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More on the MINIS...

Introducing... MINI PATTERNS!

We are so excited to share a little sneak peek of a new line of patterns...


I have always loved little quilts. In fact, I remember that one of my very first quilt books- the kind that I poured over in bed night after night trying to figure out which one I was going to make next kind of book- was Little Quilts: All Through the House by Alice Berg. Now that was a long time ago but my love of little quilts has never gone away.

In fact, the very first quilt I ever bought at a flea market was a little bubblegum pink wishbone doll quilt. That was the beginning of my love of doll quilts and other quilt mini quilts [ I wil have to go and dig that one out and show you as soon as I get back from Market].

So when the mini "trend" started I knew that sooner or later I would have to join in... Not sure if this is sooner or later, but here we are!

I am so excited to work on our own wall of minis [in our case it is the wall coming up the stairs to my studio] and mix in some of our own versions with my vintage ones. So this is where we have decided to start our mini collection- with a few of our personal favorites and best sellers- Cherry Pie, Canned Pears and Blossom!

Mini Stitch is one that we snuck in there in reverse because we just couldn't wait any longer! The large/standard version of that pattern will be out this summer. The mini came before the standard one in this case.

We will be sharing more about these soon, but wanted to take a minute today and share our exciting news!

They are now available as pdf downloads and the printed patterns will be here early next week.  Click HERE for more info.

Back to Market prep. Talk to you soon... if I don't drown under a sea of fabric and pattern directions first.


... Mini Blossom [standard pattern in our WITH FABRIC & THREAD book].









 ... Mini Canned Pears [standard size pattern available too].



... Mini Cherry Pie [standard Cherry Pie pattern available too].



 ... Mini Stitch pattern [perfect for everyone's sewing room].





For more info about each pattern, click HERE.  More soon!

Happy sewing!


These are wonderful! Buying mine now. LOVE the new fabric too - Somerset, mmmmmmm.

Oh my goodness!!! Absolutely awesome idea! These are all perfect designs for mini quilts... perfect Summer stitching! :-)

I love love love the mini cherries!

I love them and want to make them all! These are wonderful additions to your collection of patterns. Thank you!

I LoVE the pears!!

Love these patterns!! What is the white fabric you use with so many of your patterns? Is it a particular shade of the Moda Bella collection?

Love them all! Now I have to get the minis to match my biggies :)

Anyone is absolutely stunning!!

Your minis are beautiful. I love all of them!

4 Pack bought! 1 block done on my new Blossoms mini quilt!

So glad you are sewing along!


I always try to use the cream solid that comes with our collections both because it is an exact match for what I want but also because it is printed and the hand is soft and I love the way it feels. Whenever we run out of the accompanying cream, however, I am always very happy to use MODA BELLA SNOW OR EVEN IVORY for a fabric that is a bit lighter.

We carry the printed fabrics on our site and will soon carry Bella as well.

Hope that helps,


Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)!

Thank you so much. We are having so much fun making them, too much fun I tell you!


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