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Market: Spring Pittsburgh '14

As you might remember from last time around, and the time before that and the time before that..... that it usually takes me about a week to dig myself out, brush myself off and rejoin the world after Market! LOL!

Well... it seems that this time was no different. You might have already seen all the Market shots you could possibly handle... but here go mine. Up today is an overload of pictures of our Market booth. Hope you are ready!

No words. Just pics.  Hope you enjoy the Fig Tree :-)



... my shoes never last long :-).
























If I was able to get into quilt market I would come to your booth and hang all day and drool! Love, love, LOVE everything!

Already have your 4 mini patterns. In my queue!! Will wait for your kit of fabrics to go with the patterns. Love anyhing FigTree

Your booth looks wonderful! All those lovely spring-y colors must have attracted lots of interest. I love the fabric lines/colorways on the ladder, too. As I do several large, local craft shows each year, I am very attuned to display. My business is making and selling upscale clothing to fit the American Girl family of dolls. You have inspired me to make some outfits in your wonderful color schemes.

Thank you for all the great pictures of your perfect booth!! A true feast for the eyes !! Love the first picture!!! So good to see such a beautiful happy couple!

Just beautiful! I Love everything Fig Tree! I too have your cute mini patterns. There are going to be fabric kits for the patterns? Oh! Jumping with Joy!! Thank you for posting photos of your lovely booth and gorgeous quilts! Always very gratefully yours, Luba

love all your fabric. Beautiful pictures.

Pretty, so very pretty! cute toenail polish!

Beautiful as always!!!!!

PS. When will the new patterns be available, cause I've nothing to work on right now;)

Lush and more lush. Booth looks marvelous as does the new line. Love it . Susan

Your booth is just beautiful - love your new fabrics!!!
P.S. The first picture of you and your hubby is just great!

Makes me want to make something Fig Tree-ish. So very pretty!

Inspiring. Off to the sewing room.

Okay… that sounds good. I will join you there!

I am going to have to use that nail polish again soon!

Thank you, thank you Susan!

Thank you Tina. We always forget to take a picture so this time I was sure to get one early!

Well then… I think you need to do something Fig Treeish!! :-)

Seriously? They are all available! Which ones do you want???

Thank you. So happy that you are enjoying the patterns!


So glad to be an inspiration. Please send me links to anything you ever make out of our fabric as I am sure that my own American Girl Doll loving daughter might like some of your creations!

Thanks for following along!


Thank you sweetness!

So very glad you are enjoying them. Yes, we are hoping to make a kit for all 4 of them at once. Stay tuned for more info on that later this week!


Thanks for posting the wonderful photos. I almost feel as if I could be there. I'm presently working on Spools using Mirabelle, and I have to say that there is not one print that I do not love within that entire line. It's going to make choosing a backing difficult!

Even better, my teenage daughter has fallen in love with my quilt, so while I was making it for my room, I think it will end up in hers!

Thanks for the inspiring photos and for all your lovely fabric.


Love the booth photos and your new fabric line! I downloaded all 4 minis last week and almost done with my cherry mini. These are so fun, and will look perfect hanging in my dining room!

So incredibly lovely! Your display seems to radiate sunshine! I wish I could have you decorate my dark little cottage :-) I will definitely have to make some of those mini quilts to brighten up my walls. I especially love the cherries and the cute!

I am always so inspired by your colors. They remind me of the French Riviera, so refreshing and lively. I subscribe to your newsletter for the unbeatable inspiration. Thanks, Joanna.

Thank you so much Janie! You have made my morning!


So glad that both you and more importantly your teenage daughter [hard to please them sometimes :-)] love the Mirabelle fabric. That is the best kind of compliment.

Happy sewing,


The minis would be perfect for a cottage!


Well, perhaps I will have to go to the Riviera soon to confirm that LOL!


Thanks for all the great market pictures your booth is stunning beautiful and you and your hubby look so happy together you're a cute couple!
I love your new collection reminds me of my all-time favorite Strawberry Fields and I think these two would look great together (still have some of it, yeah). Now I just need to wait for some Somerset ...

Love it!! Great patterns - I like the twist on the houses quilt (creating a 'walkway') and that color green is AWESOME!

So glad to hear it. Would love to see your dining room when you are done!


I think they would be great compliments to each other! thank you so much for following along on our adventure!


Thanks Allison!!

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