just for fun!

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