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My New Favorite Needles.

I have to admit right off the bat.... I am a sucker for nice packaging. Little containers. Beautiful Colors. So pretty much that is all I have to say before I show you these little lovelies.

I was just a little bit sold before I even opened the little tubes...





So now you understand, yes? Before I even say anything about the needles themselves, I am sure you understand why I love these new little treasures.

I might just be inventing reasons to get all of them just so I can justify having one little box in each color!




They even match my new AURIFIL threads! Seriously??



So far I settled on trying out these four. I will not admit pubicly if its because I liked the color of the packaging or because I actually needed these particular needles. :-)

Red = Milliners Needles [Assorted Straw #8- #10]. Features = Nice and long and very flexible. Smalerl eye [but totally doable with my AURIFIL thread] and great feel. These are my favorites so far. Have used them for various tasks. Interchangeable with my current favorites, Jeanna Kimball's.

Aqua=  #10 Applique Needles #10. Features = Also smaller eye but very flexible needles. Perfect for applique needs. Although I would be happy using the above Milliners for applique as well.

Light Green= Assorted Embroidery Needles [Assorted #7- #10] Features = Larger eye that was a breeze to thread. Various lengths, a bit thicker than the others. Nice and sturdy but still sharp and smooth.

Orange= Quilting Needles [Betweens #10]. Some of the tiniest little needles I have ever seen. I guess I would need to take up hand quilting to really use these little ones. Now that I have these, I might not have an excuse for not trying hand quilting any more. Maybe someone in my class can teach me.






So basically.... Yum.

If you are in need of some new needles, I would definitely give these a try. They are a United Notions [MODA] exclusive and are making their way to stores as we speak.

I think that they will quickly be added to my new "favorite things".



HA, that is too funny. They do match your fabric nicely. I bet you were difficult to win over.,..NOT. I can't wait till they are in the stores. I have been asking for them and watching but so far no one has them. They are beautiful and I'm a total sucker for quality needles.

Joanna, such a lovely post. Can you tell me what the color name/numbers are for the 3 threads pictured in this post? I must have them. Thanks.

I'll have to give them a try!

The new mini quilts would be perfect to hand quilt--not too big

The moment I saw your great pictures I realized I'm desperately in need of new needles, especially of Betweens. From now on I'll on the look out for these refined packages. The colors of the Aurifil trio are so inspiring that I could see myself shopping for fabrics to match these beautiful threads!

I MUST have them! Amazing what great packaging does for a product!

I think you need to carry them in your shop, then you will have them all :)

You definitely need them in your shop so we know where to buy them! I'm sold on the packaging too! Pretty boxes and mini corked beakers!!

I just got the embroidery and appliqué needles last week at my local quilt store them!

My shop just started stocking them-bought the applique needles. Love the packaging also. Susan

Oh, the minute I saw your post, I KNEW you had to be talking about the Tulip needles.

Love them.


I've tried just the applique needles so far, but they are delicious! I couldn't imagine I'd be able to tell a difference between my old needles and these, but it was immediately obvious. The Tulip needles just glide through the fabric. Amazing!

I also bought the cross stitch and embroidery needles. Can't wait to try them.

So if you need good needles (or just want the pretty packages!), what are you waiting for?

Go get some.

Go now!

These really do look gorgeous. I hope they make their way to England.

Okay I will!!


I am planning on it!


I do too! I will be in your neck of the woods soon but wont have any needles to bring with me :-(.

We will carry them soon. Check back in with us by the end of the month!

We will have them soon!

Hi Kitty-

We will have needles and threads soon!

That is so true Patty! Great idea. I think I might need to try that. Someone might need me to quilt first :-)

We will have them soon! Stay tuned!


We will have them soon! Stay tuned!

Love the packaging, and we can always use good quality needles, Lorraine

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