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Mirabelle Feature: Spools

Mirabelle Feature: Carousel

Our newest collection, Mirabelle, is due out in stores any day now. Yardage is shipping as we speak and precuts have been popping up all over the place for the last couple of weeks. Our pre-ordered kits will be ready to ship as soon as we receive the fabric and get to cutting and its just all Mirabelle all the time around here right now...


So every couple of days in the next weeks, I wanted to feature one of the Mirabelle patterns, to give you ideas of things you can do with the fabric and hopefully to inspire you.

First up is Carousel, possibly my personal favorite of the group.




Created with either a mini-bundle, fat quarters or even 1/8 yd. cuts, this is a great project to showcase your favorite Mirabelle prints. It is also a wondeful quilt to make with some Mirabelle and some other Fig Tree yummies from your stash. I have seen so many of you doing that lately, that I really want to work on a scrappy Fig Tree project but I just can't seem to get all of my deadlines taken care of. Ugghh!


 With only 7 large blocks, laid out in a circle, this quilt comes together nicely and makes a great statement!


Constructed as simple "o" blocks with a few interlocking pieces, these blocks are sewn with the basic, "sew and flip" method that does not involve any triangles or bias. For those of you who know our patterns, it is clearly our favorite way of sewing. It makes it much easier to be accurate, to have your points match and it avoids having to make half-square triangles, which I know so many of you dislike because of the extra time it takes to make them.








.... hopefully you can some of the lovely quilting on that last one. I love those pumpkin seeds that Diana did in the centers of the blocks. Love them!




NAME: Carousel      Pattern available HERE.

FABRIC: Can be made with a Mini Bundle, Fat Quarters, 1/8 yds. or 1/4 yds. Main pattern is made with Mirabelle. Shown on pattern inset as a Christmas version done with greens and reds.

SIZE: 72" x 75 1/2"

KITS: All of our pre-order kits will be going out as soon as we receive and cut the yardage. We have a few kits available for those of you who missed out, click HERE for more info.



I just want to add that I was very surprised when I got my layer cake, the pictures do not give the colors the justice they deserve! They are all so pretty and original. I wish I would have ordered more than 1 layer cake!!

It is often the case that the pictures arent quite the same as the real thing… but I agree with you that this time, these colors seemed to be particularly difficult to photo! So glad that you liked the real thing better, We have mini charms, jelly rolls, bundles and will have some yardage if you are looking for a bit more of anything.

Yumm! They look like Lifesavers candies to me! Cute!

Cannot wait for our kits to arrive! Like I need yet another new project! Susan

We all need a new project! Its how we stay motivated :-). Have fun!

I just ordered some yardage last night from Fat Quarter Shop. I plan to make a window valance for my kitchen window with your Canned Pears pattern!

What a cute idea! We have to see pictures when you are done!!

Oh stop please :) you are going to put me in the poor house. Hehe.

I love your fabrics so much. I LOVE this fabulous group also. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Oh, delicious fabric as usual! Love this pattern, too. :D

Thanks Joy. You are making my day :-)!

do you have the pdf pattern for these,thanks

Yes, right on our website under either Carousel or PDF patterns!

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